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How Hard Work Paid Off For Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

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Louis Chenevert started out as General Motors and eventually made it to being the chief executive officer of United Technologies. He is now a financial advisor at Goldman Sachs. His career has been fueled by a lot of hard work and achieving his professional goals. He grew up in a middle class household in Montreal, Quebec.


He was born in 1958. He developed an interest in how business works and being an entrepreneur when he was in his teens. He grew up being instilled with an attitude that being dedicated to advancing your career would result in success. He is a graduate of the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal Business School. He has a degree in production management which he first put to use at General Motors. His job there as a production manager was to make sure the products he was in charge of were of high quality, the correct amount, and produced at top speed. By keeping costs low he did his part to make sure General Motors increased their revenues and profits.


After 14 years Louis Chenevert left the auto industry behind and moved into the aerospace industry. His first job in this industry was as an executive at Pratt & Whitney Canada, beginning in 1993. He became president in 1999 and stayed in this position until 2006. The parent company of this business is United Technologies. In 2006 he became the chairman of this company and before long was named as the new chief executive officer. United Technologies is a huge company in the aerospace industry and also manufactures other products as well such as elevators and HVACs. He says that moving up to leading this company was like entering the major leagues as a baseball player.


One of his legacies at United Technologies is the geared turbofan engine. He invested $10 billion in this engine which has revolutionized the aerospace industry, allowing for cheaper flights and lower volumes of engine sound. Over 14 airlines around the world now use this engine on some of their planes and Louis Chenevert played the biggest part in this coming about.

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The Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews From Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients

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Dr. Jennifer Walden is a noted plastic surgery who has a private practice in Austin, Texas. Dr. Walden completed her medical training at the University of Texas, and she has been named one of top plastic surgeons in the nation.

One thing that any potential patient will notice when checking the reviews for Dr. Walden is that the reviews for the doctor are overwhelmingly positive. Almost every patient who has reviewed Dr. Walden has had only good things to say about the outcome of their surgery and the way that they were treated by both Dr. Walden and her staff.

The caring and compassionate nature of Dr. Jennifer Walden is one theme that runs through all of the reviews. Patients felt as if Dr. Walden really cared about them and what they were trying to accomplish through cosmetic surgery.

One reviewer stated that, “she is very good at what she does, and she cares for you.” On this same theme, another review wrote, “she is very caring and has a good bedside manner.”

The professionalism and expertise of Dr. Jennifer Walden also impressed those who reviewed their experience with the doctor. One patient was told that the procedure she needed to have done was not possible. However, Dr. Walden completed the procedure successfully, and the patient was more than happy with the results.

Finally, Dr. Walden and her staff received high praise for always being available to answer the questions that patients might have. One reviewer said it this way, “I always felt like I could call with questions or concerns.”

With almost a perfect five star rating across many different review channels, Dr. Jennifer Walden has certainly impressed her patients with her caring and expertise.

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Fortress Investment Group: Leading With Quality

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With so much competition in the finance markets, Fortress Investment Group continues to provide services in credit and equity its clients have come to rely on. It’s noted the business has grown into a highly respected organization wielding assets up to $43.6 billion dollars. The company maintains its grip on managing these assets since the early days in 1998. The group has taken on about 1,750 clients over the years and growing. Their clientele stems from institutional to private investors around the globe. Fortress Investment Group services range from credit to real estate, to name a few.

Their strategies in permanent to equity investment keep competitors on edge. The leadership at Fortress Investment Group strives to provide realistic risk returns over a course of time to satisfy their investors. By the end of 2017, the company took on 953 staff members with expertise in asset management which also comprised of 216 employees with investment skills. Fortress Investment Group is located in New York and all across the world.

Their managers have specific abilities in asset-based investing and handling diverse investment product types. They offer services in price owning, capital assets and secured cash flows that are for the long term. Fortress Investment Group prides itself on having the intelligence within a ever-changing industry that it dives into on a daily basis. As managers take on tasks in handling large portfolios, they use their top-tier employees with specific experience. As for their Credit department it began in 2002. Pete Briger is noted to have started the department that involves over 500 trained employees with a sharp focus on global investing. This can include but not limited to undervalued assets and the challenging market of distressed investments.

