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Shervin Pishevar’s Strategic Rant

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Everyone has his or her own idea of why founder of Sherpa Capital Shervin Pishevar went on a rant for 21 hours straight.

Some believe the man simply wanted to enlighten people on what is happening in our world.

Others feel Shervin Pishevar is simply trying to divert attention away from his own misdeeds.

One thing’s for certain, however; this rant has got people talking.

Talking about what, exactly?

About everything

Among the topics in Shervin Pishevar’s rants was the claim that big business has “too much power” and is making it increasingly hard for small companies to thrive.

The five specific companies that Pishevar mentioned include

  • Amazon
  • Alphabet
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Apple

Each of these are beloved companies that probably won’t see a decline in business simply based off of Pishevar’s claims.

Business will continue to boom for these giants simply because customers love the products and are fond of the names behind the products.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example, are names that people will know forever. These men will be remembered for their hard work and the way they changed their own lives and the lives of others.

The products are loved simply because people use them personally and professionally.

Take Microsoft, for example.

Microsoft has a software called PowerPoint that people use to make slides for both business use and personal use.

Many times families attend a funeral of a loved one. What is one of the things that they see?

A slideshow of the great times they had when their loved one was still with them. This slide show was probably made using PowerPoint.

The same goes for Facebook:

people use it to stay connected to friends and family and to market their businesses.

Some people have increased their net worth exponentially simply by buying ad space on Facebook.

These companies have changed the way that people live their lives and do business.

More and more people will learn about the benefits of the products these companies offer, and the companies themselves will continue to improve their products, so if Shervin Pishevar’s goal here was to slander big business, it probably won’t work.


Cancer Research

Clay Siegall – Founder And CEO Of Seattle Genetics – Making A Difference In The Biotech World

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Seattle Genetics – From The Pharmacy To The Market

Will the success of Seattle Genetics make it a target for achievement or an attraction for success in the provincial business?

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and creator of Seattle Genetics is Clay Siegall. Seattle Genetics is studying human antibodies by maneuvering and wrapping it into medicine since 1998. The company has the ability to take the antibodies and turn it into therapy. A toxic charge is put into the cancer cells by antibodies to eradicate it from within. This method could launch Seattle Genetics into the major-league. They are hoping to become a major biotech drug company in Seattle.

Seattle Genetics employs 900 workers and has a market value of almost $10 billion. It is among the biggest biotech company in Washington. The goal of Seattle Genetics is to be one of the few companies that go from biotech to a big pharmaceutical company. They intend to add 200 employees to the company and they invest lavishly in marketing and research.

Seattle Genetics uses Adcetric to treat diseases such as Hodgkin lymphoma, that affects the lymphatic system and is cancerous. This disease can affect other organs in the body. These tests have positive results but are costly. The sales of the drugs have been lucrative. According to Clay Siegall, they are an upcoming worldwide company that manufactures many products and study cancer. The intent of the company is to build a tremendous organization instead of selling only to larger companies as other biotech corporations do.

It is obvious that Clay Siegal’s passion is to go above the biotech’s ordinary core on drug expansion toward conducting all the complications of worldwide marketing of its latest drugs. Clay Siegall opened a business in Switzerland to enable Seattle Genetics to conduct its personal marketing.

Clay Siegal, Ph.D. attended the University of Maryland. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in the field of Zoology. He attended the George Washington University where he studied Genetics and graduated with a Doctor of Philosophy degree.

Dr. Siegal received two honors and awards as Alumnus of the Year for computer, math and Natural Science and was named Entrepreneur of the Year. He was on the Board of Directors at Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical for four years. Dr. Siegel served on the Board of Director at Mirna Therapeutics, Inc. for 5 years. He served on the Board of Directors at Alder Biopharmaceuticals Inc. for twelve years.