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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: The Man Behind The M.D. Degree

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, a physician of high caliber, entered the industry nearly six years ago. Since becoming an admirable member of his domain, Forsthoefel has dedicated his expertise as an MD to remedying ailments and mitigating patient concerns. More specifically, Dr. Forsthoefel works in the emergency care unit. In other words, the matters he’s involved in are often pressing. Given the unpredictable nature of his trade, Forsthoefel is required to be of sound mind and astute judgment. As an emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Forsthoefel undergoes a series of precarious and taxing deeds daily. Preparing himself for such duties required ample amount of schooling.


In 2012, Forsthoefel graduated from the University of Louisiana School of Medicine. Subsequent to that was his residency, or graduate medical training, at Louisiana State University. No doubt well versed in his realm, Forsthoefel was ready to undertake a profession as a general practitioner. As an attempt to broaden both his horizons and job opportunities, Forsthoefel acquired a state medical license from both Louisiana and Florida. The latter proved his state of choice. Come 2012, Forsthoefel bid farewell to Louisiana and took a job offer in Tallahassee as an emergency medicine specialist. Given that this was his desired line of work, accepting the role seemed a no-brainer.


As Forsthoefel embarked upon his new endeavor, he won many advocates, albeit a few foes. In referencing some testimonials, it appears Dr. Forsthoefel is knowledgeable, helpful, and punctual. Far more than a profound and prompt man who offers a helping hand, Forsthoefel is also a compassionate and concerned doctor. In fact, not but a few months back Dr. Forsthoefel left an everlasting impact on a patient who had fallen victim to the foul flu. Dr. Forsthoefel proved considerate and patient, checking and re-checking the patient’s vitals to ensure an undesirable situation didn’t arise.


With that said, many have come to regard Dr.Forsthoefel as a doctor who is second to none. Fortunately, he’s kind enough spreads his knowledge, helping doctors and specialists from multiple hospitals as often he can. For more information on Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, I recommend visiting his LinkedIn profile.

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How Hard Work Paid Off For Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

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Louis Chenevert started out as General Motors and eventually made it to being the chief executive officer of United Technologies. He is now a financial advisor at Goldman Sachs. His career has been fueled by a lot of hard work and achieving his professional goals. He grew up in a middle class household in Montreal, Quebec.


He was born in 1958. He developed an interest in how business works and being an entrepreneur when he was in his teens. He grew up being instilled with an attitude that being dedicated to advancing your career would result in success. He is a graduate of the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal Business School. He has a degree in production management which he first put to use at General Motors. His job there as a production manager was to make sure the products he was in charge of were of high quality, the correct amount, and produced at top speed. By keeping costs low he did his part to make sure General Motors increased their revenues and profits.


After 14 years Louis Chenevert left the auto industry behind and moved into the aerospace industry. His first job in this industry was as an executive at Pratt & Whitney Canada, beginning in 1993. He became president in 1999 and stayed in this position until 2006. The parent company of this business is United Technologies. In 2006 he became the chairman of this company and before long was named as the new chief executive officer. United Technologies is a huge company in the aerospace industry and also manufactures other products as well such as elevators and HVACs. He says that moving up to leading this company was like entering the major leagues as a baseball player.


One of his legacies at United Technologies is the geared turbofan engine. He invested $10 billion in this engine which has revolutionized the aerospace industry, allowing for cheaper flights and lower volumes of engine sound. Over 14 airlines around the world now use this engine on some of their planes and Louis Chenevert played the biggest part in this coming about.

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A Broad Overview of Jeunesse Global LuminesceTM Line Products

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Jeunesse is an organization which was incepted in 2009, and it is a global direct selling firm with a mission for making people look and feel young by encouraging them to unleash their potential. Over time, it has posted impressive growth, and its extraordinary growth has been recognized through being awarded more than thirty times since 2014. Furthermore, Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray being the Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Lewis being the COO, and Scott Lewis the Chief Visionary Officer. As scholars always say that unity is strength and teamwork is the key to success thus the growth of this company, it’s due to the hard work and continued support by its employees and distributors in achieving its mission and goals.


Jeunesse offers a variety of product and which have been sub-divided in various groups such as; Instantly Ageless, Zen Bodi Line, Nutritional line and lastly Luminesce Line. Within this subdivision, there is a different product offered as discussed in detail below.


