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Shop at Walmart for your Beneful

Posted by SugarMusic on

Walmart is a great place to find your pet’s needs at low prices. Buying pet food at walmart is a great way to save money and time when shopping for other groceries as well. A great food brand for your dog at home is Purina Beneful! This delicious dog food is available at your local Walmart and is top quality for your number one buddy.

Walmart carries online and in-store options for this wonderful food. Providing Purina Beneful’s dry food, wet food, healthy weight, and real ingredients lines, Walmart has a wide selection for your dog.

The price of Beneful dog food at Walmart carries based on what line of food you buy. Beneful Originals averages at around 13 dollars for a 15 pound bag, the same amount for healthy weight dry dog food with real ingredients. The wet dog food is offered in individual packets at $1.90, while the bulk packs of wet dog food averages at around 15 dollars for 27 cans. You can also purchase a 40 pound bag of dry dog food at 34 dollars.

Walmart also carries Beneful originals with real ingredients such as salmon, chicken, and beef. The salmon goes for around 14 dollars for a 15.5 pound bag while the real ingredients dry dog food with chicken and beef is around 34 dollars for a 40 pound bag. If you’re looking for a smaller bag of the real ingredients chicken and beef, then there is a 15.5 pound bag available for 13 dollars.

There are coupons to purchase Beneful dog food available on the Beneful website as well as other sites that specialize in coupons; however, there are no coupons available at this moment specifically for Walmart shoppers. That being said, any coupons listed on the specialized sites can be used in Walmart stores as long as they are valid coupons. If you are looking for even more savings, then there are also rollback prices on beneful dog food in the summer months.