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Mike Baur’s History Behind The Swiss Startup Factory

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Mike Baur has brought together different corporate executives and investors to partner in the running of his accelerator program, the Swiss Startup Factory (SSUF). This place has one main objective which is to make people’s business ideas possible by putting them to work in a competitive environment right away. Baur is aware of how fast the digital revolution is growing and knows that the entrepreneurs behind these startups will face a lot of obstacles to establishment. That’s why he’s implemented an intense training and mentoring program so that he and other investors will know which businesses most deserve an infusion of capital.


Mike Baur enjoys his work as a startup investor not only because of the money he earns, but because he knows he’s helping others succeed through his incubator and funding. Baur started the SSUF against a backdrop of Switzerland’s economy that may be phasing out or undergoing changes most people thought would never happen while Baur was growing up. Those changes are happening to banking, the industry that defined Switzerland over most of the 20th century. Even Baur at one point may never have guessed his career was going to turn out quite differently than it did.


Mike Baur became an apprentice to UBS Bank, a major bank in Switzerland and an honor that many young men desired at the time. The hiring supervisor at the time even told Baur that if he followed a chart that was being displayed, he’d have his career all set for retirement. Baur did perform quite well on the job at UBS and earned promotions as the chart promised he would, including one role as an advisor who managed the accounts of some of Switzerland’s richest individuals. But just before the 2008 financial crisis hit, Baur decied to leave UBS over some disagreements with his colleagues, and he may have seen the writing on the wall because not long after UBS closed its offices.


Baur joined another bank in 2008 known as Clariden Leu where he had even more success and enjoyed a better position. But unfortunately Clariden Leu’s parent bank Credit Suisse decided to close down the bank where Baur’s office was. Baur joined Credit Suisse for a couple years, but soon he found banking to be too demanding and less rewarding than in the past. So he sought out new ideas and entrepreneurs and after finding several like-minded individuals launched the SSUF in 2014. He also founded Think Reloaded, a financial services company for startup clients.


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Anthony Petrello: Oil Technology Visionary and Philanthropist in Houston

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Anthony Petrello has earned millions in his salary as the CEO of one of the nation’s most advanced drilling technology companies, Nabors Industries. Nabors Industries owns the largest drilling rig fleet for land-based operations and has jobs contracted through partnerships with other oil refinery companies. Petrello has been overseeing strategic technology initiatives at Nabors Industries for over 20 years now, and under his leadership many patents in offshore modular rigs and hybrid drilling have hit the markets. He had a contract renegotiation in 2013 which had bonus payments netting him $68 million in total compensation, making him then the highest paid Chairman and CEO in the nation and more information click here.


Anthony Petrello was born in Newark, NJ and was a math whiz when he was young. He earned a full scholarship to Yale where he completed his bachelor’s and master’s in advanced math. He studied law at Harvard and practiced in corporate regulations when he joined Baker & McKenzie in 1979. He worked with a lot of high profile investors and publicly-traded companies guiding them with taxes and offshore accounts. Nabors Industries became very pleased with his work that they asked him to come lead the company as Chief Operating Officer in 1991 and Anthony on Facebook.


Anthony Petrello also has another story to his life that is sometimes hidden among his business activities. He’s married to Cynthia Petrello, formerly a television actress and has a young daughter named Carena who has struggled with cerebral palsy due to being born with periventricular leukomalacia. Petrello had a difficult time in his life trying to stay focused at his job while also trying to take care of his daughter and all he wanted was to find a cure for her condition.


While he wasn’t given a cure, he was fortunate enough to meet Dan and Jan Duncan and see the work they had done funding a neurological research center at the Texas Children’s Hospital. The Petrellos became delighted with the work that was being done there and decided to start a fundraiser to bring in more research technology. At this fundraiser they matched $7 million in donor funds to neurological research and learn more about Anthony.

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E-commerce Characteristics of Adam Goldenberg

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Fabletics is opening its seventh store in Mall of America, Minnesota. Its characteristic goods are the fashionable leggings and inexpensive hoodies. The two thousand square foot store space is likely to be repeated throughout the country. In 2015, a large portion of Fabletics’ revenues were drawn from its e-commerce operations. The co-founder and actress, who enjoys a great following on Facebook, is partly responsible for the good results. JustFab co-founder and CEO says that the aim is to mirror the store experience to the online feel. Faletics, according to its co-founder, plans to open a lot more stores within the next five years or so.



