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IDLife’s Customized Nutrition Gets Better with Garmin’s Vivo Onboard

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IDLife (shortened from Individually Designed Life) is an embodiment of how technology especially the internet and wearable fitness devices can revolutionize the health and wellness of Americans and humanity at large. IDLife approached the health and wellness sector with the concept of customized nutrition; the concept is premised on the fact that no two people are alike and therefore their nutritional needs are different. The company targets its members with high-quality products and programs to help them attain their health goals.

The company assures its customers that its products are safe and potent. All the company’s products are regularly subjected to laboratory tests by FDA approved laboratories. Furthermore, the company formulates its products from superior quality raw materials that IDLife term as gluten-free, GMO-free, soy free, and casein free. Also, all the IDLife’s products are made free of unnecessary fillers and additives. The companies products range from nutrition, skincare, weight management, workout, energy, e.t.c.

IDLife uses a membership-based website to avail its products to customers as well as to achieve the customized nutrition concept. The company’s website, idlife.com, is all that a new client needs to purchase any line of IDLife’s product or witness how the company implements a customized nutrition scheme for each member.

The company requires that a person who needs personalized nutrition takes an online “Free Assesment.” To take the free assessment which asks simple questions such as personal, dietary,

lifestyle, etc., one needs to have been referred by a member or they can indicate that they lack a referral. IDLife understands the sensitivity of the information required to develop a customized nutrition list, and the company took prerequisite steps to ensure that the security of its system is foolproof. Once the mentioned information has been feed to the system, qualified nutritionists assess the information and recommend IDLife’s products that a person requires.

IDLife is working tirelessly to improve the accuracy of its personalized nutrition program, and it recently partnered with Garmin ( a manufacturer of wearable fitness trackers). IDLife’s members are set to use Garmin’s Vivo tracker with IDLIfe’sIDWellness app. The two will work seamlessly improve customized nutrition for members.



Orange Coast College’s Rowing Champions

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Orange Coast College is located in Costa Mesa, California. It’s a community junior college with an annual enrollment of approximately 25,000 undergraduates. Students can earn two-year Associates Degrees and certificates in the arts and sciences.


Founded in 1947, Orange Coast College sits on a 164-acre campus, located only a few miles from California’s beaches. It is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges. Upon graduating, many of the college’s alumni transfer to private and community colleges nationwide.


While Orange Coast College (OCC) is only the fourth largest college in California it has won 11 national titles in the American Collegiate Rowing Association National Championship Regatta. This year, OCC competed for their 12th championship title. In 2016, they won the title. A new nine man team rowed a carbon fiber twelve-foot boat known as a needle across Lake Lanier in Georgia on May 25th, 2017.


Out of 80 male students that try out annually for the team, nine rowers were selected. The team prepared for the championship rowing races with rigorous training routines consisting of twenty grueling hours a week of practice at Newport Harbor. By the end of the season the team was whittled down to half the original try out numbers.


Consistently, the team has won against its 4-year college competitors. This has earned them a fitting nickname, Giant Killer. The Giant Killer has had its rowing team members go on to Stanford University, UC Berkeley and the University of Washington. One student won a rowing scholarship to attend Boston University. Ten OCC rowing alumni have gone on to compete in World Championships and the Olympics.


OCC races with an eight person shell and a coxswain, so a total of nine team members. The eight oars hit the water in unison at up to 47 strokes per minute. They will speed across the water covering 2000 meters in six minutes or less (http://www.orangecoastcollege.edu/academics/class_schedule/Pages/default). When they cross the finish line, team members will be so spent, some may even collapse from exhaustion. This year they placed ninth among thirty-eight entrants. In the end whether OCC gets the title or not, many of the school’s rowing team members will look forward to continuing their education at a 4-year college that admired their competitiveness and sportsmanship and a few will go on to compete in the Olympics.