Rod Rohrich Joins Several Meetings Scheduled For Early 2018

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Plastic surgeon Rodney Rohrich has been in the medical field for a quite a long time now and has built a sizable reputation. Operating out of Dallas, Rod Rohrich works at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute today. Rod has a great deal of experience in the field, which he has used to help many people change their lives. Many other surgeons in the field respect Rod Rohrich and the accomplishments he has made in plastic surgery. Today, Rod also organizes various events and symposiums focused on the medical industry as well.

Dr. Rod Rohrich and his staff are set to be quite busy in 2018. At the start of the year, Rod is going to be attending three conferences, though he will be playing an instrumental role in all three events. The overall outcome of these conferences will benefit many doctors and surgeons and by extension society as a whole.

The first conference took place from February 8th to the 10th and was known as the Baker Gordon Educational Symposium, which took place in Miami. This event lasted for a period of three days with attendees from all over the world. During this event, Rod Rohrich acted as a panel participant as well as a meeting moderator. The major content of the meetings focused on facial rejuvenation and body contour surgery.

On February 28, the Dallas Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine meeting is going to take place. Several sources have stated that Rod Rohrich will be acting as chairman for this event and he will coordinate the meeting. Rod, like in the first meeting, will be a panel participant talking about medical issues in body contouring, sweating treatments, vascular treatment, tissue tightening, and vaginal rejuvenation. Rod will discuss newer methods in cosmetic surgery that have been developed that are non-invasive as well.

At the end of the list for Rod’s conference tour, on March 2nd and March 3rd, the Dallas Rhinoplasty meeting will be taking place. Rod will be talking about new cutting-edge methods that have been developed in the field while coordinating the event. About Rohrich


Home Projects Get Done With Aloha Construction

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If you have a project you need to get done at home, you need a construction company that you can fully trust. While there are lots of companies out there, not all of them are experienced, insured and licensed. When you work with the professionals, you get professional quality work. This is where Aloha Construction comes into play for anyone living in Illinois who needs quality work done on their home. Aloha Construction has been in the construction business for well over a decade. They are owned and operated by the same family that started the business many years ago. Because of their work with locals, a lot of clients come back to them for more work because they are trustworthy highly reliable.

Aloha Construction offers several home-based and even office-based services. If you need a new roof put on, the folks at Aloha Construction can do the job for you. They work with financing experts to get better financing options for customers who cannot afford the work to be done upfront. You can also contact this company if you need new siding, new windows, interior work done or if you just need a home inspection. In fact, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections to those who are planning to use their company if work is needed. These free inspections can save you hundreds compared to other companies that charge full price for them.

When you hire Aloha Construction, they will send their professional team of construction contractors out to your home or place of business for a full evaluation and assessment. This will give them a feel for what type of work is necessary. According to what you need and what you want to have done, they can begin the work on a specified budget so that you’re left feeling good about the job being completed. Before, you might have put off hiring a contractor because of all that was involved and the price associated with the work, but this company is different because they have done these types of projects before and know that homeowners need quality work on a dime.

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Adam Milstein: Philanthropic Role Model

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In the business world, there are metrics to measure a leader’s success. But what does good look like in the philanthropic world? Jake Hyman, in a recent Forbes article, outlined five habits of effective philanthropists. Applying this rubric to Adam Milstein’s philanthropic career shows that he is someone we can look to as a role model of effective philanthropy.

  1. Be an expert on a cause or a community. In his philanthropy, Milstein has focused on supporting the causes of Israeli-Americans, like himself, and become an expert on their needs.


  1. Use philanthropy to spread information and change the field. Some philanthropists speak of how much money they gave, Adam Milstein can say instead, that without a doubt, his philanthropy has dramatically altered the Israeli-American community. When Milstein first arrived in the United States, Israeli’s were not embraced by the American Jewish community as they were too identified with Israel. Because they lived outside of Israel, Israeli’s never fully accepted them. Israeli-Americans were isolated from their current country, from their homeland, and from each other. Milstein promoted the idea that “Israeli Americans are Americans and our home is in America while our Jewish homeland will always be Israel.” Through the Milstein Family Foundation, started with his wife, Milstein helped found the Israeli-America Council (IAC). From humble beginnings in 2007 the IAC is now a national organization, serving over 150,000 with 6 regional offices.


