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Virgin brand boosts Fortress Investment Group in the Train Business

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Richard Branson is a renowned businessperson with interests in the aviation industry. However, airplanes are some of the few modes of transport used in the United States of America. Fortress Investment Group is a company that operates Brightline passenger train services in Florida. Fortress Investment Group has collaborated with Mr. Branson’s Virgin brand to engage in the train transport services. The two companies agreed to fund an intercity passenger train service in the State of Florida. The move brings to the end the lack of a new passenger train in the region for the last ten years. The deal to have the Brightline’s new train station came after the meeting between Wes Edens of Fortress and Richard Branson last year. More Business News at businesswire.com

The two business giants agreed to extend the intercity train services to Florida from Miami, West Palm Beach, and Fort Lauderdale where it currently operates. The collaboration of Mr. Branson’s Virgin and Fortress’ Brightline is in progress, and Virgin Trains USA is the name of the new train service. The new company inherits a strong marketing proficiency from Virgin, and it means that its projects would receive tremendous support from different organizations. The executives of Fortress Investment Group are optimistic that the train service in Florida will make a strong comeback. They believe that the business is very profitable and hence the need to invest in it and break the current monopoly of Amtrak in the United States of America. The company receives support from the federal government and hence its continuous success.

According to Wes Edens, the company is waiting for the approval from the federal government before starting the project in Orlando and Tampa. He added that the service would extend to Southern California and Las Vegas. Fortress Investment Group boss, Wes Edens pointed out that Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Charlotte, and the Atlanta States are in the new venture. Additionally, he insists that the collaboration between his company and Virgin is a broad step in his company’s development strategies. He is categorical that the combination of Virgin’s prowess in Hospitality and travel and his company’s innovation capacity is a real indication of success ahead.

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