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A Fresh Look At Entrepreneur Norman Pattiz

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In 2012 media entrepreneur Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne. The company has since been lauded by Forbes magazine as featuring the best work of a number of celebrities as well as an avenue for them to lucratively make use of Pattiz’s expertise in the industry. Norman Pattiz has been in the media industry for over 40 years, ever since founding radio media giant Westwood One. Under Pattiz’s guidance, Westwood One has grown into the largest network of sports, news, entertainment, traffic, and talk produced shows in the United States. Among the programming that Westwood One owns or distributes are the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, March Madness, CNN radio, and the CBS News. Another media company that Norman Pattiz founded was Courtside Entertainment Group.

Norman Pattiz has quickly built PodcastOne into the top producer and distributor of online audio programming. This on-demand website has a number of popular celebrities that have channels on it including Shaquille O’Neal, Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Dr. Drew, and Laura Ingraham. More than 200 of today’s most popular podcasts are found on PodcastOne.

Pattiz has had a distinguished career in media including serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States. While serving he came up with the idea for the United States to have an Arabic language radio and television service throughout the Middle East. After he launched this service it met with great success and is now found in all 22 Middle East countries and broadcasts in Arabic, plus Farsi in Iran, and is listened to by more than 40 million people weekly. Pattiz has also been inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame among other awards.

Norman Pattiz came up with the idea of PodcastOne when he met Kit Gray who was producing podcasts for his clients. Pattiz saw how the concept was similar to what he was doing with Westwood One and so the two partnered on founding PodcastOne. One of the industry trends that most interests him is all the different ways that content can be provided and consumed nowadays. He also says that they have metrics that can quickly determine how a podcast is doing in the market and how much success it is having. The explosion of available information, though, has also made it more difficult in some ways to compete, he has said, as most information is available to everyone.

Follow him on Facebook and @norman_pattiz

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Mike Baur Business and Entrepreneurial Experience

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and also a great business man in Swiss. He cofounded the Swiss startup factory where he is a managing director. For over 20 years, Baur has worked in the banking sector. Some of the banking institutions he has worked with include UBS, which is a company offering financial services in Swiss. Some of the financial services that UBS offers is asset management, wealth management and corporate, private and institutional investment banking services. Baur has also worked with Clariden Leu which is a private bank in Swiss.

He then began investing in startup companies, which are entrepreneurial ventures that are fast growing and lately came with the aim of meeting the marketplace needs by offering innovative products and services. In 2014, together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, they co-founded Swiss startup factory.

He participated in the Pithing Contest at the University of St Gallen as a jury member. In 2016, the Swiss startup company partnered with CTI and Baur was made the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Baur made the Swiss Startup Factory go through its accelerator program successfully, which included mentorship and components of education programs in collaboration with Goldbach group.

In February 2016, the Swiss startup factory partnered with Fintech Fusion. Baur career story is profiled in the wall street journal including his time in Swiss banking, his career in entrepreneurial sector, and also in startup investment industry.

His home is in Fribourg region in Switzerland, which he has a great connection with. He also uses most of his time with Swiss youth entrepreneurship where he is always there to support some of the Swiss startups by offering mentorship to them and also financial assistance.

He schooled at the University of Rochester in New York where he got his MBA, and also attended the University of Bern where he got his executive MBA. Mike Baur believes that entrepreneurial skills are a rich source of success if nurtured and directed according to entrepreneurial way. His life serves as an example to many prospective entrepreneurs who have the ambitions of trying their luck in the business line.


US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve Revamps Their Online Presence

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US Money Reserve, a trailblazer in the precious metals industry, has refreshed its online presence. US Money Reserve is the largest private distributor of government issued precious metal products in the US.The site’s look and features demonstrate the firm’s fundamental principles of trust and commitment to exemplary customer service. The redesign has added new pictures of the company’s leaders such as current president Philip N. Diehl and other senior management. The new site also features a coin gallery that has the various coins sold by US Money Reserve. One can view beautiful photos of bullions and coins in silver, gold and platinum. Additionally, the site also has photos of an assortment of coin proofs.