  1. Be a participating grant maker. In his work with the IAC and its designation of being the fastest growing Jewish organization in America, Adam Milstein showed the achievements that occur when philanthropists share power and resources.


  1. Play for the long term. Not content to fund immediate needs or small efforts, Adam Milstein’s vision was and is to strengthen the identity of Israeli-Americans and further their bonds with Americans and with their homeland.


  1. Understand the economics of grant-making. The Milstein Family Foundation disperses its funds strategically to support the AIC for the long-term while granting yearly funds and/or single grants to educational, medical and community programs in both Israel and America.

Named one of the world’s top 50 most influential Jews by the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein practices effective philanthropy every day. The next generation of philanthropists, by following the lessons learned from Milstein’s record, are positioned to write a whole new future for the charities they support.


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George Soros Makes $18 Billion Dollar Donation To Further Democracy

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Around the world, many countries may the prospect of an anti-democratic government. Now, one famous billionaire is donating a significant portion of his vast net worth to help ensure billions of people live in a democratic society. That billionaire, Geroge Soros, he donated an astounding $18 billion dollars to the Open Society Foundation. With outposts in over one hundred countries, the Open Society Foundation is one of the largest pro-democracy organizations in the world. Among the missions for the Open Society Foundation include fighting authoritarian regimes, helping to promote the rights of immigrants and refugees and finally, promoting human rights of all people.

Going one step further, George Soros has pledged most of his vast fortune to The Open Society Foundation in his will. The current $18 billion dollar donation is just the beginning of the support pledged by the legendary billionaire. With these funds, the Open Society Foundation will seek to fund all of their outposts and potentially help millions of people around the world. The donation to the Open Society Foundation exceeds the entire amount the organization has spent since the 1980s. In the past four decades, the Open Society Foundation has spent $14 billion dollars for pro-democracy causes. The Geroge Soros $18 billion dollar donation will most possibly transform the organization into a powerful global force.

With the $18 billion dollar donation to the Open Society Foundation, Mr. Soros has donated a total of $30 billion dollars to charitable causes in his lifetime. At 87 years of age, Mr. Soros is looking to ensure that his fortune goes to noble causes. And the Open Society Foundation is quite possibly the one organization that most closely mirrors the ideology of Mr. Soros.

Born in Budapest, Hungary in 1930, George Soros grew up in the shadow of the Nazi occupation and was forced to endure the hardship and horrors of the second world war. Mr. Soros emigrated to England right after the war in 1947. It was there that Mr. Soros was educated at the London School of Economics. Soon afterward, Mr. Soros began his career as a salesman and a wholesaler while waiting to gain acceptance for job in finance.

By the mid-1950s, Mr. Soros was employed in the business world. Geroge Soros worked at a string of finance jobs until he opened Soros Fund Management in 1970. During the next decade, Mr. Soros would make his first fortune on Wall Street. Afterward, he would accumulate one of the largest fortunes on the planet.

Today, Mr. Soros is working hard to deploy his money towards pro-democracy causes. As millions face the specter or authoritarian rule, the Open Society Foundation will help free these people with the help of Mr. Soro’s multibillion-dollar donation.

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Rocketship Education Supports Students Inside and Outside Of The Classroom

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A students learning environment helps shape their potential for success and their early learning experiences. What our children learn and experience in early life, will shape who they will be in the future. Because of this, it is important for parents and schools to work together to create a safe and productive learning environment for all students. Family stability and involvement give children the confidence they need to succeed, and that’s what Rocketship Education is all about. When students and families of Rocketships San Jose, California charter school were affected by a flood, the school and its volunteers quickly pulled their resources together and extended a tremendous amount of support to those in need.

With the help of donations from Catholic Charities, roughly 30 Rocketship families were provided with clean clothes, hot meals, and an immeasurable amount of encouragement and support. Dulce, one of the parents’ whose family was displaced by the flood praised the school for their efforts and their generosity. Knowing that your child is safe and cared for when tragedy strikes are priceless, and Rocketship Education committed themselves to ensuring the safety and continued success of each student affected by the flood.

At Rocketship Education, teachers and leaders focus on each child completely and individually. Teachers visit the homes of each student yearly to help them gain a better understanding of their family life and establish relationships with families. Their community model promotes involvement and support for each student and each family. Rocketship believes that every child deserves the chance to succeed, and unleash their full potential. The network works hard to challenge the standards of learning and eliminate inequalities in today’s school system. By providing alternative learning options to low-income communities, they are removing the barriers that restrict growth and success of students of these communities.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Plaza

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Roberto Santiago is a notable business owner and entrepreneur in Brazil. He has created a lot of opportunities for advancement in recent years. Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the best facilities in the state of Paraiba.


