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What David McDonald Of OSI Group Does For His Alma Mater

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David McDonald of OSI Group LLC grew up on a farm in the northeastern corner of the state of Iowa. He has an undergraduate degree in animal science that he earned at Iowa State University in 1987. Once he completed his college degree he moved to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and went to work at the headquarters of OSI Group. He was steadily promoted over the course of his career and now he is both the president of this company as well as its chief operations officer, and learn more about David McDonald.

The company David McDonald works for is a global food processing company which is privately held. When he joined OSI Group it was doing business across North America and in Europe. A few years after he joined his company expanded into Asia and Australia. He says that the owner of the company, CEO Sheldon Lavin, has a strong appetite for growth. He says the culture at OSI Group is built on a solid foundation of wanting to grow this company as well as consistently improving it. The ultimate goal, he says, is to become the premier global food provider to the best branded companies in the world, and

As someone who doesn’t forget his roots, David McDonald has been very active in supporting Iowa State University and its students over the years. For example, he wanted to support this university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. To do so he made all of the arrangements in 2011 for a group of agricultural students visiting one of OSI Group’s food processing facilities in China. One of these students now works for his company. He also encourages ISU students to intern at his company so that they have experience in the food and beverage industry and learn valuable business skills, and resume him.

David Mcdonald also financially supports scholarships for students in the fraternity he is part of, Alpha Gamma Rho. Another nonprofit he supports is the St. Michael Parrish which is located in Wheaton, Illinois. In his personal life he has six children with his wife, Malinda, and they live in Wheaton. He is gratified that his two oldest children go to Iowa State and he believes his other children will do so as well, and more information click here.


Home Projects Get Done With Aloha Construction

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If you have a project you need to get done at home, you need a construction company that you can fully trust. While there are lots of companies out there, not all of them are experienced, insured and licensed. When you work with the professionals, you get professional quality work. This is where Aloha Construction comes into play for anyone living in Illinois who needs quality work done on their home. Aloha Construction has been in the construction business for well over a decade. They are owned and operated by the same family that started the business many years ago. Because of their work with locals, a lot of clients come back to them for more work because they are trustworthy highly reliable.

Aloha Construction offers several home-based and even office-based services. If you need a new roof put on, the folks at Aloha Construction can do the job for you. They work with financing experts to get better financing options for customers who cannot afford the work to be done upfront. You can also contact this company if you need new siding, new windows, interior work done or if you just need a home inspection. In fact, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections to those who are planning to use their company if work is needed. These free inspections can save you hundreds compared to other companies that charge full price for them.

When you hire Aloha Construction, they will send their professional team of construction contractors out to your home or place of business for a full evaluation and assessment. This will give them a feel for what type of work is necessary. According to what you need and what you want to have done, they can begin the work on a specified budget so that you’re left feeling good about the job being completed. Before, you might have put off hiring a contractor because of all that was involved and the price associated with the work, but this company is different because they have done these types of projects before and know that homeowners need quality work on a dime.

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Adam Milstein: Philanthropic Role Model

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In the business world, there are metrics to measure a leader’s success. But what does good look like in the philanthropic world? Jake Hyman, in a recent Forbes article, outlined five habits of effective philanthropists. Applying this rubric to Adam Milstein’s philanthropic career shows that he is someone we can look to as a role model of effective philanthropy.

  1. Be an expert on a cause or a community. In his philanthropy, Milstein has focused on supporting the causes of Israeli-Americans, like himself, and become an expert on their needs.


  1. Use philanthropy to spread information and change the field. Some philanthropists speak of how much money they gave, Adam Milstein can say instead, that without a doubt, his philanthropy has dramatically altered the Israeli-American community. When Milstein first arrived in the United States, Israeli’s were not embraced by the American Jewish community as they were too identified with Israel. Because they lived outside of Israel, Israeli’s never fully accepted them. Israeli-Americans were isolated from their current country, from their homeland, and from each other. Milstein promoted the idea that “Israeli Americans are Americans and our home is in America while our Jewish homeland will always be Israel.” Through the Milstein Family Foundation, started with his wife, Milstein helped found the Israeli-America Council (IAC). From humble beginnings in 2007 the IAC is now a national organization, serving over 150,000 with 6 regional offices.


  1. Be a participating grant maker. In his work with the IAC and its designation of being the fastest growing Jewish organization in America, Adam Milstein showed the achievements that occur when philanthropists share power and resources.