Within Fortress Investment Group, Pete Briger and Dean Dakolias are well known for their outstanding skills and time they put into investing credit and hard investments globally all the way to the Asian economic crisis. Fortress Investment Group has expanded itself in 14 areas for asset management. They know how to manage through the complexity of assets with their experienced leadership of 100 professionals. In the private equity sector, Fortress Investment Group, has leaders Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. The duo has honed in on cash flow assets especially in North America to Western Europe. The idea is to manage the big assets in such industries as transportation, energy and healthcare, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

This year Fortress Investment Group was bought by SoftBank Group. The transaction was nearly $3.3 billion. This meant that SoftBank Group owns all of Fortress Investment Group’s outstanding shares. The end transaction has brought about the Fortress Class A share being turned into $8.08 per share and proceeds will go in conjunction with the payment guidelines in Fortress’s Proxy and the Merger Agreement, and

Overall, Fortress Investment Group thrives inside SoftBank and maintains its place in New York. Leadership remains with the same people, Pete Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. SoftBank hangs on to the mission to keep the brand, business concept and staff with a supportive backdrop that only fuels Fortress Investment Group’s success, and contact them.

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Why Shiraz Boghani Is A Leading UK Hotelier

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Splendid Hospitality Group is a hotel company that is headquartered in Pinner, Middlesex, United Kingdom. It is a family run company that is co-owned by Shiraz Boghani who was educated as a chartered accountant. They have over 20 hotels that they own located throughout the UK. Among their portfolio of hotels in the Holiday Inn Express Glenrothes, Comfort Inn Kings Cross, Holiday Inn Express Gatwick-Crawley, and the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel.

Shiraz Boghani co-founded Splendid Hospitality Group with his son, Nadeem Boghani, and a business partner named Salima Vellani. Their goal was to create a group of hotels that offered exceptional service at good prices. They hold themselves to the highest standards of ethical conduct and strive to lead the company in a way that is enlightened for their employees and their guests.

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It was in the 1990s that Shiraz Boghani became a hotelier. His specialty is creating limited service hotels and over the years he has successfully launched more than 25 such hotels. Beyond his role at Splendid Hospitality Group, for which he now serves as a board member, he also co-founded Sussex Healthcare which provides a home for adults who are not able to care for themselves. He is a joint chairman at this other company.

Shiraz Boghani was gratified when in 2016 he was honored at the Asian Business Awards of 2016. He was named Hotelier of the Year at the awards ceremony. During his acceptance speech he thanked the executives, management, and employees at Splendid Hospitality Group saying he wouldn’t have been standing there if it hadn’t been for their efforts. To receive this award he had he and other hoteliers in the world were judged by a panel of industry experts including AMG’s Group Managing Editor Kapesh Solanki and Amit Roy, a top journalist that covers the industry, among others. This was the latest award he has received in the hospitality industry as he has been honored a number of times before.

There are a number of causes that Shiraz Boghani has dedicated his resource, time, and expertise to. One of these is the Aga Khan Development Network. He has also partnered with other organizations such as the Arbitration Board, the National Council, and the National Conciliation. For Aga Khan University he has served for a number of years as their resource development convener.

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Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Plaza

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Roberto Santiago is a notable business owner and entrepreneur in Brazil. He has created a lot of opportunities for advancement in recent years. Manaira Shopping Mall is one of the best facilities in the state of Paraiba.


His earliest ventures after schooling have led to the establishment of a cartonage company. The profits from this were contributed towards more expansion in other areas. Manaira Shopping Plaza brings valuable services and products to the people of the area. It has multiple levels and one of the largest environments for businesses to be incorporated.


The Shopping Plaza is one of the large changes that Roberto Santiago has made throughout the industry. He has been an influential member of society as well as industry for a long time. He has created better chances for economic development while changing the cost of the housing markets.


Roberto Santiago has made a big difference in local economies as well as the state at large. His expertise is multidimensional because he has played an instrumental part in real estate as well as ongoing changes. The economic aspects of this mall are great because they provide multiple kinds of services. Some examples include banking, colleges, and other resources.


Roberto Santiago is one of the most well known business men because of his years of experience. Profits that he has received from cartonage have led to the way that different businesses have gained a leverage to new markets. There are multiple retailers as well as concert facilities that make it easy for new commercial institutions to be promoted.


Overall his contributions have made it better for people throughout the region. The development of the Manaira Shopping Mall is important and has made a big difference in the way that people seek employment. With so many opportunities for people it has become easier to get long lasting results.


Since his establishment of the shopping mall there have been changes made to a great degree. The facility is a great way for businesses to expose their services to people who don’t have access to traditional shopping centers. The localized nature of this facility contributes to the way that it has improved technology as well as resources.