His earliest ventures after schooling have led to the establishment of a cartonage company. The profits from this were contributed towards more expansion in other areas. Manaira Shopping Plaza brings valuable services and products to the people of the area. It has multiple levels and one of the largest environments for businesses to be incorporated.


The Shopping Plaza is one of the large changes that Roberto Santiago has made throughout the industry. He has been an influential member of society as well as industry for a long time. He has created better chances for economic development while changing the cost of the housing markets.


Roberto Santiago has made a big difference in local economies as well as the state at large. His expertise is multidimensional because he has played an instrumental part in real estate as well as ongoing changes. The economic aspects of this mall are great because they provide multiple kinds of services. Some examples include banking, colleges, and other resources.


Roberto Santiago is one of the most well known business men because of his years of experience. Profits that he has received from cartonage have led to the way that different businesses have gained a leverage to new markets. There are multiple retailers as well as concert facilities that make it easy for new commercial institutions to be promoted.


Overall his contributions have made it better for people throughout the region. The development of the Manaira Shopping Mall is important and has made a big difference in the way that people seek employment. With so many opportunities for people it has become easier to get long lasting results.


Since his establishment of the shopping mall there have been changes made to a great degree. The facility is a great way for businesses to expose their services to people who don’t have access to traditional shopping centers. The localized nature of this facility contributes to the way that it has improved technology as well as resources.


Overall the establishment of resources as well as new facilities is a key component of the successful way that Roberto Santiago has been able to establish change throughout the area. It is clear that he continues to surprise locals and provides significant ongoing support in all areas. The unique way that Roberto Santiago has improved infrastructure propagates change throughout Brazil and is an important way that further changes can be made. Roberto Santiago is an important leader as well as advocate of business to a great degree.



Whitney Wolfe Herd And Her Rise To The Top

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When you create an app as popular as Bumble, it’s something you want to celebrate and let the world know about. Everyone wants to see app make it into the news and everyone has their own ideas about how we need to go about doing things in the tech world. Few people manage to get as far as Wolfe has in getting their agenda into practice, but she is determined and has a drive few others do. It’s no surprise she has managed to make herself one of the most recognized names under 30

Bumble has just about everything that you could possibly want in a social media app. It has expanded beyond the borders of dating to include friend and business connecting as well. This tour de force is changing the way that the world of social media operates and giving us an entirely new way of thinking about n the world of tech. Giving people the ability to do just what they want with her platform is certainly one of the main draws, but that only captures a sliver of what makes Bumble what it is. Her drive towards feminism and giving people something that reflects that is an even bigger reason behind the app’s success.

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist and she wants to make it known that Bumble is going to reflect that in every way possible. Women are always the first ones to make moves in all encounters between men and women. This changes things dramatically and turns the situation onto its head. You won’t see the same dynamics playing out on Bumble that you might see on other apps. The app is built in such a way that you’re going to see women in a position of power that dating apps haven’t considered before.

Anybody can look at Whitney Wolfe Herd and see that she managed to make something of herself despite the fact that she hasn’t even turned 30. Most CEOs are never going to reach her status by her age. Most will probably end up dropping out as the stress of running business weighs on them. Her ability to change things around is something that won’t be forgotten. People want what Whitney Wolfe Herd has created and it will eventually turn into a billion dollar empire. We just have to wait for it all to play out at the end of the day.

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Meet Dr. Mark McKenna, Founder & CEO of OVME

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  1. Mark McKenna is an n entrepreneur, physician as well as a passionate community advocate. Mark is originally from New Orleans, LA. He began his journey to success by broadening his knowledge at Tulane University where he studied medicine. After completing his studies, he began practicing medicine together with his father who was also a physician. At the same time, Mark launched McKenna Venture Investment, a real estate development firm.

Being a hard worker, he went ahead to acquire Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc, over the years. His corporations offered real estate closing services, finance, and turnkey design-build. Unfortunately, in August 2005, most of Mark’s business interest was destroyed during the Hurricane Katrina. Although he suffered a devastating loss, he was actively involved in rebuilding the city again.