  1. Play for the long term. Not content to fund immediate needs or small efforts, Adam Milstein’s vision was and is to strengthen the identity of Israeli-Americans and further their bonds with Americans and with their homeland.


  1. Understand the economics of grant-making. The Milstein Family Foundation disperses its funds strategically to support the AIC for the long-term while granting yearly funds and/or single grants to educational, medical and community programs in both Israel and America.

Named one of the world’s top 50 most influential Jews by the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein practices effective philanthropy every day. The next generation of philanthropists, by following the lessons learned from Milstein’s record, are positioned to write a whole new future for the charities they support.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd And Her Rise To The Top

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When you create an app as popular as Bumble, it’s something you want to celebrate and let the world know about. Everyone wants to see app make it into the news and everyone has their own ideas about how we need to go about doing things in the tech world. Few people manage to get as far as Wolfe has in getting their agenda into practice, but she is determined and has a drive few others do. It’s no surprise she has managed to make herself one of the most recognized names under 30

Bumble has just about everything that you could possibly want in a social media app. It has expanded beyond the borders of dating to include friend and business connecting as well. This tour de force is changing the way that the world of social media operates and giving us an entirely new way of thinking about n the world of tech. Giving people the ability to do just what they want with her platform is certainly one of the main draws, but that only captures a sliver of what makes Bumble what it is. Her drive towards feminism and giving people something that reflects that is an even bigger reason behind the app’s success.

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist and she wants to make it known that Bumble is going to reflect that in every way possible. Women are always the first ones to make moves in all encounters between men and women. This changes things dramatically and turns the situation onto its head. You won’t see the same dynamics playing out on Bumble that you might see on other apps. The app is built in such a way that you’re going to see women in a position of power that dating apps haven’t considered before.

Anybody can look at Whitney Wolfe Herd and see that she managed to make something of herself despite the fact that she hasn’t even turned 30. Most CEOs are never going to reach her status by her age. Most will probably end up dropping out as the stress of running business weighs on them. Her ability to change things around is something that won’t be forgotten. People want what Whitney Wolfe Herd has created and it will eventually turn into a billion dollar empire. We just have to wait for it all to play out at the end of the day.

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Freedom Debt Relief Has Some Tips For Your Financial Protection

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If there is one thing that Freedom Debt Relief is dedicated to, it would be educating the public on financial issues. Freedom Debt Relief policies have existed for many years to help the public understand their financial decisions and serve as a resource for them and read full article.


If you are truly extremely nervous about a credit breach, you could strongly consider contacting the other credit bureaus and having a credit freeze placed with them. This is a nifty new approach that will prevent a scammer from stealing your identity in order to open credit. Moreover, “freezing” your credit is also very nifty because it often can be “thawed” with just a pin code and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.


Please also be aware that frequent monitoring of your personal accounts is a must to catch ID thieves. Many of these criminals will “test” an account by using smaller unusual transactions before they graduate to a higher prize. Moreover, you also need to be extremely watchful of all of your personal passwords. In all honesty, it really isn’t wise for you to have passwords that are named after birthdays or names of spouses, children or family members. Passwords need to be extremely obscure so that a would-be thief cannot guess it easily. Hard? You bet it is. However, protecting your financial information is always a wise move as the folks at Freedom Debt Relief will always attest and

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The leadership Journey of Antony Petrello

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Antony Petrello is famous due to his successful leadership in the business world. He hails from a small community called Newark in New Jersey. His humble background instilled some humility and integrity in him. He was a mathematics scholar at tender age. Therefore, he pursued a degree in mathematics from Yale University. Also, he got enrolled in Harvard school where he got his Law degree. Antony Petrello started his career at Baker and McKenzie LLC where he secured a managerial directorship position. He was in charge of all operations in New York branch. He specialised in corporate tax.

Antony Petrello got a lot of leadership skill from the law firm after that resigned. He went to work at Nabors Industries which was owned by his grandfather.His first position chief operating officer. He was in charge of every operation in all Nabors Industries branches. Due to his diligence and competence, he was made the President by replacing his uncle. Antony Petrello offered position as the vice-chairman of the Industries (2011).In 2012 he was reappointed to occupy the chairman and the chief executive position in Nabors Industries.

