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Top Reasons Why Serge Belament Is A Person To Watch Out

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Belamant joined the most significant civil engineering firm where he put into practice the relevant knowledge and skills he had acquired from the university. Serge Belamant operated on small and medium-sized IBM computers using software analysis. With this knowledge, he was able to come up with a patent of ensuring that a transaction between a transactor and a transactee has an identity and account to verify the facility is operated and the independent verifier.

Working with the Net 1 technologies, Serge Belamant invented a patent form of blockchain advancement on a smart card. The card can use dispersed ledgers that work both online and offline without any communication with a consolidated computer. Besides, the smart card can operate with no electricity source and without needing a point of sale device. The business of an intelligent card can be recorded with an offline location of sale device that only requires a battery. After accomplishing a lot of offline debit undertakings, the information is stored on the smart cards. Later on, when the card transacts with the centrally ATM, the system is upgraded and accepts the data and then stores it.

In addition to the development of patents, Serge Belamant also came up with the following:

A method of Controlling a Gaming Operation

It consists of a secure processing and memory apparatus in the form of a smart card plus a non-secure input, which shows the means of connection to the smart card. The smart card contains memory that stores software that controls the operations of the game and information that is significant to gains and losses of a player.

Secure Financial Transactions

It is an account number with a conventional credit or debit account with a bank or any other financial institution. The available financial infrastructure organizes the copied primary account number with the issuing bank knowing that the relevant digits will be made to give an embedded account number and amount.

Serge Belamant is much known for developing financial company that offers small personal loans at a 0% interest rate.

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