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William Saito and the Problem of Internet Without Security

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William Saito was named in 1998 as the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. He received this award from his hard work starting at the age of 10. His parents bought him a computer, and he took it apart and reconnected everything. His knowledge of software grew with age, and he was running his own business by the time he was in college. He is known as the world’s expert in computer security.


He has a lot to say about cyber-security. He writes in an article that the world has developed the internet to be a powerful tool that is capable of growing even more. Although the internet as we know it is not even 15 years old, he says that there could be more mobile devices connected online than computers. Toasters, refrigerators and washing machines are developing smart technologies which will only continue to develop as time goes on. Yet, he has a complaint.

The world has continued developing the internet, but they had neglected to keep their information secure. He notes that many companies are constantly being hacked. He provides a saying that is common in the business world; there are companies which have been hacked, and there are companies that don’t know that they have been hacked. William Saito provides a picture of what can happen if this trend continues. He says that the population will not trust their information online, and the internet will cease to be a world tool.


He suggests fixing the problem through a massive council of an unprecedented scale. From small businesses to municipal governments, data security should be addressed in a never seen before fashion. Security will take point when considering how to develop technologies to prevent hackers and keep data safe. William writes that the consequences of developing the internet without proper security are disastrous.


William Saito has published his own autobiography called “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” He explains his childhood and his experiences growing up in a world that was developing progress in computer engineering. He recounts his professional experiences, and offers advice for budding entrepreneurs who wish to develop technologies to aid human development.


Shiraz Boghani: The Successful Entrepreneur

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Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya but later settled in the United Kingdom in I969. He worked as an Accountant at Thomson McLintock & Co. in his early career life. He holds thirty years of active experience in hospitality industry and more than twenty years at Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani is a committed philanthropist where he has active membership in the Ismaili Community. Besides, Boghani is a member of the National Council, chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board as well as Resource Development Convener at the Aga Khan University. Boghani has qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Shiraz Boghani is the joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He co-founded the entity alongside a business partner. The firm owns and operates several homes together with manors in and around Sussex. The facility provides home and services to vulnerable people such as the old age who cannot take care of themselves. Younger people with mental or physical challenges are also taken care of as they need care and management by professional staff.

Boghani is the chairman to the Splendid Hospitality Group. He was awarded the Hotelier of the Year honor from the Asian Business Awards, 2016. Out of the United Kingdom’s trading hotels, Shiraz owns and manages nineteen of them. In the 1900’s Boghani was among the first hoteliers to proclaim hotels providing limited-service brands. Shiraz Boghani is highly respected for his entrepreneurial skills as well as a passion for the hotel industry.

Recently, the businessman launched an exciting project regarding the Hilton London Bankside. The Vibrant Bankside will lodge this stylish London Project. Shiraz Boghani’s additional flagship hotels comprise The Grand Hotel & Spa, York, the Holiday Inn London and the Conrad London St James. Besides, he has recent acquisitions of the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel together with the New Ellington in Leeds.

Shiraz commits a lot of aid to the United Kingdom registered charity called the Aga Khan Foundation.

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How Hard Work Paid Off For Entrepreneur Louis Chenevert

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Louis Chenevert started out as General Motors and eventually made it to being the chief executive officer of United Technologies. He is now a financial advisor at Goldman Sachs. His career has been fueled by a lot of hard work and achieving his professional goals. He grew up in a middle class household in Montreal, Quebec.


He was born in 1958. He developed an interest in how business works and being an entrepreneur when he was in his teens. He grew up being instilled with an attitude that being dedicated to advancing your career would result in success. He is a graduate of the University of Montreal’s HEC Montreal Business School. He has a degree in production management which he first put to use at General Motors. His job there as a production manager was to make sure the products he was in charge of were of high quality, the correct amount, and produced at top speed. By keeping costs low he did his part to make sure General Motors increased their revenues and profits.