Unicorn or Not



Adam believes it was the contribution of all his employees, who have been building brands that appeal to the customers, that has established his company. Adam admits that the external validation by customers is a great feeling, but this does not change the way the company is run on a day to day basis. The status of unicorn is indicative of a company joining the special club. Though unicorns are not common, they have become much more prevalent in the economy of the U.S. JustFab is now in the league of unicorns having entered the one billion dollar club. In 2014, over 30 companies entered the billion dollar club. This is an indicator of an increase in innovative and creative individuals who are expressing ideas that propel companies to great pay days.



Intelligent Beauty



When News Corp bought MySpace, employees like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler left the company and later started their own company. The trend of employees jumping ship to go and start their own ventures is not unique to these two. The duo went on to launch Intelligent Beauty: a business incubator. Intelligent Beauty came up with DERMSTORE and While one is an online market place for cosmetic and skincare products, the other is a subscription service that features monthly showrooms for design plus fashion. Adam says that, all brands under his JustFab umbrella offer discounts if the clients sign up for a $39.9 and $49.9 recurring subscription monthly. ShoeDazzle, which is under JustFab, offers such discounts.



Paradigm Shift



Adam points out that, 10 years ago e-commerce was viewed with skepticism. However, over $50 billion is online based today. He believes that, in the next 20 years, a good portion of shopping will be done online. Although the contemporary way of shopping will not vanish, online shopping will be more appealing and convenient in future.

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Woman in Real Estate- Tammy Mazzocco

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She began her career as a secretary at Edwards Realty Company. Tammy Mazzocco worked with other nine commercial real estate agents under the leadership of Mike Zelnik who is a dynamic real estate retail investor. Tammy loved what she was doing, and for seven years she worked as a manager, managing condominiums at Scotland Yard condominiums. In 1995 Tammy was advised by Ken Cook to become a licensed real estate agent. K en Cook is the founder and general manager of Scotland Yard. Ken Cook played a significant role in mentoring Tammy and advising g her on real estate business.
After her career at Scotland Yard, Ms. Tammy joined T&R Properties. Tammy worked as a multi-site property manager for two apartments complexes, as well as two warehouse complexes. Tammy’s love for the real estate sector saw her holding a top management post for RE/MAX producer Joe Armeni. Tammy was Joe‘s personal assistance in the Victorian Village area of Columbus. In 1999 Tammy Mazzocco decided to venture into the real estate business fully. Tammy joined Judy Gang & Associates in Pickerington in the summer of 2000. Ever since Tammy joined the association, Judy has been her mentor, and encourager as well as her advisor in the real estate industry.
In an interview, Tammy motioned that her love for the real estate began while she was still working as a secretary at Edwards Realty. She further said the real estate is her career and her passion in life. Tammy brings ideas into reality by brainstorming and doing extensive research. Tammy advice to investors is they should set goals, and then goes ahead and break the goals into small action steps. Tammy knows well that her clients are imperative and that they determine her success, she also mentioned that she treats her clients’ time and ideas like hers.

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Whitney Wolfe Is Not Your Average Dating App Creator

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It goes without saying that Whitney Wolfe is not your average dating app creator. She has a lot more to offer than what many of her male counterparts are able to do at this point. It is not a coincidence that she started a dating app where women were in control.

After all, Whitney Wolfe is 100% feminist, and she definitely wants other women to have control of every aspect of their lives. She is someone that will be able to motivate a lot of women that are trying to break down the barriers in a male-dominated corporate industry, but she is still young at the moment. Most of her influence to women in the corporate world will come later. What she is primarily known for now is being a woman that is able to dramatically change the way that women experience the dating process on the internet.

Men and women seem to be fans of the Bumble app, and Whitney Wolfe has been there to innovate and tweak the app every step of the way. There are a lot of dating apps out there, and it is easy for any particular dating app to get lost in the shuffle. Whitney Wolfe realize this when she became the co-founder of another popular dating app called Tinder. What this app would end up doing is great for the dating world, but there were still some improvements in dating apps in general that could be made.

