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DAMAC group CEO, Hussain Sajwani and his relationship with the current US president

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The DAMAC group is one of the most successful real estate businesses in the United Arab Emirates. The company was founded in 2002 by Hussain Sajwani and has been growing and expanding very successfully ever since its inception. Up until 2012, Hussain owned a shareholding of 100 percent at the company, but this has reduced to 85 percent after he sold some of the shares to the company. The company is estimated to be worth close to four million US dollars and has their reach several countries in the Middle East, Asia and even Africa.

Hussain Sajwani started his investment journey by attending the Washington state university where he studied economics and graduated with honors. After his graduation, he went and got his first job with the GASCO group, which is a subsidiary of ADNOC. In 2002, he started thinking about starting his own business and that is how he raised capital to start the DAMAC Group. The acronym stands for Draieh management services, Co.

Another thing that people don’t know about Hussain is that before starting the DAMAC group, he had started other companies. These include the Al Jazeira Investment Company and DICO investments. Both companies have gone ahead to bring him a lot of income through their success and have expanded their influence across many regions. The Al Jazeira Company is said to be currently worth more than 100 million shillings.

It was interesting for people to realize that there is a close link between Hussain and Donald Trump. As a matter of fact, in one of the events held at the white house, he was an invited guest, something that got people talking. Hussain is indeed a very close business associate of Donald Trump because they have invested in the same industry. The inauguration was therefore one of the events that indicate that clearly, this man has a great vision for the future and that he will do even better in business. He is known and respected by many as a leader in business, so much that he is a board member in several institutions including a University in Oman.

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Arthur Becker the Real Estate Guru

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Arthur Becker is a New York City-based investor who has invested in various fields like information technology, real estate, and biotechnology. Through his profession, Arthur Becker has been able to construct three houses( in the town along the Suvilla Street in Soho, in exchange for his stake in the neighboring Condium development. Property markets group head, Kelvin Maloney and Madison Equities head Robert Gladstone’s were among the partners of the townhouses that were established together with the boat-shaped condo building.

Madison technology is a management and information technology company, which specializes in process re-engineering, system integration initiatives and managing, and leading complex application software. Madison technology mission was to get closer to their clients, application software vendors, and be the leading company to produce the best quality in the business market system resolution. Furthermore, their main aim is to give best results to their clients and create the value of their products.

The Properties Market Group and the Madison Equities have been awarded the accord and license from the city Board of Standards and Appeals for their design of a planned residential condominium project in Soho. According to Gladstone, they expect the two houses to be the tallest residential in Soho. In the year 2010, Madison’s involvement in the Sullivan Street project began, and it picked up some part of the site with an objective to build a hotel in partnership with California-based equity firm CIM group. Madison and CIM parted ways after Madison started to depend on the condo project site.

In a report by NY Mag, Becker refused to admit publicly on how much capital he had invested and the income he gets from the project. However, the information from the Real Capital Analytics shows that he funded around fifteen million dollars in the suggested equity and five million dollars mortgage for the project.Becker has invested in many other longtime projects as well as lending capital to upcoming Real Estate companies.

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Expanding Affordable Housing In Southern Dallas

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Families or individuals living in the Southern Dallas Area are being provided affordable mortgage coverage (via) the Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program is designed to assist lower income families with limited to mortgages residing in certain zip codes of the city. This is an ambitious plan since the country is currently living in somewhat of an economic depression. Financial institutions just doesn’t feel comfortable lending money pertaining to home investments, but this strategic plan has a great three-way partnership among three of the most prominent organizations in Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Habitat For Humanity, and NexBank make up this team of specialists and each organizations brings something well suited to help the program succeed.

Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes, both non-profit organizations, are pleased to announce the Affordable Housing Loan Program and how it benefits residents of Southern Dallas. These residents will receive full support and guidance which will help make the homeownership transition easier. These counseling services are free of charge and can be used by the beneficiaries of the program.

