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Alex Hern: A GPU Friendly Future

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Alex Hern

Technology is a good thing. It has increased our quality of life and cut down on activities that would normally take much longer to complete. It is more than essential to modern day life. More people work in the technology industry than they ever have before. In fact, there are even people who are able to telecommute because of technology. The problem is that there are some people who seek to carve out their own foothold in technology. For this, they need someone like Alex Hern to show them the way. Alex Hern is a businessman who has used his extensive business knowledge to nurture the growth of countless technologically based companies.

Alex Hern believes that his strong ability to focus is one of the reasons why he has been so successful in his mission to nurture the growth of new companies. He tells Ideamensch in a recent interview that multitasking is not as beneficial as it might seem. While he knows that many people disagree with this assertion he wants them to understand that focusing on one project at a time can be more productive. He spends anywhere from 4 to 5 hours a day taking a look at these projects. It has been a habit that he has engaged in for many years.

One of the projects that he has been spending a lot of time developing is Tsunami XR. Tsunami XR is a company that Alex Hern is the CEO and co-founder of. The company is geared towards the development of more GPU powered computing. While GPU’s have been designed to handle a general workload, GPU’s have a power that makes them more capable for future needs. GPU’s are able to compute information in a parallel pattern. This means that they are stackable and can deliver data through similar processes. GPU’s are also capable of retrieving more data than GPU’s. This increased data retrieval plus their stacking ability makes the machine went for a replacement in the future. Alex Hern understood that this would be a major development and he founded Tsunami XR to help write programs and software that were more GPU friendly.

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Sussex Healthcare Is At The Forefront Of Assisted Living

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Shiraz Boghani, Corrine Wallace, and Carol Diley are the leaders behind Sussex Healthcare and guide the company towards expansion and greater care for their patients around the country. These leaders ensure that all of their facilities throughout London and Sussex are operating at maximum efficiency without problems or negativity invading any of their spaces. They have high standards for their facilities and their caregivers and only allow those who are positive and friendly to all patients to build opportunities at the company. With more than twenty years in the industry, Sussex Healthcare has been able to expand quite a bit and they are still growing to this day. Thanks to the excellent leadership and talented caregivers, Sussex is able to continue upgrading and improving on their facilities to create new job opportunities for caregivers out there. Learn more about Sussex Healthcare at

All Sussex Healthcare facilities are equipped with activities for the residents to take part in so they can be engaged and have fun while they are at a Sussex facility. Caregivers are always around and ready to help the residents with their fitness activities and ensure their living space is clean and safe. Today, Sussex has roughly twenty homes that are spread across the entirety of the UK, all of which provide quality care to their residents. Sussex is still growing as well, so they will be moving to new areas and providing new opportunities to staff for many years to come.

Sussex Healthcare is equipped to care for all kinds of patients as well, regardless of their condition, including patients that are disabled or have mental health issues such as Dementia. All residents at Sussex have the opportunity to learn and stay educated about their surroundings and beyond. Sussex looks for the most ambitious and outgoing caregivers that have a positive outlook on the industry as well as their careers, which is why they have some of the best staff in the country for assisted living facilities.

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The History of OSI Industries

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Presently, OSI Industries in one of the leading organizations in the world when it comes to food processing. The company has over 200,000 employees working in all its 65 facilities across the globe. The company’s history is that of humble beginnings that have seen the company rise to its current states. The history of the company dates back to the 20th century in a suburb in Chicago. The development presence of the company is still an on-going story of the current globalized economy.

OSI Industries was initial a retail shop selling meat to German immigrants who were staying in Chicago. The owner of the retail shop was called Otto Kolschowsky. During this time, the population of the city had about a quarter of German immigrants. Chicago was the entry point for more immigrants as well as a center for industry. It was during this time that Otto decided to open a retail butchery to be supplying his people with meat. By the time the first world war came to an end, the shop had increased, and the owner wants to expand its activities to Maywood.

In 1928, the company had expanded and became very successful. It was rebranded Otto & Sons in this year. The company continued to be prosperous and more stable local business. During this time, McDonald’s had opened their first restaurant, and they were looking for an organization to be supplying them with meat products. Ray Kroc, the Mcdonald’s owner, agreed with Otto & Sons to be providing the restaurant with fresh ground beef, and it became a fateful development.