The great thing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is still in her twenties. This means that she realizes how fickle millennials can be when it comes to dating apps. They want something new and innovative and that is why she continues to make changes to Bumble in order to improve user response with this app.

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A Fresh Look At Entrepreneur Norman Pattiz

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In 2012 media entrepreneur Norman Pattiz founded PodcastOne. The company has since been lauded by Forbes magazine as featuring the best work of a number of celebrities as well as an avenue for them to lucratively make use of Pattiz’s expertise in the industry. Norman Pattiz has been in the media industry for over 40 years, ever since founding radio media giant Westwood One. Under Pattiz’s guidance, Westwood One has grown into the largest network of sports, news, entertainment, traffic, and talk produced shows in the United States. Among the programming that Westwood One owns or distributes are the Olympic Games, the Super Bowl, March Madness, CNN radio, and the CBS News. Another media company that Norman Pattiz founded was Courtside Entertainment Group.

Norman Pattiz has quickly built PodcastOne into the top producer and distributor of online audio programming. This on-demand website has a number of popular celebrities that have channels on it including Shaquille O’Neal, Penn Jillette, Adam Carolla, Steve Austin, Dr. Drew, and Laura Ingraham. More than 200 of today’s most popular podcasts are found on PodcastOne.

Pattiz has had a distinguished career in media including serving on the Broadcasting Board of Governors of the United States. While serving he came up with the idea for the United States to have an Arabic language radio and television service throughout the Middle East. After he launched this service it met with great success and is now found in all 22 Middle East countries and broadcasts in Arabic, plus Farsi in Iran, and is listened to by more than 40 million people weekly. Pattiz has also been inducted into National Radio Hall of Fame among other awards.

Norman Pattiz came up with the idea of PodcastOne when he met Kit Gray who was producing podcasts for his clients. Pattiz saw how the concept was similar to what he was doing with Westwood One and so the two partnered on founding PodcastOne. One of the industry trends that most interests him is all the different ways that content can be provided and consumed nowadays. He also says that they have metrics that can quickly determine how a podcast is doing in the market and how much success it is having. The explosion of available information, though, has also made it more difficult in some ways to compete, he has said, as most information is available to everyone.

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Mike Baur Business and Entrepreneurial Experience

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Mike Baur is an entrepreneur and also a great business man in Swiss. He cofounded the Swiss startup factory where he is a managing director. For over 20 years, Baur has worked in the banking sector. Some of the banking institutions he has worked with include UBS, which is a company offering financial services in Swiss. Some of the financial services that UBS offers is asset management, wealth management and corporate, private and institutional investment banking services. Baur has also worked with Clariden Leu which is a private bank in Swiss.

He then began investing in startup companies, which are entrepreneurial ventures that are fast growing and lately came with the aim of meeting the marketplace needs by offering innovative products and services. In 2014, together with Oliver Walzer and Max Meister, they co-founded Swiss startup factory.

He participated in the Pithing Contest at the University of St Gallen as a jury member. In 2016, the Swiss startup company partnered with CTI and Baur was made the deputy managing director of CTI Invest. Baur made the Swiss Startup Factory go through its accelerator program successfully, which included mentorship and components of education programs in collaboration with Goldbach group.

In February 2016, the Swiss startup factory partnered with Fintech Fusion. Baur career story is profiled in the wall street journal including his time in Swiss banking, his career in entrepreneurial sector, and also in startup investment industry.

His home is in Fribourg region in Switzerland, which he has a great connection with. He also uses most of his time with Swiss youth entrepreneurship where he is always there to support some of the Swiss startups by offering mentorship to them and also financial assistance.

He schooled at the University of Rochester in New York where he got his MBA, and also attended the University of Bern where he got his executive MBA. Mike Baur believes that entrepreneurial skills are a rich source of success if nurtured and directed according to entrepreneurial way. His life serves as an example to many prospective entrepreneurs who have the ambitions of trying their luck in the business line.


