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Doe Deere’s Inspiring Upbringing

Posted by SugarMusic on

Doe Deere is a unique makeup artist who took her ability to a new level and created her own company to build a successful business. Deere started off her life in Russia and lived a normal life up until she turned 17 and became a musician in New York City. She created her own band and created a solution for everything she ever needed to make it in the music business. She accomplished that and even found the love of her life from the band. She became quite a successful businesswoman and racked up the chance to change everything in her career over the years. Doe Deere is definitely one person who truly knows what she is capable of, and her career is what has allowed her to grow and to continue achieving so much as an artist.

Doe Deere was interviewed recently about her brand, company, and who she is as a person. Doe Deere found that she herself was always very intuitive and strived to do great things over the years, but she didn’t know that makeup was going to be the final thing for her. Deere learned that her career in music did serve her in many ways, and so she didn’t waste her time doing what she does in the makeup industry. She learned to appreciate everybody who came to support her in her music, and she took that and remembered that for the world of makeup and through these experiences she built the connections that she needed for the world of makeup and business.

Doe Deere is definitely one of the best people to work with and learn from because the company she built was started from scratch. Her first business within the world of business all started with eBay, and she only had about $20 to her name back at the time. From that, she built an online store from this auction website and eventually they moved forward and built a brand called Lime Crime that would change the makeup world by storm.

Today, Deere inspires women and young girls everywhere to go after their biggest dreams and to never give up. She lives quite an inspirational life and she proves everyday that she is beyond talented and knows what she is capable of. The brand is going to continue growing with new ideas and ways to change the makeup world, and she definitely is an inspiration.

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