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InnovaCare Health’s Winning Formula Just Got Stronger With the Addition of Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino: 

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InnovaCare, Inc. Is a healthcare company that is known for offering value-driven health care plans to its customers. The company has a great deal of experience dealing with and administering Medicare programs. InnovaCare’s President and CEO is Rick Shinto. Rick has 20 plus years experience in the healthcare industry and has worked on both the clinical and the operations side of the field. This gives him a unique and balanced perspective about the industry that has helped him succeed in his entrepreneurial endeavours. Penelope Kokkinides is InnovaCare’s COO and CAO. Like Rick, she came to InnovaCare after a successful career with Aveta and has two decades plus of experience in the healthcare field. Penelope’s specialized area of expertise is in implementing government healthcare programs.


Penelope was one of three important executive leadership positions announced recently by InnovaCare. Also recently added to the team is Chief Actuary Officer Jonathan Meyers. Jonathan comes to InnovaCare after a successful career at Horizon BCBS. He has a history of working with employers as a consultant on employee benefits. Also recently coming on board with InnovaCare is Mike Sortino, joining the organization as its new Chief Accounting Officer. He comes to Innovacare after a successful career in the insurance business. President and CEO Rick Shinto had said about the recent addition of all three new executives that, “Each of these additions brings a rich background and unique skill set to our organization as we seek to position InnovaCare for success amid the increasingly complex ever-changing healthcare landscape. We’re privileged to have them as part of our team.”


Penelope Kokkinides recently sat down with Ideamensch to talk about how she has organized her life for success in business. Penelope points out that a lot of her success in business is due to knowing what she has to get accomplished. She spends time every night critically thinking about how the next day will go. She feels that being as organized as she is has had the effect of always allowing her to grow all the businesses she has been involved with. Her advice to anyone who wants to pursue their entrepreneurial ambitions is to spend a lot of time researching. Do as much reading on your industry as you can and stay informed on all of its recent developments.



Whitney Wolfe Love Story

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Whitney Wolfe is known to many as the queen of online dating. The businesswoman founded a powerful dating application several years, and this is the reasons she rose to fame in a very short time. Wolfe has been working as the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble since she introduced it to the market several years ago. The matchmaking business has been doing so well, and the app has increased its followers significantly. At the moment, Bumble shows that it has more than twenty million users from various parts of the country. Her unique approach in dating has given the modern woman a special role, and this is why application has been accepted in many parts of the world. The feminist approach when it comes to online dating is not common to any other platforms in the country. Wolfe believes that it is possible for the woman to make the important first move so that a relationship can start. The company has been shocking its clients because of its expansion. Recently, Bumble launched a sister app that was named Bumble BFF. The new app was started for women to interact and share different experiences in life.


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Last year, Whitney Wolfe held a prestigious wedding that was attended by powerful businessmen in world. According to the guests who were invited, the wedding was out of this world. Wolfe married a longtime boyfriend, Michael Herd. Herd has invested heavily in the restaurant and energy market, and he is very wealthy. The love birds tied the knot at a time when many people in the world did not expect it. The love story of the two influential business people has been shared in many platforms, and it shows that women in the community can take the lead and start successful relationships.

Whitney Wolfe says that she met her husband, Herd five years ago when she was going for a vacation in Aspen. The two were with their families when they met. At first, Herd did not know how to Ski, and Wolfe felt that he was wasting his time by being on vacation. Wolfe decided to help Herd learn the ski game, and this is how their love story started. Wolfe was excited about the relationship and the role she had played. Several years later, Herd decided to propose to his love so that they could settle down. After the proposal, the wedding plans started, although most of the details of the prestigious event were kept away from the public.

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Eric Lefkofsky Tempus Unicorn Funding

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Tempus Unicorn is a technology company based in Chicago that has built an operating system to fight against the chronic disease like cancer. Eric Lefkofsky is the CEO and the co-founder of Tempus and also the chairman of Groupon Company. The organization uses optical character recognition, manual curation, and natural language processing to personalize cancer care and to improve its efficiency.

Tempus has raised $80 million in March 2018 courtesy of new and existing investors as headcount doubled in the past eighteen months. Tempus is valued to be about $1.1 billion as per the price and funds advised by the Chicago-based investment fund, Kinship Trust.

