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Equity First Holdings the Best Finance Giant

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Equity First Holdings is a finance giant that has been offering people with various finance and investment advisories. The company has been in operation since the year 2012. It offers shareholding financing and loans services that enable their clients to meet financial objectives in traded stock. Equity First Holdings has in its few years of operations partnered with banks, law firms both local and international and even custodian banks to ensure financial services are available upon request.

The company, Equity First Holdings was previously called Meridian Equity Partners LTD but it changed under the assistance of Morgan Lewis and Global Law Firms. Stock based loans help institutions to attract higher margin loans. The services have coincided with times that banks have tough rules when it comes to securing loans and therefore a bigger advantage for small businesses. Most beneficiaries are the small investors as well as big institutions. Previously, small investors used to be ignored but with Equity First Holdings, their interests are greatly considered and more information click here.

Equity First Holding has best solutions for individuals and also corporates. They have offices in more than five countries around the World and therefore making their services available to many people. Their investment solutions are also unique and therefore one prefers their services more than those offered by banks and other institutions and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

They also have the best financial assistance and advisory services. That enables potential investors to make the right decisions before joining them. Equity First Holdings is, therefore, the best and most available investment company and its Website.

In conclusion and the most important thing to note, Equity First Holdings process of getting a loan is very simple. You only require having enough stock so that you can get the loan. You do not have to go through the entire loan registration process and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.


Rocketship Education: The Skyrocketing Antioch Campus

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According to eastbaytimes.com, a charter school operator is going to demolish the Antioch bureau building of East Bay Times to give room for the campus it’s planning on opening next year. Recently, Rocketship Education confirmed it had purchased a newspaper office, roughly 25,000-square-foot in size, and located at 1700 Cavallo Road. It’s planning on building a school of two stories that will have grades K through 5.

The non-profit charter school, that’s based in the Redwood City, bought the property for $1.5 million, on January 23. It’s operating 16 schools in Washington, D.C, and three states. Twelve of these schools are in the San Francisco Bay area. Two more are going to open in Aug., and it will make the Antioch site the nineteenth in the network of Rocketship.

According to educationpioneers.org, Rocketship Education focuses on helping children from neighborhoods that are attending schools that are low performing that’s why it’s an Antioch campus, even though it’s open to students from anywhere within the district. Using a combination of targeted tutoring, adaptive technology, and traditional instruction, they are striving on meeting the needs that are unique to every single student.

Rocketship believes that surely schools that are transformative do more than educating students; they also inspire communities, engage parents, and empower teachers. The bold mission of Rocketmanship is eliminating the gap of achievement within our lifespan. Through constant innovation from the time of its establishment in the year 2006, it’s rethinking elementary school.

Rocketship Education is growing at a high rate; it’s 1 – 3 new school every year. It was planning on serving 25,000 students from low income by 2017. Sixteen Graduate School Analyst Fellows and Fellows have been playing a crucial role in the operations and expansion of Rocketmanship since 2008.

During those years they have led strategic and annual planning throughout the network, including the development of dashboards for organizational performance, to make sure that the executive team of Rocketmanship has the best data for informing the key decisions affecting student learning. Rocketship has also developed curriculum for the leadership development program of Rocketship, for teachers that have leadership aspirations and principals-in-training.