Overall the establishment of resources as well as new facilities is a key component of the successful way that Roberto Santiago has been able to establish change throughout the area. It is clear that he continues to surprise locals and provides significant ongoing support in all areas. The unique way that Roberto Santiago has improved infrastructure propagates change throughout Brazil and is an important way that further changes can be made. Roberto Santiago is an important leader as well as advocate of business to a great degree.


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Agora Financial Helping Investors Reach their Investment Goals

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It is essential that people do not spend money unnecessarily and save a considerable amount of their earnings to achieve their wealth creation goals in the long-term. However, saving money doesn’t only mean that they need to keep their money aside in bank, but invest in different investment tools available these days. The market has many investment options these days starting from equities to mutual funds and from annuities to various term and deposit plans. People need to know how to diversify their investments properly to ensure that they are getting significant returns from their investments while minimizing the losses at the same time.

Agora Financial is finance based publishing house that deals with the market and financial analysis and gathers economic information from across the globe to ensure that its readers get the accurate market report. It helps the readers to know where to invest their money and which investment option to avoid. Agora Financial’s financial analysis has been used by many of the leading finance and business news channels including CNBC, CNN, and Bloomberg. Agora Financial doesn’t rely on hearsay but has its research team spread across the globe from which it sources its financial information. The publishing house caters to modern tech-savvy investors in many different formats, including newsletters, e-mails, e-magazines, videos, video tutorials, and through the post as well.

Agora Financial has been able to make accurate market predictions many times in the past including when the gold prices increased beyond all the previous highs, fall of the crude oil prices, the mortgage crisis, and many more. By letting its readers know about such events in advance helps the readers and investors to take corrective damage control steps that save them money as well as stress. It is not possible for everyone to be as knowledgeable about the financial markets even if they earn good, and some amount of expert advice is always needed. It is where Agora Financial comes in to save the day as it not only provides the financial information that you can trust, but also tips and tricks on how you can multiply the returns on your investment from time to time.


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Adam Milstein Is Known For Being An Active Philanthropist

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He is one of the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. There are charitable as well as philanthropic services being provided by this Foundation to several organizations. This would help to strengthen the Jews, along with the State of Israel. He is trying to the U.S. and Israel relationship this way and what Adam Milstein knows.

These philanthropic services coming in from Adam Milstein include consulting, along with partnership development. His Foundation is also involved in fundraising as that helps to support programs. These can be in the field of Jewish education, as well as Jewish continuity, along with Pro-Israel advocacy. The operations of his philanthropic philosophy include some unique principles and his Twitter.

One of the principles is Active Philanthropy. What this means is that Adam Milstein, along with the Milstein Family Foundation as well as its staff will be investing a large part of their time skills to all the programs, and projects as well as organizations which they support. This would include the financial resources too.
Another principle can be termed the Life Path Impact. In this, Adam Milstein is looking for, funding as well as developing those organizations which are continuously engaging their target audiences through the different stages of life. This is managed by creating programs that are tailored specifically for childhood, besides adolescence, along with the various phases of adulthood. In this way, organizations can maintain a deep connection with their target audience.

Next is the Philanthropic Synergy which is the other aspect of the philanthropy of Adam Milstein. It is providing funding as well as guidance in order to assist various philanthropic organizations in enhancing their impact. This is done by developing various programmable partnerships as well as synergies along with several other non-profit entities that are working towards mutually shared goals and more information click here.

Adam Milstein belongs to Israel. He was born in Haifa. His mother is a home maker while his father is a real estate developer. Both his parents are immigrants. His mother belongs to Mexico while his father belongs to Argentina. Then his family moved to Kiryat Yam and KiryatMotzkin from Haifa. This was where Adam Milstein spent his early years and his Facebook.

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Mike Baur Says Knowing Which Social Media Platform for B2B Success Is Pivotal

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If it’s one thing Swiss Factory Startup founder, Mike Baur detest it’s having tools available but not using them. There are robust methods to increasing your audience, but there are lazy marketers that expect it to just “happen” for them. Baur says, there is one thing for which social networking sites are universally known for and that is the ability to bring people together, but are you flexing your social media muscle to generate interest?


Mike Baur is the co-founder of the Swiss Factory Startup, in Zurich. He’s also a coach, mentor, and facilitator of helping startups succeed. After 20+ years in the banking industry, Baur turned a page in his career to start one of the best known and sought-after business coaching firms. He’s a master of removing obstacles to build productive entrepreneurs by streamlining processes, and showing startup entrepreneurs how to invest in their business and themselves.


