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Norka Luque: How She Made it in Music

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Norka Luque is a current air of positivism that encourages us to follow our dreams. Its history is full encouragement, and inspirations, where terminology “impossible” does not exist. The lovable and dreamy musician from Venezuela noticed his enthusiasm and love for music at a tender age; however, she always had a clear objective that through music, she will bring a positive and optimistic message.

As a small kid, and with the help of unconditional support from her parents, Norka started her musical training with voice practice lessons, piano playing while pursuing her academic studies.

Norka traveled to France where she was able to continue her career in business administration, after completing her studies, she received degrees in marketing, culinary arts, and fashion. When she was staying in France, she was privileged to have an opportunity to be a member of one of the bands. This created a real connection between her and the dreams she had about becoming a great musician. However, it is now 4 years ago when the well-known music producer Emilio Estefan Jr. the talent of the young woman and gave her life to her long-awaited vision of being a professional singer.

The talented musician narrates that this is an opportunity that majority of talented musician dream of having. For this reason, she feels so favored that Emilio loved her musical project. She also says that working with Emilio is a dream come true, school of life and she can learn new things every day. Norka Luque has a single conviction and faith in the belief that she makes the world a better place. This has been helpful to her I overcoming the great individual crisis that she endured. It as well helped her discover that the simple reality of being alive is a miracle in itself.

A perfect crew of producers, led by the famous capitalist Emilio Estefan Jr. played a critical role in creating the song MILAGRO, a song that is being promoted by Norka Luque and El Cata. The song has managed to be a major hit in Venezuela Puerto Rico and the United States. The song is as well making its first appearance as one of the much loved in the prominent Latin Music Billboards. The song is composed of Mediterranean traces, reggae and Caribbean sounds, which merged with the beautiful message, have made MILAGRO a recipe for victory.

Musicians have significant roles of bringing a positive and encouraging message to their fans because the lyrics in the songs they produce take the listeners to the deepest level of their feelings.

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Stephen Murray/CCMP Capital:

Stephen Murray the Terrific Private Investor

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Stephen Murray was an American high profiled business person who specialized in the line of private investment with a notable philanthropy. He was born in 1962 on the 2nd date of March, grew up in Westchester County a place found in the New York City and studied Economics and Business Administration.

He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in economics, and the conferment of Masters in Business Administration from Boston College and Columbia University in the School of Business found in the New York City respectively.

His career

His career began in 1984 after graduating from Boston College at a Corporation. At that time, it was known as Manufacturers Hanover where he was a responsible member of credit analyst team. The corporation went through major transformations including buy-outs, partnerships, and mergers while he was out pursuing his masters and later secured a position at MH Equity Corporation in 1989. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital:

This corporation stood its feet as it merged with Chemical venture partners and then gained a partnership with Chase capital partners. Steve’s hard work was noticed, and this earned him a position and promotion. Steve was appointed the leader of the buyout business in the partnership of JP Morgan in 2005 after which he spun out of the partnership as a separate private entity in a bid to avoid any likely conflict with the clients of Chase bank.

Stephen Murray changed the name of the business to CCMP Capital where he was a Co-founder and would later assume the position of Chief Executive Officer in 2007.

The new business had a focus on the growth and appraisal of its private equity section and the buyout business. Murray’s tenure as the CEO at CCMP Capital focused on industrial, health care and energy companies which led to the realization of multi-billion profits and accrued up to a total of $3.6 billion 2015 in the month of September.

Stephen Murray CCMP Captial was a Member of Board in many other companies and business entities where he had a vital role to play, in some he even had a stake as a minority stake. He became the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees in Boston College, an institution to which he was an alumnus.

He was married to Tami Murray, and they had four children. Steve later resigned as the CEO due to his health condition and Greg Brenneman took over his position after his untimely death which happened on 12th of March 2015. His fellow business people and affiliates described his death as a cruel one and since it took away a terrific private investor.


Bustle looks into Wen by Chaz

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Women deserve the best hair possible. Great hair can open doors at interviews, clubs, and other important aspects of lives. Unfortunately, getting the hair you deserve is incredibly difficult. Many women are born with hair that is naturally greasy and difficult to keep in the best possible shape. Many stylists have promoted their formulas as a cure-all for hair, but many women have been left disappointed. Recently, Chaz Dean unveiled on QVC a new and exciting formula that he feels will solve hair issues around the world.
WEN Hair comes directly from the mind of Chaz Dean, a world famous hair stylist, and the formula is incredibly popular with women around the world. Many style magazines like Guthy-Renker have given the formula extremely good reviews. Salons around the country are stocking the formula, and many women have brought Wen by Chaz home. Unfortunately, many women continue to be quite skeptical when it comes to Wen by Chaz.

Bustle is an incredibly popular media outlet. They are known for getting to the bottom of every story and they recently decided to fully investigate the Wen by Chaz phenomenon. The assigned Emily McClure to discover why Wen by Chaz was so popular.

