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Upwork, The New Normal on Wall Street

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The gig economy has reached Wall Street in a big way. Upwork began trading on NASDAQ In October 2018.

Upwork started with the combination of eLance and oDesk in 2014. The resulting platform is enormous. Gross revenue has been stated at $225 million with a service volume of $1.5 billion. The company counts more than 375,000 freelancers providing all types of professional services. Upwork has 95,000 core clients across 180 countries.

Technology startups continue to attract a lot of investment capital. Unique service trends lead the way with firms such as Uber, Etsy, and Airbnb. Upwork is the largest platform connecting freelancers with companies looking to complete short and long-term projects.

A complete vetting process for both sides of the transaction is a big plus. Upwork has reliable feedback and escrow systems. Resources for both freelancers and employers continue to expand. Project categories are also seeing an upward spike. Graphic designers, writers, web development and programmers are just a few of the freelancers for hire.

The goal for Upwork is to level the playing field. Rural freelancers can now compete, on equal footing, with larger markets. The goal for Upwork is providing an accessible working environment with no need for intermediaries.

Upwork’s platform provides complete statistical data on both freelancer and customer. Skills, job success, and references are part of the online vetting process.

Upwork makes their money by a percentage of the rate paid to freelancers. Rewards are given on a sliding scale to freelancers who secure long-term contracts.

According to Alan Krueger, an economist at Princeton University, 94% of past job growth occurred in alternative work. According to many professionals, the freelance economy could grow to $2.7 trillion by 2025. The Upwork platform is part of this enormous upheaval revolutionizing the American workforce. Other economic sectors are going strong. However, a new commercial segment has arisen, professionals working as independent consultants.

If you want to make money on the Upwork platform, the first thing to do is set up a robust profile. This statement serves as your resume for prospective employers seeking freelancers. Fill out your skills and most importantly, be honest.

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Lori Senecal ; The Driving Force Behind CP+B Success

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Lori Senecal is a regarded proficient who has made noteworthy achievements in the publicizing division. She is right now the Global CEO of CP+B and has been holding the position as from March 2015. Her term in office will end in December 2017. Senecal had gone about as the CEO of MDC Partners Network before she was offered her present position. The prime supporter and executive of the organization, Chuck Potter, trust that she has made awesome commitments that have upgraded the office’s administrations by making it adaptable and exuberant.

CP+B have achieved a considerable measure amid the residency of Lori Senecal. In October 2015, she drove the organization in winning the promotion record of American Airlines. The firm effectively assumed control over the agreement from TM Advertising, which had filled in as the primary publicizing office for the carrier for over 25 years. Toss has been working intimately with Lori to set up an inventive initiative group for the organization. The two have been cooperating in settling on splendid choices that will ensure a remarkable future administration for CP+B. Potter trusts that his organization will be set up for managerial changes before the year’s over. Lori’s initiative has enabled the organization to offer magnificent administrations.

As indicated by Salary, the publicizing office is at present setting up another era of pioneers. Danielle Aldrich was as of late delegated by the firm to go about as its leader of CP+B West. In her new office, she will be the head of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Aldrich served CP+B Boulder as an overseeing executive before she was offered her present position. The organization values her for the part that she played in the American Airlines and Hershey accounts.

CP+B work ten branches that are going by imaginative business visionaries who have conferred themselves to guaranteeing that it is effective in the global markets. As indicated by Lori, enhancing the capacities of local pioneers makes it simple for the firm to use assets in all its branches. The arrangement empowers the organization’s customers to be served by more imaginative and key gifts. Senecal trusts that Danielle merits the position since she showed the correct picture of the office. Aldrich is a decided individual, and she utilizes remarkable methods in tending to complex issues. To know more visit her Twitter profile.


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Senor Borghi

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Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Crunch Base, Twitter and Instagram say it all when it comes to Brazilian advertising leader José Henrique Borghi: His fame and works have spread throughout Latin American social networks and even beyond, a true testimony to what the power of word-of-mouth can do for any leader and his business. In fact, his hard work and perseverance were the keys to spreading his name and fame in the first place, for they brought him to a success unparalleled in the world of Brazilian marketing. Plus, this bright many had his good head start: He began his devotion to ad campaigns way back around the summer of 1998, and he has not stopped to rest one day since; no, this leader has always pushed the bar for excellence and then pushed it some more. He is tireless and fully devoted to his craft, and that’s but a great understatement – he is advertising itself and so much more.


One of his most recent recognized ad campaigns involves a 15-second TV spot in which he proudly argues for the importance of women’s rights, especially in Brazil – where women are reportedly not treated with as much respect, courtesy and dignity as they are in most other countries. Picture the scenario that you’re most likely familiar with as nearly everyone knows about it: the way that Middle Eastern women are treated; when you consider the situation and apply it to Brazil’s ladies, you get a similar picture though perhaps not as one as extreme. After all, women in the Middle East are threatened with no less than death, torture and rape for speaking out, not wearing a headdress or even changing their religion or attempting to marry someone not assigned to them; it is a cruel lifestyle. Media speaks out and learn more about Borghi.

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