Knowing Which Platform To Use


Nearly 76% of marketers surveyed say Facebook is the primary and most important social network they use. LinkedIn comes in second, but a paltry 19% cite it as being the most important network. “If you are targeting other businesses, research shows that your audience is located on LinkedIn,” says Baur. Many people have looked at LinkedIn as more of a digital rolodex, but it can do a lot more, especially since the platform was designed for businesses networking.


LinkedIn is a professional network that enables the search for new B2B customers and professionals to facilitate relationships with brands influential for your company. LinkedIn already has more than 135 million active users, and provides a platform for networking with skilled professionals.


Where Marketers Go Wrong


How does your profile read? The key to LinkedIn is optimizing the profile for the customer. This is significant. When you clearly show what you can do for others, your audience will explode. You can also post and share valuable content on your company page.


For businesses that manage a variety of social media networks, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn, you should consider integrating them with an application. Many entrepreneurs use HootSuite to manage multiple platforms, which also provides detailed reports on traffic.


Baur says social media marketing doesn’t have to be that difficult if you learn which platforms to utilize.


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You Can Get A Loan With Your Stocks As Collateral

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If you own equities, you may be able to obtain a loan to help your small or medium-sized business through a tough time. Sometimes, businesses are subject to downswings because of the weather, a disaster like a fire, international events, and other things over which we have no control, like a sluggish economic downturn and read full article.

If you own equities, you can approach your bank and ask for a loan. They will want to see a business proposal stating the purpose of the loan. They will let you know that there are certain equities against which they can not lend due to bank policy or government restrictions. Then the conventional lender will tell you that they can only lend up to 40% of the value of the stocks. Funding will take a few weeks, and at a high interest rate.

Well, that is not an emergency loan. There is no reason anyone should put up their stocks for a loan at 40% of the value of them. There is no reason such high interest rates should be charged for such a loan and resume its.

Now let us go talk to Equities First UK.

They will lend up to 80% of the value of the equities, not the 40% like the institutional lenders. They will not ask for a business proposal. Your equities are good collateral for the loan, not your business. They are a private company, so they do not answer to government restrictions or stockholder criteria. The funding will be fast enough to save your business in an emergency. Their interest rate is the lowest possible and what Equities First Holdings knows.

There is every reason to see Equities First UK to start off with. Do not waste your time with the other guys. Go to Equities First, first!

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The leadership Journey of Antony Petrello

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Antony Petrello is famous due to his successful leadership in the business world. He hails from a small community called Newark in New Jersey. His humble background instilled some humility and integrity in him. He was a mathematics scholar at tender age. Therefore, he pursued a degree in mathematics from Yale University. Also, he got enrolled in Harvard school where he got his Law degree. Antony Petrello started his career at Baker and McKenzie LLC where he secured a managerial directorship position. He was in charge of all operations in New York branch. He specialised in corporate tax.

Antony Petrello got a lot of leadership skill from the law firm after that resigned. He went to work at Nabors Industries which was owned by his grandfather.His first position chief operating officer. He was in charge of every operation in all Nabors Industries branches. Due to his diligence and competence, he was made the President by replacing his uncle. Antony Petrello offered position as the vice-chairman of the Industries (2011).In 2012 he was reappointed to occupy the chairman and the chief executive position in Nabors Industries.

Antony Petrello is a business strategist he therefore able to set a workable plan for the Nabors Industries that leads to its steady growth. Nabors Industries is largest oil and gas drilling company. It serves countries like Middle East Africa and the Far East. It also offers well servicing and onshore drilling to other oil and gas companies. The Nabors Industries manufacture drilling drives and rig instruments. Under Antony’s leadership, he introduced software that helps in rig reporting and data collection hence accuracy. He also led to the acquisition of a charter that made the company have twenty-nine marine vessels that are used to assist in offshore activities.

In addition to Nabors Industries, he holds various other positions. He is a member of the board of Stevenson and Stewart law Firm. He serves as the current advocate at Texas Children’s Hospital. He plays his social responsibility towards the community by carrying out philanthropic activities. Together with Nabors industries, they provide funds to organisations that provide children with food and every other essential need. At Texas Hospital he supports researchers who specialise in treating children neurological disorders. He is an inspiration to many and his developments should be on the outlook.

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