The only way for such a huge endeavor like to succeed is with proper financial support. All the planning in the work wouldn’t be enough without funding and NexBank has taken on the role of benefactor. The bank is looking to provide $50 Million in loan support over a course of five years. For each year of the program, the goal is to provide 100 or more loans to homeowners with limited mortgage access. NexBank is a commercial, investment, and mortgage banking center that has the capabilities and expertise in this field. With over $3.5 Billion in assets, this financial institution shows that it has what it takes to get the job done. Now lower income families will have a better quality of life which certainly helps Dallas’ high poverty areas.

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The ever successful Adam Goldenberg

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Adam Goldenberg has enjoyed much success in online business since his early teen years. At age 13 years; back in 1994, Adam launched an onsite bulletin panel service. After a period of two years, he turned the service bulletin board into a gaming inline business. The new website was called the Gamer’s Alliance at The site did well and attracted the attention of other online gurus like Brett Brewer. Brett is the founding President of the Intermix Company. Brewer bought the Gamer’s Alliance in the year 1997. By the age of 19, Mr. Goldenberg had risen to the post of COO of the Intermix Corporation.

His current partner at JustFab; Don Ressler sold the to the Intermix the following year. Working together, Ressler and Adam become close. The ambitious entrepreneurs worked hand in hand to build another retail and advertising site. Shortly they founded the Alena Media. Alena Media is an e-commerce advertising platform. The company was very profitable for the Intermix Firm. In 2005, News Corps acquired Intermix. The media conglomerate ignored Adam Ressler. They left frustrated to try their hands on a new venture.

Goldenberg and Ressler started working from Adam’s house together with the Alena team. Shortly, Intelligent Beauty was born with Don Ressler. The Intelligent Beauty created their first brand DERMSTORE. It is an onsite skin care and cosmetics retail platform. Two years down the line they launched the SENSA a weight-loss scheme, and hired Dr. Alan Hirsch to help with the development of products. They also employed Brett Brewer to be the Chief Executive Officer. The two brands; SENSA and DERMSTORE, are profitable to the Intelligent Beauty Company according to credible sources. The firm engaged in bootstrapping the profits earned in a period of two years until 2008. During this year, the online retail company of Don Ressler accepted a cash fund of $4.3 million from the Technology Crossover Ventures.

The Intelligent Beauty launched JustFab in 2010, an online fashion store. The new company received funding to the tune of $33 million from the Matrix Partners in 2011. They hired Kimora Lee to act as the President and Creative Director in September of the same year. The company had 4 million members by the month of December 2011, the number increased to 6 million as of April 2012. Goldenberg and Don Ressler arranged another round to collect funds. They received $76 million from Matrix Partners, Rho Ventures, Intelligent Beauty, and the Crossover Ventures.

JustFab has since acquired FabKids, Fab Shoes, and ShoeDazzle consecutively. They have also secured funds amounting to $40 million in 2013. Acquiring these companies enabled them to increase the number of members and venture into the European market. Adam Goldenberg is the co-CEO of JustFab.

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Bob Reina the Marketing Giant behind Talk Fusion

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Success is something that comes as a result of putting in many hours and years to something. It does not just happen. Just like Bob Reina would attest to the fact, he did put in many hours to achieve what he has achieved today. Many people who know him will remember the days when he was a police officer. Hard work is not something that has been elusive in his life. Having graduated on top of his police class, he went on to show the same zeal when it came to working with local police.

Bob Reina is also very learned. Many people associate police officer with graduating from high school or going to a community college. However, Bob Reina went to the University of South Carolina when he juggled between completing school work and working several jobs to remain afloat. Hard work is highly rewarded and his hard work also surprisingly helped him graduate top of his police class.

Bob Reina’s love for marketing is also very intriguing. He quite a guaranteed paycheck to venture in a business which he had no prior experience. Bob Reina is very passionate about selling and even when he was a police officer, he worked part time in direct selling gigs. Such love is what lead him to quit his job something that his friends took long to believe. However many years later, he is proving to everyone that he knew what he was doing.