After 14 years Louis Chenevert left the auto industry behind and moved into the aerospace industry. His first job in this industry was as an executive at Pratt & Whitney Canada, beginning in 1993. He became president in 1999 and stayed in this position until 2006. The parent company of this business is United Technologies. In 2006 he became the chairman of this company and before long was named as the new chief executive officer. United Technologies is a huge company in the aerospace industry and also manufactures other products as well such as elevators and HVACs. He says that moving up to leading this company was like entering the major leagues as a baseball player.


One of his legacies at United Technologies is the geared turbofan engine. He invested $10 billion in this engine which has revolutionized the aerospace industry, allowing for cheaper flights and lower volumes of engine sound. Over 14 airlines around the world now use this engine on some of their planes and Louis Chenevert played the biggest part in this coming about.

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A Broad Overview of Jeunesse Global LuminesceTM Line Products

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Jeunesse is an organization which was incepted in 2009, and it is a global direct selling firm with a mission for making people look and feel young by encouraging them to unleash their potential. Over time, it has posted impressive growth, and its extraordinary growth has been recognized through being awarded more than thirty times since 2014. Furthermore, Jeunesse was founded by Randy Ray being the Chief Executive Officer, Wendy Lewis being the COO, and Scott Lewis the Chief Visionary Officer. As scholars always say that unity is strength and teamwork is the key to success thus the growth of this company, it’s due to the hard work and continued support by its employees and distributors in achieving its mission and goals.


Jeunesse offers a variety of product and which have been sub-divided in various groups such as; Instantly Ageless, Zen Bodi Line, Nutritional line and lastly Luminesce Line. Within this subdivision, there is a different product offered as discussed in detail below.


Luminesce Line being the first division it consists of various products such as Luminesce Cellular Rejuvenation Serum. It is a serum that was made to existence by a dermatologist, and its formula is highly concentrated with APT-200 which aid in keeping an individual’s skin glowing and magically removes the wrinkles. It, therefore, creates a youthful looking by rejuvenating one’s skin.

Luminesce daily moisturizing complex is another product under the sub-division LuminesceTM Line which is a lotion that is designed to moisturize one’s face since in the Earth’s atmosphere some properties aid in drying one’s skin. Its formula contains APT-200, and it also needs the sun’s protection which is enriched with a Spectrum SPF 30.


The third product under the same sub-division is Luminesce Advanced Night Repair which aids an individual’s skin to repair itself while he/she is sleeping. It has also been designed with a formula which is highly concentrated with APT-200, and it helps in erasing fine line and wrinkles, therefore, maintaining a youthful look. LuminesceTM essential body renewal, LuminesceTM Youth restoring cleanser, and LuminesceTM Ultimate lifting Masque are all products of Jeunesse under the LuminesceTM Line sub-division. In general, these entire products help in maintaining a youthful looking and feeling to an individual.

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Bob Reina: He Has Morals and Values

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A lot of people get into a position of power and it does crazy things to them. They think they are a big shot and they think they can talk down to people and treat them like garbage. They think they are better than other people and other people are beneath them. It is why it is so amazing how humble and down to earth Bob Reina is as a human being. He is able to pull off the amazing feat of being someone that people feel comfortable talking to while also having an aura about him to where when he walks into a room, people stand up and pay attention to him. It is not forced respect either. It is earned.

Bob Reina has earned it the old fashioned way, which is with his actions. Keep in mind, this man didn’t need to start up Talk Fusion, give out free trials, or give money to all of these charities. He did it because he wanted to do it and because it matters to him. He has a strong moral compass, and it is impossible for him to ever sway from that. He sticks with it because it is who he is and it is how he was raised. This is not just smoke and mirrors. It is the human being that Bob Reina has always been from day one. Learn more:

Some people were put on this earth to do really special things, and Bob Reina is one of those people. He was put on this earth to really make a huge splash, and he has done that in law enforcement and also with his video technology company Talk Fusion. It is very exciting to see what Talk Fusion is going to do next and how they are going to keep growing as the years go by, as they are now eleven years old.

They have kept things fresh, interesting, and unique througho1ut those eleven years because Bob Reina knows how to hire the right people and get out of their way and let them do what they do best.



Shervin Pishevar’s Strategic Rant

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Everyone has his or her own idea of why founder of Sherpa Capital Shervin Pishevar went on a rant for 21 hours straight.