The company has raised about $210 million since the start of its operation. Other Business partners took an interest in such a noble course initiated by Alex Lefkofsky, have therefore invested along with the firm fighting to eradicate cancer.

With the need of providing adequate and professional techniques to deal with cancer treatment, Lefkofsky built up a team of data-science and technology experts and other people who are familiar with cancer research. The company increased the number of academic medical centers by 50% and employed more specialized cancer doctors to achieve the objective set by the team of medical experts.

The company is striving hard in delivering better services across the states. Since the company uses advanced technology, the primary mission is to collect and analyze data to assist doctors on information about options of treating cancer patients. Consequently, impart knowledge to understand how patients with similar genetic characteristics have responded to particular treatments.

Tempus has built a clinical and molecular data library for easy access to medical reference using an efficient system that guides in prescribing cancer medicine and other types of chronic diseases. As the organization continues to grow through expansion of facilities, employees are also hired to scale the size of the team and the database. Medical laboratories are also expanded to accommodate the increasing number.

Lefkofsky embraces technology as it is the foundation transforming the company. Their social and economic imperative to make useful, accessible and a better healthcare system was a breakthrough means of treating chronic diseases.

Cancer Research

Clay Siegall – Founder And CEO Of Seattle Genetics – Making A Difference In The Biotech World

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Seattle Genetics – From The Pharmacy To The Market

Will the success of Seattle Genetics make it a target for achievement or an attraction for success in the provincial business?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and creator of Seattle Genetics is Clay Siegall. Seattle Genetics is studying human antibodies by maneuvering and wrapping it into medicine since 1998. The company has the ability to take the antibodies and turn it into therapy. A toxic charge is put into the cancer cells by antibodies to eradicate it from within. This method could launch Seattle Genetics into the major-league. They are hoping to become a major biotech drug company in Seattle.

Seattle Genetics employs 900 workers and has a market value of almost $10 billion. It is among the biggest biotech company in Washington. The goal of Seattle Genetics is to be one of the few companies that go from biotech to a big pharmaceutical company. They intend to add 200 employees to the company and they invest lavishly in marketing and research.

Seattle Genetics uses Adcetric to treat diseases such as Hodgkin lymphoma, that affects the lymphatic system and is cancerous. This disease can affect other organs in the body. These tests have positive results but are costly. The sales of the drugs have been lucrative. According to Clay Siegall, they are an upcoming worldwide company that manufactures many products and study cancer. The intent of the company is to build a tremendous organization instead of selling only to larger companies as other biotech corporations do.

It is obvious that Clay Siegal’s passion is to go above the biotech’s ordinary core on drug expansion toward conducting all the complications of worldwide marketing of its latest drugs. Clay Siegall opened a business in Switzerland to enable Seattle Genetics to conduct its personal marketing.

Clay Siegal, Ph.D. attended the University of Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Zoology. He attended the George Washington University where he studied Genetics and graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Dr. Siegal received two honors and awards as Alumnus of the Year for computer, math and Natural Science and was named Entrepreneur of the Year. He was on the Board of Directors at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical for four years. Dr. Siegel served on the Board of Director at Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. for 5 years. He served on the Board of Directors at Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. for twelve years.


End Citizens United Stands Behind Beto O’Rourke For Texas Senate

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Tiffany Muller is the President of End Citizens United and also serves as its Executive Director. Her company’s goal is to put an end to a Supreme Court decision cast down in 2010. This decision enabled wealthy corporations to pick and choose America’s representatives to an even greater degree than before. It furthered the definition of corporations as people.

Tiffany Muller entered the political world as a member of the Topeka City Council. This is where she made Kansas State history, becoming the first openly gay person to hold public office in the entire state. She also worked for Governor Kathleen Subelius.

She then moved to Florida to run a political research firm.

End Citizens United is accomplishing its goals by attempting to remove question representatives from office. These representatives are many of the most well-known Republicans in office and includes names like Ted Cruz and Paul Ryan. Ryan was a member of their opposition;however, he has decided not to peruse reelection, removing yet another name from the Big Money 20 list.

Big Money 20 is the title of the campaign against representatives who accept big money from big business.

End Citizens United’s method of attack is endorsing opponents of the Big Money 20. The organization picks Democratic candidates to support by criteria such as who they are running against, whether they accept big money, and if political choices align.