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DAMAC group CEO, Hussain Sajwani and his relationship with the current US president

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The DAMAC group is one of the most successful real estate businesses in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani and has been growing and expanding very successfully ever since its inception. Up until 2012, Hussain owned a shareholding of 100 percent at the company, but this has reduced to 85 percent after he sold some of the shares to the company. The company is estimated to be worth close to four million US dollars and has their reach several countries in the Middle East, Asia and even Africa.

Hussain Sajwani started his investment journey by attending the Washington state university where he studied economics and graduated with honors. After his graduation, he went and got his first job with the GASCO group, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC. In 2002, he started thinking about starting his own business and that is how he raised capital to start the DAMAC Group. The acronym stands for Draieh management services, Co.

Another thing that people don’t know about Hussain is that before starting the DAMAC group, he had started other companies. These include the Al Jazeira Investment Company and DICO investments. Both companies have gone ahead to bring him a lot of income through their success and have expanded their influence across many regions. The Al Jazeira Company is said to be currently worth more than 100 million shillings.

It was interesting for people to realize that there is a close link between Hussain and Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, in one of the events held at the white house, he was an invited guest, something that got people talking. Hussain is indeed a very close business associate of Donald Trump because they have invested in the same industry. The inauguration was therefore one of the events that indicate that clearly, this man has a great vision for the future and that he will do even better in business. He is known and respected by many as a leader in business, so much that he is a board member in several institutions including a University in Oman.

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Arthur Becker the Real Estate Guru

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Arthur Becker is a New York City-based investor who has invested in various fields like information technology, real estate, and biotechnology. Through his profession, Arthur Becker has been able to construct three houses( in the town along the Suvilla Street in Soho, in exchange for his stake in the neighboring Condium development. Property markets group head, Kelvin Maloney and Madison Equities head Robert Gladstone’s were among the partners of the townhouses that were established together with the boat-shaped condo building.

Madison technology is a management and information technology company, which specializes in process re-engineering, system integration initiatives and managing, and leading complex application software. Madison technology mission was to get closer to their clients, application software vendors, and be the leading company to produce the best quality in the business market system resolution. Furthermore, their main aim is to give best results to their clients and create the value of their products.

The Properties Market Group and the Madison Equities have been awarded the accord and license from the city Board of Standards and Appeals for their design of a planned residential condominium project in Soho. According to Gladstone, they expect the two houses to be the tallest residential in Soho. In the year 2010, Madison’s involvement in the Sullivan Street project began, and it picked up some part of the site with an objective to build a hotel in partnership with California-based equity firm CIM group. Madison and CIM parted ways after Madison started to depend on the condo project site.

In a report by NY Mag, Becker refused to admit publicly on how much capital he had invested and the income he gets from the project. However, the information from the Real Capital Analytics shows that he funded around fifteen million dollars in the suggested equity and five million dollars mortgage for the project.Becker has invested in many other longtime projects as well as lending capital to upcoming Real Estate companies.

For more info, visit his profile.

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Expanding Affordable Housing In Southern Dallas

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Families or individuals living in the Southern Dallas Area are being provided affordable mortgage coverage (via) the Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program is designed to assist lower income families with limited to mortgages residing in certain zip codes of the city. This is an ambitious plan since the country is currently living in somewhat of an economic depression. Financial institutions just doesn’t feel comfortable lending money pertaining to home investments, but this strategic plan has a great three-way partnership among three of the most prominent organizations in Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Habitat For Humanity, and NexBank make up this team of specialists and each organizations brings something well suited to help the program succeed.

Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes, both non-profit organizations, are pleased to announce the Affordable Housing Loan Program and how it benefits residents of Southern Dallas. These residents will receive full support and guidance which will help make the homeownership transition easier. These counseling services are free of charge and can be used by the beneficiaries of the program.

The only way for such a huge endeavor like to succeed is with proper financial support. All the planning in the work wouldn’t be enough without funding and NexBank has taken on the role of benefactor. The bank is looking to provide $50 Million in loan support over a course of five years. For each year of the program, the goal is to provide 100 or more loans to homeowners with limited mortgage access. NexBank is a commercial, investment, and mortgage banking center that has the capabilities and expertise in this field. With over $3.5 Billion in assets, this financial institution shows that it has what it takes to get the job done. Now lower income families will have a better quality of life which certainly helps Dallas’ high poverty areas.