Years later, Ray bought the McDonalds and started serving as its chief executive officer. His started developing his organization and as it grew so was the case with Otto & Sons. It became the primary task of Otto &Sons to be supply meat to the McDonalds.

Over the next 20 years, the company had grown to become a global corporation by the name of OSI Industries. The company has since then expanded to other locations across the world. The company’s chairman and chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin has been on the forefront to ensure that the organization offers just but the best services to their customers across the world.

Currently, OSI Industries has a series of joint ventures and expansions in Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Australia, including others. The company is one of the largest organizations in the United States. The company is ranked number 58 by Forbes.

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Guilherme Paulus And The Road To Success

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Guilherme Paulus is a major name in the Brazilian and Latin American tourism world. As the owner of CVC, a major travel agency, and GJP Group; he’s been revolutionizing the tourism industry for nearly five decades. Paulus began his journey by studying business administration. His leadership was recognized by IBM, where he served as an intern. Eventually, his efforts landed him on Forbes’ billionaire list.

Starting out as a small business owner, Guilherme Paulus has been able to grow to over 15 hotels and offer international travel packages to many customers over the years. Paulus is also the majority shareholder of GJP Group and serves on numerous boards as a distinguished leader of travel and tourism in Brazil.

CVC gave up a major stake to the private equity company of The Carlyle Group in 2009. Guilherme Paulus saw this as an opportunity to start investing in other areas of the hospitality sector, and to grow CVC. Bidding on properties near local Brazilian airports, the company found a niche market to capitalize on. The move proved to be fruitful, as was the formation of the GJP Group, earlier in 2005.

Having a large public and online presence has helped Guilherme Paulus and his businesses gain even more exposure. These things, coupled with growing South American tourism, have led the companies to an unprecedented growth each year. Paulus has even grown to form an airline from what was once thought of as a simple project.

Guilherme Paulus is without a doubt an international leader in the travel industry. He also has maintained relationships and a family throughout the years. International awards and recognition have been given in many different areas. Governmental and hospitality awards, as well as leadership awards, are among the many accolades he’s received. He’s certainly a driving force in the business world, and most likely a leader that’s poised for continued success throughout the remainder of his career.

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Renovia’s Rapid Development of Succession in Incontinence Products

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Co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is going forward with continuing their funding for new products for women’s pelvic floor disorder, such as incontinence. Researchers estimate that urinary incontinence currently affects about 250 million women globally. It is estimated that women far outnumber men by it by as much as 53 percent although it is not completely certain. Even so, experts think it’s underreported because too many who suffer from it are too reluctant or embarrassed to discuss the issue even with their doctors. One of the main things that Renovia does is target the muscles responsible for maintaining bladder and bowel control.


Leva, one of Renovia’s inventions reached FDA approval last April. This decision was made after the closing of a $32 million round with Series B on late August 21, 2018. The company also had a $10 million venture debt to tackle. So far, about $42 million has been raised for the new project. What Leva does is monitor the vaginal muscles at rest and at work during pelvic floor exercises. This takes less than five minutes and is usually recommended to be done twice a day.


Renovia’s Series B was partly funded by a healthcare-based investment firm called the Longwood Fund. Series B was also led by Missouri-based Ascension Adventures and New York-based Perceptive Advisors. The continued funding is now going towards testing for more therapeutic products, including a new version of Leva. This new version will make the patient able to wear it for extended periods of time. It is expected to work as a kegel exercise for stress incontinence.


Marc Beer stated that Renovia is enamored to have the support of leading investors who share their vision of making life better for women with pelvic floor disorders. In helping to make innovative products for such disorders, Beer and Renovia are hoping that it will eventually become easier to inform the public of new treatment options and lower healthcare costs for it. They plan to do so by installing digital form factors and innovative sensor technologies.