Some believe the man simply wanted to enlighten people on what is happening in our world.

Others feel Shervin Pishevar is simply trying to divert attention away from his own misdeeds.

One thing’s for certain, however; this rant has got people talking.

Talking about what, exactly?

About everything

Among the topics in Shervin Pishevar’s rants was the claim that big business has “too much power” and is making it increasingly hard for small companies to thrive.

The five specific companies that Pishevar mentioned include

  • Amazon
  • Alphabet
  • Microsoft
  • Facebook
  • Apple

Each of these are beloved companies that probably won’t see a decline in business simply based off of Pishevar’s claims.

Business will continue to boom for these giants simply because customers love the products and are fond of the names behind the products.

Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, for example, are names that people will know forever. These men will be remembered for their hard work and the way they changed their own lives and the lives of others.

The products are loved simply because people use them personally and professionally.

Take Microsoft, for example.

Microsoft has a software called PowerPoint that people use to make slides for both business use and personal use.

Many times families attend a funeral of a loved one. What is one of the things that they see?

A slideshow of the great times they had when their loved one was still with them. This slide show was probably made using PowerPoint.

The same goes for Facebook:

people use it to stay connected to friends and family and to market their businesses.

Some people have increased their net worth exponentially simply by buying ad space on Facebook.

These companies have changed the way that people live their lives and do business.

More and more people will learn about the benefits of the products these companies offer, and the companies themselves will continue to improve their products, so if Shervin Pishevar’s goal here was to slander big business, it probably won’t work.


What David McDonald Of OSI Group Does For His Alma Mater

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David McDonald of OSI Group LLC grew up on a farm in the northeastern corner of the state of Iowa. He has an undergraduate degree in animal science that he earned at Iowa State University in 1987. Once he completed his college degree he moved to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and went to work at the headquarters of OSI Group. He was steadily promoted over the course of his career and now he is both the president of this company as well as its chief operations officer, and learn more about David McDonald.

The company David McDonald works for is a global food processing company which is privately held. When he joined OSI Group it was doing business across North America and in Europe. A few years after he joined his company expanded into Asia and Australia. He says that the owner of the company, CEO Sheldon Lavin, has a strong appetite for growth. He says the culture at OSI Group is built on a solid foundation of wanting to grow this company as well as consistently improving it. The ultimate goal, he says, is to become the premier global food provider to the best branded companies in the world, and

As someone who doesn’t forget his roots, David McDonald has been very active in supporting Iowa State University and its students over the years. For example, he wanted to support this university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. To do so he made all of the arrangements in 2011 for a group of agricultural students visiting one of OSI Group’s food processing facilities in China. One of these students now works for his company. He also encourages ISU students to intern at his company so that they have experience in the food and beverage industry and learn valuable business skills, and resume him.

David Mcdonald also financially supports scholarships for students in the fraternity he is part of, Alpha Gamma Rho. Another nonprofit he supports is the St. Michael Parrish which is located in Wheaton, Illinois. In his personal life he has six children with his wife, Malinda, and they live in Wheaton. He is gratified that his two oldest children go to Iowa State and he believes his other children will do so as well, and more information click here.


Home Projects Get Done With Aloha Construction

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If you have a project you need to get done at home, you need a construction company that you can fully trust. While there are lots of companies out there, not all of them are experienced, insured and licensed. When you work with the professionals, you get professional quality work. This is where Aloha Construction comes into play for anyone living in Illinois who needs quality work done on their home. Aloha Construction has been in the construction business for well over a decade. They are owned and operated by the same family that started the business many years ago. Because of their work with locals, a lot of clients come back to them for more work because they are trustworthy highly reliable.

Aloha Construction offers several home-based and even office-based services. If you need a new roof put on, the folks at Aloha Construction can do the job for you. They work with financing experts to get better financing options for customers who cannot afford the work to be done upfront. You can also contact this company if you need new siding, new windows, interior work done or if you just need a home inspection. In fact, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections to those who are planning to use their company if work is needed. These free inspections can save you hundreds compared to other companies that charge full price for them.