Beto O’Rourke is a priority candidate for End Citizens United. O’Rourke is running against Ted Cruz, who formally ran for President of the United States. Cruz is targeted by End Citizens United because he received at least 3 million dollars in 2012, introduced a bill to allow special interest groups to give unlimited donations, and more.

Beto O’Rourke and born in Texas and grew up to open a local software company. O’Rourke is currently a delegate for Texas, representing the 16th district. He was elected to this position in 2012. Beto O’Rourke was selected for endorsement by End Citizens United because he is an advocate for campaign finance reform.

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Logan Stout: An Interview With The Founder Of IDLife

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Logan Stout is an established and well-known entrepreneur. Last June, the businessman was interviewed by IdeaMensch. Let’s talk about what was said during that interview, so you have a better understanding of who he is and what makes him a successful businessman.

IDNutrition: Where Did The Idea Come From
CEO Logan Stout got the idea for IDNutrition, part of his company IDLife, after he met with a doctor. He said the doctor created a vitamin program and it was a first because it was a customized program. After he met with the doctor, he decided to acquire the program and renamed it IDNutrition.

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A Typical Day
In the interview, the businessman talked about what a typical day looks like. He discussed how he makes his day productive. Stout’s day are pretty much the same, at least they are from Monday through Friday. He has an IDLife Shake upon waking up, takes his vitamins and then an energy drink before getting his day started. Other things he does in the mornings is read his bible and do a bit of developmental reading according to

After all that, he gets into a little bit of work. In the middle of the day, he picks his kids up from schools, has dinner with them and spends time with his family. He then does a few more hours of work.

Bringing Ideas To Life
He brings ideas to life by brain storming. His goal is to get many people into a single room, but people he respects and then he collaborates with them. He also believes there are no bad ideas.

The secret behind the success of Logan Stout really isn’t a secret. When it comes down to it, it all boils down to his determination, passion for helping others and the fact that he has a very strong work ethic.

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Conventional Therapy

Talkspace and The Invaluable Services It Offers For Those In Need

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It’s hard to be a therapist. You have to endure the harangue of the patients that talk about their misery and morbid suffering. You have to make sure that the patients you talk to and help always get the right medication and support. You almost always have to be there with them all the time. In addtion, you have to maintain the credulity of your advice, the deferential attitude you have for them and the professional tone that’s hard to do whenever you become emotional. This is the reason why the talk therapists and professional therapy help you can get from Talkspace are clearly some of the most respectable and admired services offered to the world today.

The Arrestingly Useful Free Online Therapy

It is already one of the most common things to do today to take part in online therapy. It’s no longer a taboo. This may be because we are already in a generation of too much anxiety and complicated issues brought about by modernity. Fortunately, Talk Therapy is right now of the most commendable free counselling and free online therapy today that can offer you the best service and assistance that you need to address your concerns. According to the Talkspace website, online therapy is now one of the most sought-after alternatives today in therapy because they’re more personalized, more affordable and less disruptive to one’s daily schedule.

About Talkspace

Talkspace is a therapy webiste that offers both free and paid counselling services to anyone who is need for some professional psychological guidance. It is a company known for offering fresh feedback and perspective to the clients’ issues that no other person can provide. We can also read from Talkspace’s website a series of analysis of the increasing demand right now in the market for the services of Talkspace, and the company sees this trends as a challenge to improve, expand and find the better ways to serve more people.

The praiseworthy services from the company also become more credulous by the series of feedback and positive comments that their satisfied clients have given to Talkspace today.


David McDonald: Consistancy

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In life to ever make a difference we have to a pick a road and follow its course. We cannot be inconsistent in work or decisions. If we make wise choices concerning our road in life and then follow through to the end instead of changing paths and directions, we can eventually get somewhere desirable. Even when success or promotions may seem far if we keep going we can achieve anything. A person whose life echoes this sentiment is the very successful David McDonald.

David McDonald id the president of OSI group. This company works and processes food items. Born in Iowa he graduated college with a degree in Animal Science. He worked for a while and then became through years of effort the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This job and position were very good, but he saw an even better opportunity in his future. He started working with OSI eventually left his presidential position to get a moderately good position there as a project manager. He committed to this job and how now been with it for over 30 years. He has made numerous contributions to it and its success. Somewhere on his 30-year tenure he finally became the president of the company. David McDonalds work has led them buying the Dutch meat processing company Baho Foods. This was a strategic step and now the company will slowly start to work its way into Europe. Under his influence the company has led to a lot of expansion and the y even have at least 10 facilities in china.