Antony Petrello is a business strategist he therefore able to set a workable plan for the Nabors Industries that leads to its steady growth. Nabors Industries is largest oil and gas drilling company. It serves countries like Middle East Africa and the Far East. It also offers well servicing and onshore drilling to other oil and gas companies. The Nabors Industries manufacture drilling drives and rig instruments. Under Antony’s leadership, he introduced software that helps in rig reporting and data collection hence accuracy. He also led to the acquisition of a charter that made the company have twenty-nine marine vessels that are used to assist in offshore activities.

In addition to Nabors Industries, he holds various other positions. He is a member of the board of Stevenson and Stewart law Firm. He serves as the current advocate at Texas Children’s Hospital. He plays his social responsibility towards the community by carrying out philanthropic activities. Together with Nabors industries, they provide funds to organisations that provide children with food and every other essential need. At Texas Hospital he supports researchers who specialise in treating children neurological disorders. He is an inspiration to many and his developments should be on the outlook.

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Vijay Eswaran Is A Believer In Silence

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Silence is not usually a key part of the business world, but for QI Group co-founder and Executive Chairman, Vijay Eswaran, this forms a major part of each and every day as he prepares his body and mind for the onslaught of running a major international direct sales company.

Eswaran has been a practitioner of meditation and yoga since his childhood, particularly as his father’s job with the Ministry of Labor moved the family to new areas of the country on a regular basis; Vijay Eswaran sets his mind at ease with at least one hour of meditation each morning as he feels the modern world has led to a flood of information making its way into our daily lives like never before in human history.

Vijay Eswaran believes the global connectivity provided by the Internet and Internet of Things has led to our minds being flooded with a large amount of information that has little to do with our everyday lives. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

In his self help book, “In The Sphere Of Silence”, Vijay Eswaran has explained his belief events taking place around the worlds we can do little to halt or aid can have a negative effect on productivity and must be removed from the mind in a way that can make us all less successful in the future. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

A focus only on the matters at hand may seem like a difficult task to complete on a daily basis when we see images of issues around the world, but Eswaran believes clearing the mind is vital for any individual to undertake a successful future and become a success in the business world.

Nothing about the approach to business of Vijay Eswaran is completed in a traditional sense, for example, Eswaran has become a major part of the training completed by his QI Group that is used as an inspirational way of training new members of the company.

Vijay Eswaran has remained an important part of the work of the QI Group and also looks to develop his philanthropic work in Malaysia and across the world to help as many people as possible reach their own personal level of success.

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E-commerce Characteristics of Adam Goldenberg

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Fabletics is opening its seventh store in Mall of America, Minnesota. Its characteristic goods are the fashionable leggings and inexpensive hoodies. The two thousand square foot store space is likely to be repeated throughout the country. In 2015, a large portion of Fabletics’ revenues were drawn from its e-commerce operations. The co-founder and actress, who enjoys a great following on Facebook, is partly responsible for the good results. JustFab co-founder and CEO says that the aim is to mirror the store experience to the online feel. Faletics, according to its co-founder, plans to open a lot more stores within the next five years or so.



Unicorn or Not



Adam believes it was the contribution of all his employees, who have been building brands that appeal to the customers, that has established his company. Adam admits that the external validation by customers is a great feeling, but this does not change the way the company is run on a day to day basis. The status of unicorn is indicative of a company joining the special club. Though unicorns are not common, they have become much more prevalent in the economy of the U.S. JustFab is now in the league of unicorns having entered the one billion dollar club. In 2014, over 30 companies entered the billion dollar club. This is an indicator of an increase in innovative and creative individuals who are expressing ideas that propel companies to great pay days.



Intelligent Beauty



When News Corp bought MySpace, employees like Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler left the company and later started their own company. The trend of employees jumping ship to go and start their own ventures is not unique to these two. The duo went on to launch Intelligent Beauty: a business incubator. Intelligent Beauty came up with DERMSTORE and While one is an online market place for cosmetic and skincare products, the other is a subscription service that features monthly showrooms for design plus fashion. Adam says that, all brands under his JustFab umbrella offer discounts if the clients sign up for a $39.9 and $49.9 recurring subscription monthly. ShoeDazzle, which is under JustFab, offers such discounts.



Paradigm Shift



Adam points out that, 10 years ago e-commerce was viewed with skepticism. However, over $50 billion is online based today. He believes that, in the next 20 years, a good portion of shopping will be done online. Although the contemporary way of shopping will not vanish, online shopping will be more appealing and convenient in future.