Luminesce Line being the first division it consists of various products such as Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. It is a serum that was made to existence by a dermatologist, and its formula is highly concentrated with APT-200 which aid in keeping an individual’s skin glowing and magically removes the wrinkles. It, therefore, creates a youthful looking by rejuvenating one’s skin.

Luminesce daily moisturizing complex is another product under the sub-division LuminesceTM Line which is a lotion that is designed to moisturize one’s face since in the Earth’s atmosphere some properties aid in drying one’s skin. Its formula contains APT-200, and it also needs the sun’s protection which is enriched with a Spectrum SPF 30.


The third product under the same sub-division is Luminesce Advanced Night Repair which aids an individual’s skin to repair itself while he/she is sleeping. It has also been designed with a formula which is highly concentrated with APT-200, and it helps in erasing fine line and wrinkles, therefore, maintaining a youthful look. LuminesceTM essential body renewal, LuminesceTM Youth restoring cleanser, and LuminesceTM Ultimate lifting Masque are all products of Jeunesse under the LuminesceTM Line sub-division. In general, these entire products help in maintaining a youthful looking and feeling to an individual.


Why Robert Ivy Is The Perfect Role Model For Aspiring Architects

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On June 2nd this year, Robert Ivy, the executive deputy president of the American Institute of Architects(AIA) was honored together with Andrew Young of the Pearl River Glass Studio at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters(MIAL). Ivy was given the Noel Polk Lifetime Achievement Award, an adjudication reserved for living Mississippi creatives. He now becomes part of the short list of the previous award holders such as Morgan Freeman and Eudora Welty.

Robert Ivy is a former principal at Dean/Dale and has been a critic for national publications. In 2001, he published a Fay Jones Biography, a book that concentrates on professional aspect of a Frank Wright’s supporter who is also a fellow architect. The biography is currently in its third edition. With his many years of expertise, he was a juror at the panel that designated Frank Gehry to come up with a creative national Dwight D. Eisenhower memorial.

Throughout his career, the exemplary artist has managed several awards and titles within the field. In 2017, he received the Deans Medal from the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of Architecture. Another of his accolades is the Crain award by the American business media in 2007, a prestigious award for any individual. Three years later the Alpha Rho Chi Fraternity recognized his efforts in communicating the importance of design and branded him a ‘master architect’ a title that is held with only six other individuals since its inception. Robert Ivy is the only architect in the 21st century to earn title, and he joins the league that has the likes of Nathan Clifford and John Wellborn.

In addition to being an architect and author, Robert Ivy is an editor and has years of experience having served as the editor in chief at the McGraw Hill architectural Record. His most significant accomplishment at the record was being able to distribute millions of copies of the architectural journal hitting the highest number ever disseminated. He has carried this strong trend with him to American Institute of Architects as the organization is experiencing the highest rate of memberships in all its 160 years.

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The Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews From Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a noted plastic surgery who has a private practice in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden completed her medical training at the University of Texas, and she has been named one of top plastic surgeons in the nation.

One thing that any potential patient will notice when checking the reviews for Dr. Walden is that the reviews for the doctor are overwhelmingly positive. Almost every patient who has reviewed Dr. Walden has had only good things to say about the outcome of their surgery and the way that they were treated by both Dr. Walden and her staff.

The caring and compassionate nature of Dr. Jennifer Walden is one theme that runs through all of the reviews. Patients felt as if Dr. Walden really cared about them and what they were trying to accomplish through cosmetic surgery.

One reviewer stated that, “she is very good at what she does, and she cares for you.” On this same theme, another review wrote, “she is very caring and has a good bedside manner.”

The professionalism and expertise of Dr. Jennifer Walden also impressed those who reviewed their experience with the doctor. One patient was told that the procedure she needed to have done was not possible. However, Dr. Walden completed the procedure successfully, and the patient was more than happy with the results.

Finally, Dr. Walden and her staff received high praise for always being available to answer the questions that patients might have. One reviewer said it this way, “I always felt like I could call with questions or concerns.”

With almost a perfect five star rating across many different review channels, Dr. Jennifer Walden has certainly impressed her patients with her caring and expertise.