In November 2007, Dr. Mark McKenna moved to Atlanta Georgia. While there, he launched a wellness/medical practice company named ShapeMed. It offers cosmetic treatments such as Botox injections, nutrition and weight loss counseling as well as laser hair removal. ShapeMed is known to be among the best medical weight loss and non-aesthetic clinic in Atlanta.

However, ShapeMedcompany was sold to Life Time Fitness Inc. On November 2014. Dr. Mark was appointed as the National Medical administrator of Life Time Fitness Inc. He served in that position until July 2016. In July 2017, Dr. Mark became the Founder and CEO of OVME. This is a technology-enabled and consumer-facing medical aesthetics company. The primary goal of OVME is to build a brand in the retail medical aesthetics industry. It aims at providing a luxurious experience to the clients. For instance, instead of a client visiting the doctor, individual get a chance to receive cosmetic procedures at home.

When Dr. Mark McKenna is not working, he loves to spend time with his family. He is married to Gianne McKenna, a fashion model, and bikini impresario. They have a four-year-old daughter named Milana Elle. Also, Dr. Mark McKenna is a member of entrepreneur’s organizations. He has also previously served as board member in several groups. The most notable ones include New Orleans industrial development board.


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Agora Financial Helping Investors Reach their Investment Goals

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It is essential that people do not spend money unnecessarily and save a considerable amount of their earnings to achieve their wealth creation goals in the long-term. However, saving money doesn’t only mean that they need to keep their money aside in bank, but invest in different investment tools available these days. The market has many investment options these days starting from equities to mutual funds and from annuities to various term and deposit plans. People need to know how to diversify their investments properly to ensure that they are getting significant returns from their investments while minimizing the losses at the same time.

Agora Financial is finance based publishing house that deals with the market and financial analysis and gathers economic information from across the globe to ensure that its readers get the accurate market report. It helps the readers to know where to invest their money and which investment option to avoid. Agora Financial’s financial analysis has been used by many of the leading finance and business news channels including CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. Agora Financial doesn’t rely on hearsay but has its research team spread across the globe from which it sources its financial information. The publishing house caters to modern tech-savvy investors in many different formats, including newsletters, e-mails, e-magazines, videos, video tutorials, and through the post as well.

Agora Financial has been able to make accurate market predictions many times in the past including when the gold prices increased beyond all the previous highs, fall of the crude oil prices, the mortgage crisis, and many more. By letting its readers know about such events in advance helps the readers and investors to take corrective damage control steps that save them money as well as stress. It is not possible for everyone to be as knowledgeable about the financial markets even if they earn good, and some amount of expert advice is always needed. It is where Agora Financial comes in to save the day as it not only provides the financial information that you can trust, but also tips and tricks on how you can multiply the returns on your investment from time to time.



James Dondero: A Boon for the Dallas Area

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James Dondero has become almost a household name in the fund management arena. Since the early 1980s, Dondero has been working to get his clients the best returns possible for the lowest costs, and his success in this area has propelled him to be one of the most respected and well-known managers in the entire Dallas area. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

James Dondero graduated from the University of Virginia with a degree in accounting and finance. He was accepted into the JP Morgan Guaranty Training Program early in his career, giving him advantages over his counterparts in the field. In 1984, Dondero started as a bond analyst with American Express, and his successes there were soon translated into an executive position with Protective Life. At a subsidiary of Protective Life, he was even able to grow fund assets to over $2 billion in a short period of time.

Never one to be content with the status quo, James Dondero decided it was time to start his own firm. In 1993, he founded Highland Capital Management in Dallas. The purpose of the firm was to provide investors a low-cost alternative to the other investment houses out there, while also giving them high returns and investments that they cared about. Dondero used his business acumen and knowledge of market trends to make this an extremely successful venture.


Today Highland Capital Management has four offices located in Dallas, New York, Singapore, and Seoul. The firm has over $13 billion in managed assets, $2.3 of which are in healthcare funds. The firm offers all types of investors the opportunities to join in ETFs, mutual funds, collateralized loan obligations, and other types of alternative investments. The key strategy is still to provide a low-cost investment for clients, and with this strategy, Dondero has been able to attract some very large and lucrative customers.

As well as being the President and CEO of Highland Capital Management, James Dondero is a member of several other Boards, including MGM Studios, American Banknote, the Cox School of Business at Southern Methodist University, and Highland Acquisition Corporation. He also gives to several charities, including the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Education is Freedom. Visit to know more about James Dondero.