Marc Beer has a total of 25 years of experience in commercialization of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and devices. Renovia was established in August 2016 when it closed a Series A in financing with venture capital funds. Beer has helped found and lead other companies as well. Another is ViaCell, which focuses on stem cells from umbilical cords. Under Beer’s leadership, it grew to over 300 employees, went public by 2005, and then was acquired by Perkinelmer in 2007. Before ViaCell, Marc Beer also held various positions within Genzyme. The most recent was Vice President, with which he was responsible for public launches of numerous products addressing the needs of rare diseases. Learn more :

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The InnovaCare Health Leadership Of Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides

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Quality care and innovation are the two aspects Innovacare Health has combined to give their clients and patients an unmatchable healthcare experience. Part of the international healthcare company’s success is due to its great leadership. The team of leaders at this company have over one hundred years of experience when dealing with patients, healthcare organizations and improving the ways people receive their healthcare. These leaders work collectively to make sure the company to continues to meet the needs of this demanding industry. When both operational and administrative expertise are combine3ed, partners and patients see an increase in the level of quality, margins and engagement.  You can check out



Two of the top leaders of Innovacare is Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides. They have a similar vision of healthcare being smarter. They have a vision that includes engaged physicians working in the markets they have pushed the company into. These two have enabled partners to grow their business due to their efficiency and population focused models offered to clients. For more details visit



Rick Shino joined the North American Medical Management in the late 1990s. It was here the doctor earned his experience and began to envision what Innovacare Health could become. The doctor understands exactly how to meet the needs of patients. Additionally, the doctor understands operational and management tasks in changing and new markets. His combined skills launched Innovacare Health. Check out



Penelope Kokkinides is the chief administrative officer for Innovacare. She came to the healthcare provider in June 2015. She also serves as the head of clinical operations for the company. For two decades now, she has worked with creating programs and processes that better enable patients and partners to meet their healthcare needs. Her knowledge is extensive and her work ethic is like none other. Before coming to the company she worked with the government programs of Medicare and Medicaid to develop and manage their processes. She has bee n able to improve the organization and infrastructure of Innovacare Health since starting with the company just three years ago. She has been with the company through some of its hardest times. For instance, when Hurricane Maria destroyed the island of Puerto Rico, she had to lead this company to helping hundreds of thousands of people in need of healthcare.



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Paul Mampilly Quits Lucrative Employment to Serve Public Interests

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The education journey of Paul Mampilly was not one of the easiest journeys that can be described. He underwent some struggles while in school, most of which were financial. His father had been unemployed for years since he had completed college and so he had been working as a casual worker in the nearby city of Bombay, in India. This was the country where Mampilly was born and raised as a very humble child. Later, the life of Paul Mampilly and his family would change after their father relocated them to Dubai. This country had been experiencing an economic boom after it had begun exporting oil and so it favored the livelihood of the family. Mampilly and his sister got the luck to enroll and complete their college education.

After the graduation, Mampilly had passed very well in his undergraduate studies, and so he got a chance to start working at the Wall Street, for the Bankers Trust Company. There, he joined as the assistant portfolio manager but was later promoted to a full manager, responsible for the company’s portfolio. Bankers Trust Company would later be acquired by the Deutsche Bank, a transaction that forces Paul Mampilly to transition his job to start working as a research assistant at the company. He was then poached by the ING which employed him as the senior research analyst.

After working as a research analyst at the ING for a while, Kinetics Asset Management later recruited him to become the manager of their hedge fund that had been performing poorly for some years. This was a challenge to Paul, but he was up to the task. After managing the hedge fund portfolio for a period less than a year, the value of the portfolio skyrocketed to $25 billion, yielding a historic investment return of 37.5% for the investors. This brought Paul Mampilly to the good books of the investment industry.

However, Paul felt that his service to the Americans was not as optimal as he would have wished. He had been using his expertise to boost the wealth of the “already wealthy” individuals and not the neglected majority of the American citizens. This made him quit his job and start publishing investment advice which he has been dispensing to the public at very affordable prices.


News Watch TV Wins Global Awards For Excellence

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News Watch TV has recently been the recipient of a “Gold and Platinum” MarCom Awards for “Excellence in Broadcasting and Videography in the 30-minute television programming category”. These are some of the highest award levels in the industry for television news magazines. News Watch TV is widely known for their reviews of technology and consumer products.

MarCom Awards were created by the Society Awards. This is the same creators of the Golden Globe Awards, The Emmy Awards, The MTV Awards, The Academy of Country Music Awards and The American Music Awards.

Their “2017 Videographer Award”, is a highly coveted award in the Television-Broadcast and Cable industry. The Videographer Award category has been around since 1994 and is judged by the international organization known as the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (ACMP). The award is designed to recognize those artisans who reach a level of excellence in the industry for videography.