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Eric Dye Interview with Paul Mampilly

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Paul Mampilly is the senior editor of Banyan Hill Publishing. He went to work for Wall Street after graduating from Fordham University in 1991. While there, he learned the craft of investing as an assistant manager. By 2006, Kinetics Asset Management recruited him as the hedge fund manager. When they did, their assets increased by over $25 billion. By about 2009, he got tired of Wall Street’s ways and wanted to move on. That was when he started to focus on his own entrepreneurial ventures. Since becoming a member of Banyan Hill Publishing, its investment newsletter, Profits Unlimited has increased to over 90,000 subscribers. Visit to know more.

In his interview with Eric Dye in Chronicle Week, Paul Mampilly stated that since internet algorithms and bots have been taking over the process, people are not doing most of the actual trading anymore. Mampilly says that this is a very grave disadvantage because it leaves the door wide open for banks to use that information against the average traders.

Paul Mampilly stated to Dye that the second major change over the years is Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) are now at the most common stock. He said that mutual funds were the dominating force even during the turn of the century. This has been enabling investors to make share profits even if companies are not making any profits. This was not the case even during the turn of the century.


Paul Mampilly says that the biggest mistake that novice investors tend to make is putting all of their money into one stock. This often causes large losses if the company tanks shortly afterward. He also stated that the best time to invest is not when things are going well, but actually the opposite. This is because this is when stock prices are at their cheapest.

When asked who he admires the most, Mampilly stated Elon Musk. That he was very impressed with the fact that Musk established Tessla before there was much of a market for electric cars. Musk went as far as to invest his own money into Tessla at a point when it almost went bankrupt. He also never let all the naysayers get him down.

In the script of the interview in Inspirey, Mampilly pointed to Amazon as an example of a company that people weren’t sure was initially “real”. As a result, a lot of its investors bet against them. However, since they and other initially questionable companies have seen such a large growth, the U.S. now recognizes a new business model of growth first, profits second. Visit to know more.


Eric Lefkofsky: Curing Cancer One Step At A Time

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Born in 1969 in the city of Southfield, Michigan, Eric Paul Lefkofsky has achieved the lifestyle and status we as Americans all strive for. Graduating with honors from the University of Michigan in 1991, and then earning his Juris Doctor in 1993 from the University of Michigan Law School, after which he went on to take more than a handful of co-founded startup companies and turn them in to highly successful business ventures. To name a few: InnerWorkings in 2001, Echo Global Logistics in 2005, MediaBank in 2006, in 2007, which in 2008, after phenomenal success, changed its name to, Lightbank in 2010, Uptake in 2014, and Tempus in 2016.

Bringing the timeline back to 2006, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife co-founded the charity: Lefkofsky Foundation. The Lefkofsky Foundation supports all types of charitable, educational, and scientific organization that focus on supporting, improving and developing the lives of children. To this day, the Lefkofsky Foundation has helped start more than 50 organizations.

For his philanthropic endeavors, Tempus, based in Chicago, Illinois, is one of Eric Lefkofsky’s greatest achievements. His desire and drive for starting the company was due to the horrific experience of watching a loved one go through treatment for cancer. Tempus complies and analyzes extreme volumes of clinical molecular data. The company has a series of data pipelines to further filter the collected data so that the company can research and develop quality, and most importantly, effective precision medicines to finally eradicate cancer and all its scourge upon the human race.

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Eric Lefkofsky And His Acts Of Giving Back To The Society.

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Eric Lefkofsky is one of the pioneers of Tempus. The company employs high-level technology to make more reliable information on cancer available to various stakeholders in the health industry. The aim of providing more data is to facilitate extensive research on cancer. He was inspired to start the initiative after one of his family members was diagnosed with the disease. Since then, he has channeled a lot of funds and his time towards finding better treatments. With the information provided by Tempus, many health providers deliver better treatment as they know the individual needs of their patients. Tempus believes in better interactions with the patients as a way of ensuring the right prescription and treatments. The technology employed by Tempus quickens the analysis process and gives room for the health providers to make informed decisions on the patient’s condition.

Eric Lefkofsky has been involved in many charitable activities. He has accomplished this through the Lefkofsky Family Foundation. His contributions range from the education sector to arts and culture. One of the medical centers that have benefited from his generosity is the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center. The facility has gained international recognition for its focus on treating pancreatic cancer. Many patients have benefited from the services. The medical facility has been involved in a lot of research in pancreatic cancer. One of its main achievements was in the identification of pancreatic cancer genes. The institution has also developed better treatment methods for the condition. The Lefkofsky Family Foundation has donated towards the discovery of a vaccine for pancreatic cancer.

