North Korean Defector

Human Activist Yeonmi Park

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In a world where humanity faces all sorts of issues and struggles, it should be known that there are plenty of human rights activists out there to speak on such issues. Yeonmi Park, a North Korean native, is one example of these people.

Yeonmi Park was born on October 4, 1993 in the Hyesan district in North Korea. Her mother worked as a nurse for the North Korean Army and her father was a civil servant for the North Korean Worker’s Party. For most of her youth, her family was considered privileged and wealthy by most standards. However things changed as she got older, specifically after her father was accused of illegal activities such as insider trading and was imprisoned at one of the notorious prison camps. Between this and getting her hands on a pirated movie,Yeonmi Park eventually saw just how oppressive and brutal the government run by dictator Kim Jong-Il was, and thus prompted her and her family to escape the country.

Upon meeting up with her father at a later date, the first move the family made was to escape North Korea and flee into China. The family was able to successfully do this, while enlisting help from human traffickers who specialized in moving people. Her father did not make the journey, due to falling ill and later being diagnosed with colon cancer. Despite his sickness, the family pressed forward and eventually crossed into Mongolia, with Christian missionaries and other human rights activists aiding them. From there the family decided to take a risk and made their way to South Korea, where they were able to eventually start a new life.


Bringing The Drama

Queens of Drama Continue To Shine

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Daytimes favorite darlings team together put together their creativity to produce a new show. Queens of Drama follows the lives of Crystal Hunt, Vanessa Marcil, Hunter Tylo, Lindsay Hartley, and Donna Mills as they work to produce a show for network executives. The cameras capture the women as they brainstorm ideas and deal with the drama that comes with TV production.

One of the stars of the show is Crystal Hunt, who is no stranger to daytime. In 2003, she made her acting debut on the beloved soap opera Guiding Light. Hunt took over the role of Lizzie Spaulding, one of the central characters in the Spaulding family. Her tenure at Guiding Light lasted only 3 years, but during that time Hunt was praised by critics for her work and she earned a Daytime Emmy nomination in 2005.

After leaving the show in 2006, Hunt took a break from daytime to concentrate on other ventures. In 2007, she was cast alongside Amanda Bynes in the movie, Sydney White. By 2009, she made a return to daytime by landing the role of Stacy Morasco on the ABC soap opera One Life to Live. Although, Hunt’s bad girl character was a hit with fans, her time on the show didn’t last long. After 3 years, Hunt left One Life to Live. Since her soap opera days, Hunt has turned businesswoman by running a pet boutique in Florida called My Pets Dream Boutique. She also started working behind the camera by producing an indie film called Talbot County, which was released in 2015. Hunt also continues to be active in front of the camera. Crystal had a small role in Magic Mike XXL and she’s currently starring on the reality show, Queens of Drama, where she hopes to further her producing skills along with her fellow daytime pals.