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Repeating the Benefits of Non-Recourse Loans from Equities First Holdings

Posted by SugarMusic on

Equities First Holdings is an overall loaning association that offers different financing solutions to customers. Throughout the previous couple of years, dominant part of clients used to pick customary strategies for getting loans as a method of raising additional capital. However, as time went by, patterns have changed due to honing monetary difficulties whereby the financial organizations have made their lending conditions much difficult. Powerlessness to meet all necessities for the routine technique to borrow loans has created the gap whereby business owners have sought for external capital other than relying on traditional methods.

That is the key reason Equities First is said to have come into the market at the right time. Another element that has expanded the quantity of clients looking for stock-based loans is the adding of interest rates by banking institutions. Additionally, high financing costs have made it difficult to acquire such loans. In that limit, most customers have considered using stocks as a suitable choice. Al Christy Jr., the organization’s CEO gives this kind of lending service a credit in view of its different favorable circumstances and what Equities First knows.

Stock based loans have become of high demand especially in today’s harsh financial environment and changing markets. Also, such a procedure has a non-plan of activity stipulation that exempts clients from being held responsible when the stock’s value comes down. The customer finds the opportunity to keep the loan gotten without paying back while the firm holds their stock.

Notwithstanding, stock based loans accompany an interest cost of not more than 4% while the loan to value ratio varies within the range of 50 and 75 percent. All the more fundamentally, the money obtained can be used for any reason and there are no controls set on the loan. Borrowers are not obliged to pay in case the stock value devalues and resume its.