His business venture Talk fusion is one of the many online marketing sites that specializes in giving insights to people on various topics related to business and investments. Bob Reina determination and sheer aggressiveness when it comes to business are what motivates his team. The ability to convince everyone of what should be done is used as the galvanizing agent for him and his team.

Bob Reina loves pets and usually encourages his team to have pets in office. As a result, he spends most of his free time looking after pets or organizing charity events for them. This has endeared him to many people as he has a human side of him.

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QNet Launches New CSR Program

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Companies motivated to do a lot of work in philanthropic endeavors deserve to be acknowledged. QNet is one such enterprise. The India Education Diary reveals some of the initiatives QNet has been involved with. Recently, the company’s corporate social responsibility ventures have focused on providing clean drinking water to schools in rural areas. The Government Primary School, Sriram Nagar, is going to benefit from a joint venture between QNet and Lions Clubs. The venture intends to financially support a new water storage facility at the school.

QNet is hardly a small company. Calling QNet a super-company in the direct selling industry would not be overstating anything. With representatives locating and operating in about 100 countries, QNet is clearly one of the biggest of all the direct sellers on the planet. 25 offices in 25 countries further attests to this fact.

A host of reasons exist why QNet has been so successful. QNet’s variety of products and services the company offers definitely helps improve the chances of success. A wide range of products and services helps attract great numbers of motivated entrepreneurs to QNet. Of course, the wide variety of products and services help attract a lot of customers. Since direct selling is not multilevel marketing and has no requirements in place to build a massive down-line, the items sold by the company have to be interesting to customers.

QNet has also done a wonderful job with its various corporate responsibility initiatives. In India, QNet (sometimes with the previously mentioned partner Lions Clubs) has done a lot of charity work and helped many people in need. The company has reaped significant benefits from its philanthropic endeavors. The company’s brand is one associated with positive pursuits.

The initiative in Sriram Nagar could help upwards of 800 students receive access to drinking water. The program also strives to improve sanitation and hygiene which, in turn, produces healthier and safer living environments. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) Network, QNet is always working on developing new and helping corporate responsibility programs.

Celebrate #WorldHealthDay 2016 with #QNET:

Posted by QNET (Official) on Thursday, April 7, 2016

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Greater Quality Education From DeVos

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I believe the best type of education is one where people are taught how to think as opposed to what to think. I believe people do not learn as much when their thought is controlled. This is where alternative education and school choice comes in. Dick DeVos believes in that in particular. Not only is the DeVos family really big on education, but they are also big on giving. They definitely fight against the stereotype of the stingy wealthy person. In fact, the DeVos family is one of the most generous families when it comes to giving. I am impressed with how much they give. The DeVos family is especially looking for ways to bring about education reform for people to decide what type of education they want to receive. 

Dick DeVos himself is no stranger to hard work which I admire. He has worked many different jobs. DeVos also owns and runs a business called Amway. Dick has gone beyond his business pursuits and has even led quite a few community initiations. Among the community activities and campaigns that he has started was the Education Freedom Fund. This has been a progressive movement because underprivileged students were able to gain scholarships in order to continue their education and continue to make changes to their lives for their better.

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Glad to see the Grand Rapids area make another “best of” list! Thank you all for your role in making our city great.

Posted by Dick DeVos on Friday, March 11, 2016

Dick DeVos’s experience in education shows that he is very passionate about making sure that students get a fair chance to make positive steps towards a successful career. He has also been very influential in the improvements in the health care industry in his community. Dick DeVos has also run for Governor of Michigan as a Republican candidate in 2006. He has also published a best-selling book under the title of Rediscovering American Values back in 1997. The book itself has been translated into seven different languages. Other activities that Dick has participated in is sailing. He is a two time National Champion at sailing. He also can pilot a helicopter and a jet aircraft. I believe he is a highly accomplished person.