The ACMP consists of thousands of advertising, marketing and media organizations and production businesses across the globe. Annual entries for these awards exceed 6,000 from across the world. The judges for these awards are part of the advisory panel for the ACMP. The award winners in the “Videography” category can be found

News Watch TV is a nationally broadcast television news magazine. Currently they have an audience of over 96 million viewers. They have been one of the most successful 30-minute news programs in the country for the last 25 years. News Watch TV’s 30-minute award winning programming is focused on consumer news, technology, entertainment and celebrity news. They also have a special focus on breaking news in the medical industry, government and political news.

Located in Washington D.C., News Watch has hosted some of Hollywood’s brightest stars such as: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Cee Lo Green, Chris Noth, Paul Sorvino, and Julianne Moore. Featured athletes on their show have included some of the top athletes in their industries such as: Phil Mickelson, Jerry West , Joe Montana and Jeff Burton.


The Rise Of OSI Group Under The Stewardship Of Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin has built himself a high profile in the meat and food processing industry since he took over as the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves on the board of OSI International Foods Ltd as the President, and he remains active in the company’s operations. Over time, Mr. Lavin amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in  food industry since 1970 when he initiated the financing of Otto & Sons, which later changed its name to OSI Group.

OSI Group quickly grew from a local meat vendor to become an international packed and processed food supplier under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. The firm currently operates over 60 meat and food processing facilities in over 60 countries. India’s Vision World Academy recognized Sheldon Lavin with the Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016, for his incredible efforts that brought OSI Group onto the global scene. Mr. Lavin was proud of his accomplishments and felt humbled and honored for receiving such a coveted award. In fact, Sheldon Lavin has devoted much of his time to the overall welfare of OSI Group and its employees and has been instrumental in growing it into the powerhouse it is today.

On top of expanding its operations around the world, OSI Group has also won a long list of sustainability and environmental awards under the stewardship of Sheldon. Mr. Lavin expects the next generation of leaders in the company to follow in his footsteps and prioritize the environment. Mr. Lavin wants to inspire the next generation of leaders to run their ventures responsibly and encourage them to contribute towards the growth of global opportunities and commerce for their workers. Mr. Lavin’s advice and insight into the business world are uplifting, and he doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. Despite a busy schedule, Mr. Lavin still finds time to volunteer and donate towards charitable causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. The fact that Mr. Lavin was able to raise his three kids, focus on the activities of OSI Group, and give back to society is one of the achievements that make him proud of his career life.

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Alumni Of Academy of Art University Weigh In On Inclusive Fashion Designs

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The whole concept of “good design” was recently brought to question by a panel brought together courtesy of the Academy of Art University. The panel sought to encourage inclusivity in creating designs. Flore Morton who is in charge of fashion styling in the School of F-ashion served as the moderator.

Disabled individuals were the center of the heated discussions. They are hardly put in mind when outfits are designed. This poses a challenge to them and gives them a hard time especially if one has a sense of style.

If all your limbs are in good condition, then adjusting your cloth whenever they get out of place is no big deal. This is not the case for the physically impaired. They have to fidget around to get this done. Things get especially tough for those who have to make do with wheelchairs throughout the day. A zip in the wrong place is enough to cause havoc.

The panelists shed light on what could be done to offer worthwhile solutions to this state of affairs. A host of topics were discussed as speaker after speaker gave a piece of their mind. The discussions revolved around what a good universal design comprised of. The integration of the needs of the disabled in the creation of designs was also widely discussed. Fashion designers were also admonished to change their attitude towards the disabled.

Beau Oyler, one of the panelists, encouraged his colleagues to go out of their way and find opportunities to create designs for the disabled. He acknowledged that though this may not be very popular among many of their peers, it was totally worth it.

About Academy of Art University

The panelists had at some point studied at the Academy of Art University. The privately owned institution is located in San Francisco, California. It was established back in 1929 and has been revamped numerously through the years.

It boasts of 1483 teaching staff, of whom 283 serve on a full-time basis. They service close to 12600 students. The school offers close to twenty-five subjects in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The school actively takes part in the New York Fashion Week. It began this tradition in 2005 and it has never missed any of the subsequent editions. The school also has an automobile museum under its name.