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Bernardo Chua’s Success With Organo Gold

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Over the years, Bernardo has gained much success with multi-level marketing. In Philippines, Chua worked for Gano Excel as an executive. Within three years of operations, Bernardo Chua helped the company to expand its services to Canada, Hong Kong and the United States. Later, he was promoted to serve as the president of Gano Excel in the USA.

The corporation marketed different ganoderma products, including coffee, food items and capsules. The executive has always believed in the direct selling model of business. Through this strategy, people network by introducing people to the product. As more people join the network, the chain continues to grow. This way, it becomes easier for one to sell these products to a large audience in different countries.

He is one of the revered and successful entrepreneurs in the greater Pacific Rim. In 2008, he saw the importance of incorporating his company that would focus on marketing ganoderma lucidum products around the globe. Learn more about Bernardo Chua: http://www.organogold.com/about-us/

He is the chief executive officer of Organo Gold. Within five years of operations, Organo Gold was ranked as the 55th largest company in the globe, under the direct selling category. Chua realized that people engaged in the business of ganoderma products in the Asian market were making good returns. Bernardo Chua was interested in introducing the product to the Western world.

Over the years, he has been educating people on the various benefits of the herb. By virtue of enlightening consumers and distributors about the value of ganoderma, Bernardo has been able to make more sales and woo more consumers to try the products. Headquartered in Canada, Organo Gold has managed to recruit more than one million distributors around the world.

Bernardo Chua believes that because of being in Canada, the company has a competitive advantage. The country is known to have strict guidelines for businesses and products. This way, Organo Gold’s products have been tested and any risks eliminated. The products cannot harm consumers as they are fit for consumption.

Bernardo Chua has received different awards for his contributions in various spheres. He was the recipient of the Dangal ng Bayan Award for Business and Industry in 2014. In addition, Organo Gold was named the leading direct selling company under the food supplements category.

Chua interacts with the public through his social media platforms, including Twitter.