Ryan Buchanan, Vice President of Brand and Creativity led the redesign effort. He says that the company now possesses a tool that can generate quality content for various platforms and improve customer interaction online. The site has also added a secure online store for selling precious metal commodities. The software developers also added applications that are used in educating clients and easing the process of purchasing bullion.

An exciting part of the platform is the knowledge center. The knowledge center provides the most accurate data on precious metals and terms used in coin grading, minting and purchasing. Clients who sign up to the site will also access offers and information on the PCGS certified coins and exclusive coin products. The Gold News Room provides the latest news updates on the gold market.

The site has added a tool for use by sales employees. The Client Connect Advantage is used to contact potential customers and arrange for in person consultations, offer special relases and provide purchasing assistance. Client Connect is also used to ensure that offline purchases are secure. US Money Reserve also provides a money back guarantee on all coin orders at market value within 30 days of purchase. Potential customers will be thrilled to know that the company provides insured shipping for all online purchases. The customer testimonials on the website are a testimony to the excellence of service provided by US Money Reserve.

US Money Reserve has team of experts on coin research and the numismatic industry. Their team provides customers with the highest potential for profit in the precious metal industry.

Restoring Democracy

Restoring Democracy – End Citizens United

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The Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United v. FEC has altered our political system, setting a stage for PACs and politically active tax-exempt organizations to exert control and have more influence. We stand amidst a corrupt campaign finance system, an undermined American democracy and a threat to our freedom. End Citizens United, a grassroots PAC is fighting the disastrous effects of Citizens United. They are dedicated to reverse Supreme Court’s ruling which allows Unions and Corporations to spend unlimited amounts in elections for independent expenditures. Their mission on LinkedIn as stated on the website is to fight and overthrow Big Money from politics and correcting the rigged political scene by choosing candidates in support of campaign finance reform, and ending Dark Money.

A Political Action Committee drafts way for unions, corporations and business houses to come together, create and campaign for politicians with no restrictions on the amounts of money to be used. And that is how End Citizens United becomes the source of legalized corruption. It lets the wealthy and high-powered few to influence the political campaign or legislation and overpower the opinion of the majority of Americans.

It also implies that a corporation substitutes an individual or a person. A person with virtually unlimited amount of money at disposal to support a candidate. From 2010 to now the amount of money spent by super PACs equates to between $600 million to $1 billion and 60 percent of this amount comes from 195 people. Way out of proportion considering its campaign fund on The corporation or a group of powerful few should not be permitted to ignore and undermine the voice of the American people just because they have a financial advantage.

The concern it raises is why these powerful people are draining millions of dollars to support a politician or more importantly suppress the competition. Will the chosen few be biased towards their benefactors? The ones that funded them. How does the candidate pay them in return? How can this candidate be the people’s representative?

End Citizens United profess to safeguard and make sure that power stays in the hands of people, however, the actual hidden agenda is a total stark opposite to what it asserts on It links and permits partnership between the government and large money interest groups to collaborate and reject the will of average Americans. Democracy itself is treading on unsafe ground when citizens don’t have an equal voice.

The Solution lies with us, the people. We need to come together; we need to analyze the barriers and break them. Come over our differences as, privileged or poor, citizens or immigrant because the 2010 decision by the Supreme Court affects us all equally. It has altered the way politics work, worsening it, weakening it. The onus lies with us now and only we, the people, have the power to counter it. Citizens should be united and stand up against End Citizens United.

Investment Banking

Madison Street Capital And Their Valuation Services

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Madison Street Capital is a place where businesses may receive valuation services, and they company has built a name for itself through their work. The Madison Street Capital reputation was created with the reports they build, and they pass information on to clients who have ordered each report. There are many different uses for the information from the company, and this article explains how the company is sending out information to each new client.


#1: What Are The Reports For?


The reports that have been completed for each client offer all the information that is needed about a business. The client may request valuation on their own firm, and the reports may indicate the value of other companies in the industry. The industry has many different companies that are all looking for information on their competitors, and the competition will request reports in the same manner.


#2: The Purpose Of Each Report


The Madison Street team will send their reports on to companies who are completing business transactions in their offices, and they will use their reports to make the sales close more quickly. The services the company offers help everyone who is looking for a way to sell shares and buy shares in a business. The business may be sold in the Madison Street office, and the reports that were completed for the company will be filed for future use.