Emily is an amazingly talented writer. Her articles regularly get the top reviews from Bustle readers. She has always struggled with her thin hair. The hair kept her from feeling confident at interviews and from advancing in her personal life. Emily was not sure about Wen hair by Chaz, but after the first time using the product she was incredibly confident. Her hair was beautiful and she felt like she could take on the world. She knew Wen was an incredible product.

Wen by Chaz is changing lives around the country. Many are curious as to whether Wen by Chaz works, but Bustle is confident that the product will work.

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Helane Morrison and Hall Capital

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Founded in 1944, Hall Capital is now the one of the biggest and most successful money management companies in San Francisco area. Headed by three strong women, the company would like to see more of a representation by women in the financial business. They also believe that communication and working as a team makes their company stronger. That’s why they have an open office layout and employees are encouraged to come into the office to work. Employees are also encouraged to be involved in activities outside the workplace. Hall Captial believes that people are happier and work better when they have strong connections with people outside of their workplace. Because of this belief, the company offers benefits that include maternity and paternity leave and the schedule flexibility to attend to important matters outside the office.
Helane Morrison, a managing director and the company’s CCO, believes in Hall Capital’s mission. Originally obtaining her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern, Morrison went on to get a law degree. Helane was a lawyer defending clients against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 1999, she began work with the San Francisco chapter of the SEC, and she was one of the first women to do so.
Morrison became one of the firm members of Hall Capital in 2007. After the economic market crash in 2008, Helane Morrison decided to help people become confident in investing again in order to keep the financial markets going. She has also been a staunch supporter in keeping the financial market fair and practicing ethically.

Animal Health

Pipper’s Digestive Problems Were Fixed With Beneful

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My dog Pipper has always had a hard time digesting certain dog food’s because the pieces of dog food themselves are too big for her. After searching on wikipedia for a long time I came across Beneful dog food. Luckily for Pipper Beneful has many different dog food options. Due to the problem we were having I was in search on for a dog food that was made up of smaller bites so that Pipper would be able to digest her dog food normally. The great thing about Beneful is that they can be purchased online via Amazon. Not only do they have dog food in smaller bites but they have a dry and a wet dog food option (click here: which is great for a dog like Pipper who sometimes enjoys wet dog food and sometimes would rather have dry dog food. Pipper’s favorite dry dog food is the Beneful Incredibites. Pipper’s favorite flavor’s of the dry dog food Beneful Incredibites is Incredibites with real beef and also the one that has real chicken in it. Along with the dry dog food, Incredibites Beneful offers wet dog food Incredibites. When it comes to the wet dog food Incredibites Pipper’s favorite kind is the salmon flavor. In the salmon flavor, there is also carrots, tomatoes, and wild rice. Pipper’s second favorite wet dog food that is under the Incredibites category is the chicken which like the salmon includes carrots, tomatoes, and wild rice. Thanks to Beneful Pipper is able to eat dog food that is not only easy to digest but is also extremely nutritious for her. Due to Pipper’s new found happiness with Beneful I have became a happier owner because I not only can afford her food but I also don’t have to search all over the pet store for different kind’s of dog food.


Business Leaders

Bob Reina the Marketing Giant behind Talk Fusion

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Success is something that comes as a result of putting in many hours and years to something. It does not just happen. Just like Bob Reina would attest to the fact, he did put in many hours to achieve what he has achieved today. Many people who know him will remember the days when he was a police officer. Hard work is not something that has been elusive in his life. Having graduated on top of his police class, he went on to show the same zeal when it came to working with local police.

Bob Reina is also very learned. Many people associate police officer with graduating from high school or going to a community college. However, Bob Reina went to the University of South Carolina when he juggled between completing school work and working several jobs to remain afloat. Hard work is highly rewarded and his hard work also surprisingly helped him graduate top of his police class.

Bob Reina’s love for marketing is also very intriguing. He quite a guaranteed paycheck to venture in a business which he had no prior experience. Bob Reina is very passionate about selling and even when he was a police officer, he worked part time in direct selling gigs. Such love is what lead him to quit his job something that his friends took long to believe. However many years later, he is proving to everyone that he knew what he was doing.

His business venture Talk fusion is one of the many online marketing sites that specializes in giving insights to people on various topics related to business and investments. Bob Reina determination and sheer aggressiveness when it comes to business are what motivates his team. The ability to convince everyone of what should be done is used as the galvanizing agent for him and his team.

Bob Reina loves pets and usually encourages his team to have pets in office. As a result, he spends most of his free time looking after pets or organizing charity events for them. This has endeared him to many people as he has a human side of him.

Leaders in Fashion

Athleisure Is Making Old Rules For Fashion Look Silly

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The athleisure movement is bringing about a new way of dressing that is freeing up women to wear anything they want to wear. These women will be able to wear anything they want including yoga pants, and that is going to be their new style for every day. The athleisure movement got a rundown in Vogue, and people who are watching the style are wondering how people are going to wear athleisure all day.

The idea behind athleisure is to make sure that people are able to be comfortable and wear something that is easy to adapt to the situation. Women will wear yoga pants or tights to the gym, and they also need to leave the gym to do other things during the day. They need to be able to change fast because they have no time. Kate Hudson started Fabletics on instagram because she did not have good clothes to take her kids to school in, and then she did not have clothes to wear to the gym that she could look presentable in when she got back to their school. She is a busy woman, and she needed help.