David went back to the bottom when he switched companies but through hard work and being reliable over time he once again became the president of a company. His strategy of really connecting with cultures that they encounter and fostering a bond has made a lot of difference in his company’s success. These partnerships in his opinion aren’t easy to develop but they always provide value. David McDonald is looking forward to more working and getting involved with new endeavors and markets. He is a true example of man that mad a decision to change his life and really followed through overtime. He really shows that consistency is key.

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OSI Industries/Provider

The Success of OSI Group Worldwide

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Worldwide food companies are something that’s been in the news a lot recently. Most people criticize them for not being fresh and healthy. There’s also a lot of online criticism from smaller food companies, calling them frauds and accusing them of purposefully poisoning people just to make money.

The truth is that most of the large corporate food companies are just large-scale artisans. They care about their food just as much as small food companies. Just because they make a lot of money doesn’t mean that don’t care. They make that much money because they’re selling their products on a larger scale.

Smaller companies only sell to local communities; larger companies sell worldwide. The larger scale makes more money; that’s just how business works. Proof that larger companies care about their products just as much can be found at OSI Group, a premier food company based in the United States.

The OSI Group partners with numerous world leading foodservice and retail food brands to bring consumers the best products. They specialize in working with innovative food-entrepreneurs and making all kinds of concept-to-table solutions a reality; even the ones that no one else wants to explore.

Companies and culinary experts from all over the world come to America to work with OSI Group. Sometimes, they just work with the local office in their country, but that’s not always an option. When it is an option, OSI Group shares that information with the other OSI offices, adding the company’s global flavor knowledge.

Little services and accumulations of knowledge like that make OSI Group one of the leading food companies in the world. OSI Group is so confident they can help bring any food idea to life; it’s a guarantee they make to every one of their customers and partners.

When companies choose to work with OSI Group, they get custom food solutions that are made to their exact specifications. OSI Group prides itself on being able to offer trustworthy expertise in the most efficient manner possible. As mentioned already, OSI Group has an exceptional global flavor palette.

OSI Group also differs from the negative stereotypes by having unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices. It’s the reason they’ve been able to buy other food companies, like Tyson, and make them better.

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Ivy League School Alum Peter Briger Invests In Past, Present And Future

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Billionaires are paid well because they lead the world in innovations. They start a brand, like Facebook or the Fortress Investment Groups, which are firsts of their kind. The wise re-invest in the past, present and future, just like Peter Briger is doing at Princeton.

Past Legacy

Princeton freshmen have plenty of potential, but have not really accomplished much of note. When Peter Briger arrived at Princeton, did he really imagine that he would be a billionaire one day? He might have hoped so, but he didn’t have the connections to make this dream come true. Princeton did.

The Princeton professors understood how the world worked. They had had alumni, like President John F. Kennedy walk through their hallways. They continued to maintain valuable ties with the rich and powerful.

When Peter Briger enrolled at Princeton, he was given a chance. He could learn from those who had built up human knowledge for millennia. He was not a billionaire, he was a freshman. He was the lowest on the totem pole.

He paid his dues. He worked at Goldman Sachs. Was he given this opportunity because one of the Goldman Sachs executives was a Princeton alum?

Peter Briger became co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. Now, he could give back to the Ivy League. He could add his name to those Princeton grads, who made it.

Peter Briger Legacy

Now, as a billionaire, Peter Briger can start to think about his legacy. What does he want people to remember about him? What does he want to leave the next generation of Princeton grads?

For one thing, he has created the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund. Peter Briger and other donors will help with funding and matching support to get startups off the ground. This could help the United States create much needed jobs.

Peter Briger has already learned the valuable skills needed for buying out companies and reinvesting in them to create jobs at the Fortress Investment Group. Businesses need capital for payroll. Peter Briger provides that capital.

He is now providing the capital for the startups of tomorrow. The wealth of tomorrow grows from investments today. It is like a farmer who plants a seed. He is waiting for his seed to give him a bountiful crop.

Allah has stated that you shall “reap what you have sown.” That is true. Everyone pays the piper, even billionaires.

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