#3: How Quickly Does The Firm Move?


The firm will move quickly to build a report for each client, and they will offer the information in an electronic and paper form. Someone who wishes to order a report will have it come back to them as fast as possible, and the reports are a helpful part of researching the other firms in their industry. They are willing to do the research on behalf of their client, and they are showing their clients numbers that will help them make proper decisions. Choosing the close a business transaction is simple when people have the information they need, and there are many people who read the reports knowing there is a gem of wisdom in them.


There are quite a few companies that are searching for new information on their industry, and they will find what Madison Street Capital does to be quite useful. The company has built reports many times over, and they are showing the clients what may be done to ensure a fine choice is made.

For updates, check out Madison Street Capital on Facebook.

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DAMAC group CEO, Hussain Sajwani and his relationship with the current US president

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The DAMAC group is one of the most successful real estate businesses in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani and has been growing and expanding very successfully ever since its inception. Up until 2012, Hussain owned a shareholding of 100 percent at the company, but this has reduced to 85 percent after he sold some of the shares to the company. The company is estimated to be worth close to four million US dollars and has their reach several countries in the Middle East, Asia and even Africa.

Hussain Sajwani started his investment journey by attending the Washington state university where he studied economics and graduated with honors. After his graduation, he went and got his first job with the GASCO group, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC. In 2002, he started thinking about starting his own business and that is how he raised capital to start the DAMAC Group. The acronym stands for Draieh management services, Co.

Another thing that people don’t know about Hussain is that before starting the DAMAC group, he had started other companies. These include the Al Jazeira Investment Company and DICO investments. Both companies have gone ahead to bring him a lot of income through their success and have expanded their influence across many regions. The Al Jazeira Company is said to be currently worth more than 100 million shillings.

It was interesting for people to realize that there is a close link between Hussain and Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, in one of the events held at the white house, he was an invited guest, something that got people talking. Hussain is indeed a very close business associate of Donald Trump because they have invested in the same industry. The inauguration was therefore one of the events that indicate that clearly, this man has a great vision for the future and that he will do even better in business. He is known and respected by many as a leader in business, so much that he is a board member in several institutions including a University in Oman.

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How Martin Lustgarten Assists His Clients to Invest Successfully.

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Martin Lustgarten is one of the most trusted investment bankers in the United States. His many years of service in the sector have allowed him to gain sufficient experience and knowledge. Martin Lustgarten has dual citizenship of Austria and Venezuela. He has exceptional investment skills and believes that the investors should be diverse. Anyone who would like to make a fortune from investing should capitalize their resources on various commodities and in different parts of the world. Martin has spread his assets, and he believes that this significantly mitigates risks as well as allows one to gain when the economy of a place improves. Martin Lustgarten has the expertise that is required to monitor markets in different sectors and acts when a positive or negative transformation about to occur. His ability to make useful forecasts on the market enables him to serve his clients effectively.

Mr. Lustagarten’s success has made many professionals in the investment sector to consider him as a role model. He strives to come up with exceptional investments and learn about new opportunities before they are discovered by other people. Martin has managed to increase his affluence due to his diligence and brilliance. Investors who desire to be successful can use his guidance. According to him, having an international investment portfolio is one of the most effective ways of accumulating wealth. One needs to think analytically before making any move.

Investment banking is a field that is focused on offering guidance and support in various business transactions. The services of professionals in the sector are used by companies, private investors, and even governments. Investment banking institutions are highly skilled in FICC Solutions, development of markets, merger and acquisitions, derivatives, and equity securities. Bankers assist their clients in scheduling and managing various plans. They also identify possible risks that individuals might face, and therefore, reduce the chances of making losses. The experts have ample information on the area hence they can determine effective criteria that can be used in planning businesses. Investment banks act as intermediaries between shareholders and enterprises whenever they are trading stocks and bonds.

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Arthur Becker the Real Estate Guru

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Arthur Becker is a New York City-based investor who has invested in various fields like information technology, real estate, and biotechnology. Through his profession, Arthur Becker has been able to construct three houses( in the town along the Suvilla Street in Soho, in exchange for his stake in the neighboring Condium development. Property markets group head, Kelvin Maloney and Madison Equities head Robert Gladstone’s were among the partners of the townhouses that were established together with the boat-shaped condo building.