Fabletics on was made to make sure that all women are going to look their best when they are going to and from the gym. It spawned the whole athleisure movement that Vogue is talking about, and it helps women basically stay in their yoga pants all day. Women are changing around their yoga pants and tights using the tops, skirts and dresses that are a part of the athleisure movement.

The athleisure movement is also a place where women do not have to feel like they need to dress up too much. They do not have the time a lot of times, and that is why Fabletics makes tops and dresses that will go with their tights and yoga pants. A woman might not choose to stay in those clothes all day, but she could consider it because she has the other pieces to go with her pants or tights. Athleisure frees women up to be active without looking like they are out of style.

Fine Hair

Wen, Rinse, Repeat

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WEN Hair is a catch-all hair care product that leaves out all the harmful stuff that conventional hair care products tend to have. Like sulfates, those nasty buggers are basically dish soap in your shampoo. Wen lacks these guys, which can strip your hair of its natural oils and dry it out, leaving it dull and lifeless. Wen is a product that you can use daily, in place of your regular shampoo and conditioning regime. Your hair should come out feeling softer, shinier and more easily manageable.

In an article posted on, the adorable Emily McClure gives Wen hair a go with her fine, thin hair. Using the recommended amount of 10 pumps and following her typical bed time shower routine, after one day she notices her hair is a bit heavy, albeit very shiny and bouncy. She decides morning showering is necessary with this product to stave off some of the oil. Her results are fairly consistent the rest of the week, she needs to shower in the morning for oil control, but her hair is shinier, and bouncier.

The Wen hair website recommends 10 pumps of this Amazon available product minimum but, it states that is the recommendation if you follow the old bottle advice of “rinse, repeat”. If you aren’t a “rinse, repeat”-er, you only need to use half the recommended amount. Secondly, WEN Hair is loaded with compounds that are meant to make your hair smooth and shiny, like fats, if you are someone who already has well lubricated hair, you should use less of it, or use it less often.

Business Leaders

QNet Launches New CSR Program

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Companies motivated to do a lot of work in philanthropic endeavors deserve to be acknowledged. QNet is one such enterprise. The India Education Diary reveals some of the initiatives QNet has been involved with. Recently, the company’s corporate social responsibility ventures have focused on providing clean drinking water to schools in rural areas. The Government Primary School, Sriram Nagar, is going to benefit from a joint venture between QNet and Lions Clubs. The venture intends to financially support a new water storage facility at the school.

QNet is hardly a small company. Calling QNet a super-company in the direct selling industry would not be overstating anything. With representatives locating and operating in about 100 countries, QNet is clearly one of the biggest of all the direct sellers on the planet. 25 offices in 25 countries further attests to this fact.

A host of reasons exist why QNet has been so successful. QNet’s variety of products and services the company offers definitely helps improve the chances of success. A wide range of products and services helps attract great numbers of motivated entrepreneurs to QNet. Of course, the wide variety of products and services help attract a lot of customers. Since direct selling is not multilevel marketing and has no requirements in place to build a massive down-line, the items sold by the company have to be interesting to customers.

QNet has also done a wonderful job with its various corporate responsibility initiatives. In India, QNet (sometimes with the previously mentioned partner Lions Clubs) has done a lot of charity work and helped many people in need. The company has reaped significant benefits from its philanthropic endeavors. The company’s brand is one associated with positive pursuits.

The initiative in Sriram Nagar could help upwards of 800 students receive access to drinking water. The program also strives to improve sanitation and hygiene which, in turn, produces healthier and safer living environments. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network, QNet is always working on developing new and helping corporate responsibility programs.

Celebrate #WorldHealthDay 2016 with #QNET:

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Luxury Listings

Real Estate In New York On The Rise

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In the suburbs of New York City real estate market in the first quarter of the year remained robust although the luxury real estate sector has cooled down. This was based off of various reports released, written in an article on Crain’s New York Business online.

The prestigious Douglas Elliman Real Estate firm recorded the median price of real estate at $1.1 million which is a 17 percent increase over the previous year as well as being the second highest median ever recorded. This was apparently artificially inflated due to development contracts closing in the first 3 months of the year. Most of these deals took place 12 months earlier and are the reason the average price was pushed up.

Jonothan Miller who works for Miller Samuel, the same company that prepared the report for Douglas Elliman believes that the real estate market is 3 separate areas that all function in different ways. He also mentioned that when the price drops the demand goes up.

Jonothan Miller said that the luxury sector of the market also accounts for the top 10 percent of all sales has slowed down in momentum. Sales increased by only 8 percent even though there were a number of new projects hitting the market in the recent year.

The firm Town Residential will be very interested in the report that was released by Douglas Elliman Real Estate as they are New York’s go to luxury real estate service provider. They have established themselves in a very short time, in less than 5 years, which shows that they are indeed leading the way when it comes to real estate in New York.

Town Residential focuses mostly on luxury residential sales, sales and leasing of property developments as well as leasing and marketing for both commercial and retail space.