When you hire Aloha Construction, they will send their professional team of construction contractors out to your home or place of business for a full evaluation and assessment. This will give them a feel for what type of work is necessary. According to what you need and what you want to have done, they can begin the work on a specified budget so that you’re left feeling good about the job being completed. Before, you might have put off hiring a contractor because of all that was involved and the price associated with the work, but this company is different because they have done these types of projects before and know that homeowners need quality work on a dime.

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Adam Milstein: Philanthropic Role Model

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In the business world, there are metrics to measure a leader’s success. But what does good look like in the philanthropic world? Jake Hyman, in a recent Forbes article, outlined five habits of effective philanthropists. Applying this rubric to Adam Milstein’s philanthropic career shows that he is someone we can look to as a role model of effective philanthropy.

  1. Be an expert on a cause or a community. In his philanthropy, Milstein has focused on supporting the causes of Israeli-Americans, like himself, and become an expert on their needs.


  1. Use philanthropy to spread information and change the field. Some philanthropists speak of how much money they gave, Adam Milstein can say instead, that without a doubt, his philanthropy has dramatically altered the Israeli-American community. When Milstein first arrived in the United States, Israeli’s were not embraced by the American Jewish community as they were too identified with Israel. Because they lived outside of Israel, Israeli’s never fully accepted them. Israeli-Americans were isolated from their current country, from their homeland, and from each other. Milstein promoted the idea that “Israeli Americans are Americans and our home is in America while our Jewish homeland will always be Israel.” Through the Milstein Family Foundation, started with his wife, Milstein helped found the Israeli-America Council (IAC). From humble beginnings in 2007 the IAC is now a national organization, serving over 150,000 with 6 regional offices.


  1. Be a participating grant maker. In his work with the IAC and its designation of being the fastest growing Jewish organization in America, Adam Milstein showed the achievements that occur when philanthropists share power and resources.


  1. Play for the long term. Not content to fund immediate needs or small efforts, Adam Milstein’s vision was and is to strengthen the identity of Israeli-Americans and further their bonds with Americans and with their homeland.


  1. Understand the economics of grant-making. The Milstein Family Foundation disperses its funds strategically to support the AIC for the long-term while granting yearly funds and/or single grants to educational, medical and community programs in both Israel and America.

Named one of the world’s top 50 most influential Jews by the Jerusalem Post, Adam Milstein practices effective philanthropy every day. The next generation of philanthropists, by following the lessons learned from Milstein’s record, are positioned to write a whole new future for the charities they support.


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Whitney Wolfe Herd And Her Rise To The Top

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When you create an app as popular as Bumble, it’s something you want to celebrate and let the world know about. Everyone wants to see app make it into the news and everyone has their own ideas about how we need to go about doing things in the tech world. Few people manage to get as far as Wolfe has in getting their agenda into practice, but she is determined and has a drive few others do. It’s no surprise she has managed to make herself one of the most recognized names under 30

Bumble has just about everything that you could possibly want in a social media app. It has expanded beyond the borders of dating to include friend and business connecting as well. This tour de force is changing the way that the world of social media operates and giving us an entirely new way of thinking about n the world of tech. Giving people the ability to do just what they want with her platform is certainly one of the main draws, but that only captures a sliver of what makes Bumble what it is. Her drive towards feminism and giving people something that reflects that is an even bigger reason behind the app’s success.

Whitney Wolfe is a feminist and she wants to make it known that Bumble is going to reflect that in every way possible. Women are always the first ones to make moves in all encounters between men and women. This changes things dramatically and turns the situation onto its head. You won’t see the same dynamics playing out on Bumble that you might see on other apps. The app is built in such a way that you’re going to see women in a position of power that dating apps haven’t considered before.

Anybody can look at Whitney Wolfe Herd and see that she managed to make something of herself despite the fact that she hasn’t even turned 30. Most CEOs are never going to reach her status by her age. Most will probably end up dropping out as the stress of running business weighs on them. Her ability to change things around is something that won’t be forgotten. People want what Whitney Wolfe Herd has created and it will eventually turn into a billion dollar empire. We just have to wait for it all to play out at the end of the day.

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