Madison technology is a management and information technology company, which specializes in process re-engineering, system integration initiatives and managing, and leading complex application software. Madison technology mission was to get closer to their clients, application software vendors, and be the leading company to produce the best quality in the business market system resolution. Furthermore, their main aim is to give best results to their clients and create the value of their products.

The Properties Market Group and the Madison Equities have been awarded the accord and license from the city Board of Standards and Appeals for their design of a planned residential condominium project in Soho. According to Gladstone, they expect the two houses to be the tallest residential in Soho. In the year 2010, Madison’s involvement in the Sullivan Street project began, and it picked up some part of the site with an objective to build a hotel in partnership with California-based equity firm CIM group. Madison and CIM parted ways after Madison started to depend on the condo project site.

In a report by NY Mag, Becker refused to admit publicly on how much capital he had invested and the income he gets from the project. However, the information from the Real Capital Analytics shows that he funded around fifteen million dollars in the suggested equity and five million dollars mortgage for the project.Becker has invested in many other longtime projects as well as lending capital to upcoming Real Estate companies.

For more info, visit his profile.

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Cosmetic Surgeon

The Top Cosmetic Surgeon in Austin

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A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon by the American Board of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Jennifer Walden presently has her practice in Austin, Texas. She moved her practice from New York in order to be closer to her family. Not only is she a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons, she is also a member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery and American Society of Plastic Surgeons. These honors and certifications may sound a bit redundant, but that is far from the least of the honors. She is also a board member of American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There are others, too numerous too repeat here. One can rest assured, though, that she is extremely motivated and well qualified in her chosen career.

Dr. Walden is sought after as a leader in technological advances in plastic surgery, and other unique ideas such as mommy make-overs. A leading surgeon in teen plastic surgery, she also has her own lifestyle segment on a local news channel in Austin.

Dr. Walden’s qualifications and experience do not stop there. She is an accomplished author, with her work having appeared in dozens of publications throughout the world.

Some of the instruments that Dr. Walden uses were developed by her, particularly those for breast surgery. She has helped develop an at-home breast sizing implantation kit, which is available on line.

She has co-authored a text book: Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. When one looks for cosmetic surgery in Austin, Texas, there is only one name that one needs to know: Dr. Walden.

Beauty Products

How EOS Upset an Established Market with a Little Innovation

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Make-up routines everywhere were uprooted and re-imagined when an innovative beauty industry start-up offered their latest answer to a predictable industry unchanged and unmoved for 100 years.

EOS – born seven years ago, Evolution of Smooth – is the brainchild of experienced corporate strategist Sanjiv Mehra and start-up consultants Jonathan Teller and Craig Dubitsky. They were determined to change the buying experiences of an age old oral hygiene staple in the lip care industry.

Further upsetting an unchanged and unchallenged industry, EOS lip balm offered a different user experience with its ‘orb’ – a round, oval casing concealing a unique and appealing alternative to the tired cylindrical tubes competing in a market based on lower costs and lower prices. Not only did EOS bring a colorful collection, they also brought flavors unheard of elsewhere.

Thus, consumers embraced the new concept, and after heavy marketing based on sponsorship and product testing, EOS exploded into the old market; dominated by heavy hitters such as Chapstick and Burt’s Bees. Long before getting the products on the shelves of Ulta, Walgreens and Target – veteran Sanjiv Mehra knew they had a good thing.

If imitation is the greatest form of flattery, EOS was no doubt amused by the introduction of knock-off product attempts of corporate giants such as Sephora Beauty who understood the appeal and saw the fast climbing sales as EOS launched its campaigns around the world.

In an exclusive interview with, Sanjiv Mehra opened the doors to EOS, how it got started, and why there was so little upfront information as the product gained traction in the well-established industry.

Despite a deliberate lack of transparency, EOS was a number one contender, rising to the top with customized campaigns that combined matching KEDS shoes to a flavor/clor and Alice in Wonderland themed sets. This strategy proved to be the right move for them and catapulted EOS to the number 2 spot in record time.