Eric Lefkosky has also made a contribution in helping individuals to adopt effective family planning methods. One of the facilities that have benefited from the foundation is Planned Parenthood. The organization specializes in educating adults on how to avoid unplanned pregnancies and offering various alternatives to plan for their families at the right time.

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OSI Food Solutions Makes A Key Purchase That Will Surely Help It To Expand Its Offerings

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OSI Food Solutions is a food company that operates all over the world to offer its customers premier food solutions that can be customized to their taste. In recent news, the company was chosen to be a part of the Top 100 Food Companies in America, and the reason for making this prestigious list has a lot to do with the work that Sheldon Lavin has done and continues to do. Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman for the company, and he received the Global Visionary Award previously for his lifetime of dedication and hard work he has devoted to OSI and maintaining its high environmental standards. The Vision World Academy from India gave him the award and called him a visionary in his field.

OSI Food Solutions was created in 1909 and is now worth over $6 billion. The company has been working to increase its sustainability and improve upon its already high environmental standards for the last few years. David McDonald, the company’s President, has been a large part of these efforts, and he also believes in the company’s mission to continue to expand its operations. Part of this expansion effort prompted the company to purchase Baho Food, which is a Dutch food manufacturer that focuses on convenience foods, snacks, and deli meats. McDonald commented that the acquisition will give OSI an expanded presence in Europe and that what the company offers will add perfectly to what OSI already has available for its European customers.

The acquisition of Baho Food by OSI Food Solutions will also add to OSI’s processing facilities in the Netherlands and Germany. The company adds five subsidiaries to OSI’s already large amount of offerings, and these are Henri van de Bilt, Gelderland Frischwaren, Bakx Foods, Q Smart Life, and Vital Convenience. It was decided that John Balvers, the Managing Director of Baho Food, would stay on along with his team of managers. They will be helping to execute the growth strategy that OSI has been implementing in all of its operations. Mr. Balvers commented that he was excited about joining forces with OSI Food Solutions and that the company has a great relationship with its suppliers customer base. He believes that the combined strength of both companies will enable them to broaden their offerings and accelerate their growth.

Looking ahead, OSI Food Solutions plans on purchasing more of the kinds of companies that can aid with its mission of providing excellent food to the world.

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Taking a Journey With Vijay Eswaran

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It is almost common knowledge that life is not a straight line. It is like a river, starting from tiny springs, meandering through the valleys and lakes to its destination. The river faces rocks, faces hills and sometimes valleys, but it never stops. It might slow down, but it will never stop until it has reached its destination.

Vijay Eswaran life journey has no difference with that of the river. Born in October 1960, he faced his first bend with moving to a different country. London was the place he had gone to drink from the fountain of knowledge. After his graduation from the London school of economics, life threw another curveball to him. Vijay Eswaran did not get the job he hoped for. He had to accept the circumstance and worked picking grapes and in construction in Europe.

However, suffering is not permanent, he was introduced to binary marketing which led to him acquiring a job. He worked in Multilevel marketing for a while before he became an information system engineer for countries around the world.

Thirteen years later he went back home. Vijay was offered a job to run part of Cosway group. This opportunity helped him have the greatest moment of his life, he knew MLM was why he was born.

In 1998 he co-founded the QI group that applied Multilevel marketing for different companies in different sectors. His company grew and that led him to grow. Vijay Eswaran is currently the executive chairman of QI group that has investments in over 10 countries.

A man that has gone through his struggle and success must have a secret to go through it. Vijay Eswaran attributes his success to simple business and personal philosophy.

In his book In Sphere of Silence (2005), he attributes it to the one hour every morning of silence. Vijay is a man that believes in conquering fear and service to others above himself. For a man influenced by great leaders and being one himself, Vijay Eswaran focuses on the moment and his target alone but accepts and embraces changes that come.

Vijay Eswaran has authored several books which include; thinking zone ( 2008), stepping stones (2010) and wing of thought (2011). These books give him the tools to share his principles and life lessons with others.

Another tool he uses is public speaking which he does in business and management conferences. However, what is a man worth if he does not give back to his fellow man? Vijay understands this, and he gives back through the RYTHM foundation and Vijagaratnam foundation.

Truly, Vijay’s life is truly a river, QI group its mouth and MLM the water carried along.