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Eric Lefkofsky; The Compassionate Investor in Cancer Treatments

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It is one thing to be an entrepreneur and it is another to be a compassionate one. Eric Lefkofsky is one of the outstanding and kindhearted entrepreneurs. After critically observing field of medicine, Eric could not help but notice the mess the world is facing due to cancer. With his caring heart and his financial outreaches, he began the journey towards developing a cure for cancer. Though not fully developed thus far, he has managed to come up with an approach that aims at managing the effects of this killer disease through his reputable firm Tempus.

Prior Cancer

An analysis conducted by Surveillance, Epidemiology and End Results Program indicates that a sizeable percentage of American residents have a history of prior cancer. For this reason, it has become paramount to understand the impact of the findings in enhancing cancer clinical trials, trial, outcomes, and the overall patient experience.

Cancer Survivors

Current records show that the population of cancer survivors is increasing significantly. How is this possible? Well, the nation’s healthcare sector has experienced considerable improvements especially in the area of cancer treatment and screening efforts have intensified. Consequently, victims of the dreaded disease have an additional five to 10 years to enjoy their lives.

Unfortunately, prior cancer survivors are often left out of cancer clinical trials. In as much as they would like to be part of the process, these survivors are left out due to critical cancer treatment decisions. If incorporated, they risk interrupting their initial treatment management plans that are likely to impact on the outcomes of both the trial and their treatment. Nonetheless, efforts to understand prior cancer are being heightened in order to improve trials and disease outcomes.

Lefkofsky’s Action

Eric Lefkofsky, a prolific healthcare entrepreneur, has taken these efforts a notch higher. Eric is the Co-founder and the President of Tempus, a health technology firm that applies advanced technology to treat cancer. In collaboration with doctors, he has been able to acquire data from breast, lung, and pancreatic cancer patients and use it to develop personalized and real-time cancer treatments through innovative genomic sequencing and analysis.

Eric Lefkofsky’s determination to manage cancer has seen him come-up with care plans and treatments that are way better for most the patients. Eric believes in his efforts and is optimistic that the next breakthrough in cancer treatment will originate from his firm.

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Oncotarget Positive News Article

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As you look on Oncotarget, you can see where you can submit research and review research as needed. You get to see what peers are researching and reviewing among each other. They are covering research on Oncology. Oncotarget publishers also publishes papers in the fields of Endocrinology, Immunology, Age-Related Diseases, Pathology, and Physiology, which tie into tumor development in human organism, all in the attempt to better help man-kind. They also have sections that reach beyond Oncology, which include Gerotarget, Chromosomes, all disciplines of Pathology, Cell Diseases, and Autophagy.

There’s also a section for various other researchers just click on Editorial and soon there will be a section for Stem Cell and Neuroscience.Oncotarget gives you a chance to see what’s been discovered out there so you can better see what hasn’t been discovered. More and more of your peers are using Oncotarget to review research and submit research of their own. Oncotarget allows for all fresh and seasoned minds which have the heart, passion, courage and, skill set to come up with incentive ways to help loved ones survive through some of the toughest chronic diseases. Oncotarget peers of professionals are highly educated in the fields they publish their research on, and all education backgrounds are validated.

If you want to learn how to utilize this amazing website for your benefit and the benefit of all man-kind Oncotarget is not a place for peers to degrade each other’s research, or to feel superior if there happens to be a conflict of interest among researchers, Oncotarget is a place to humbly combine some of the greatest minds of our time to bring up the quality of research to better serve our humanity in that special kind of way that only scientist can.

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What History cannot tell you about Eric Lefkofsky

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In the world we live in, not many people dream to make it big in life. However, of those who dare to dream, 100% of their wishes come true. Focused on attaining greatness, they overcome all the hurdles that come their way, emerging victorious in the end. Some of the famous and wealthy personalities in the world, the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs just to mention but a few, have lived a life that is a real manifestation of a dream come true. It is without saying that Eric Lefkofsky has joined the billionaire’s table. With a net worth of $1.97 billion, Eric Lefkofsky has managed to do the impossible almost all his life. The 47-year-old entrepreneur is not only the Founder and CEO of Tempus but also the co-founder of corporations like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake, and Lightbank. Wow, what a fantastic streak! As it is apparent, Eric’s resume speaks for itself.

The alumnus of the Southfield-Lathrup High School, the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School has a Juris Doctorate that has enabled him to be a top performer all his life. Through his company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to create a one of a kind operating system aimed at spearheading the fight against cancer. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky, the use of precision medicine in the fight against cancer has become real. Today, cancer patients are more likely to undergo a favorable prognosis as compared to a decade ago, all because Tempus has made the above possible and learn more about Eric.

For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky has contributed both money and energy to organizations that fight cancer. It is because of Eric’s hard work that he now serves institutions like The Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and the University of Chicago. Although previous assessments show that the number of people living with cancer would grow to 19 million by 2024, current statistics show that the above number is rapidly dwindling by the hour. Without the genius in Eric Lefkofsky, people would continue to die from cancer even in a technologically advanced world and more information click here.

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Omar Boraie Supports The Efforts Of Rutgers Cancer Institute By Setting Up A Chair

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Omar Boraie, the President of a New Brunswick-based real estate development firm Boraie Development LLC., and a well-known philanthropist extended his support to set up a Chair n Genomic Science at Rutgers Cancer Institute, The effort is to help the institute’s mission to advance in precision medicine to mainly help different cancer treatments. The institute is known for excellent education and high-class research in fostering the best talents to address the needs of modern medicine, especially in cancer treatments.

Omar has pledged $1.5 million for setting up the chair, and it is named as Omar Boraie Chair. The press release published in newswise states that the precision medicine in genomic science is focusing on how to diagnose and treat various cancers at a genetic level. It can give better outcomes, and by considering the impact of the treatment, former U.S. President Barack Obama also endorsed the treatment method in treating cancers as it gives individualized therapies. It should be noted that Rutgers Institute is the first institute in the country using genomic sequencing as a precision medicine method in patient care. Genomic sequencing is very useful in treating rare types of cancers, and the cancers with treatment options are ineffective or limited.

The progress in precision medicine would help the physicians to classify cancers into different subgenres with similar characteristics with different genetics, as this can give specific individual therapies to ensure a better outcome. “The researchers at the institute could achieve significant results in even cancers that no longer responsive. Consider if they could transmit the benefit to all the cancer patients? I hope that my contribution would help them to make significant results in precision medicine research,” said Boraie. “Mr. Omar Boraie was always in the front to make New Brunswick as a health city. His new initiative would make a tremendous impact in cancer diagnosis and treatment, it would also help millions of cancer patients across the globe,” said Robert S. DiPaola, MD, Director of Rutgers Cancer Institute.

Shridar Ganesan, MD, Ph.D., principal investigator in precision medicine trials and associate director of translational science at the institute is named as the chair. He is a medical oncologist and has more than ten years of experience at the Institute. “Since the cancer is not a single type and it is much better to classify according to the features than organ affected, the genomic analysis can open doors to better sub-classification that can help us in delivering tailored and precise therapy,” Ganesan said. “I am honored to be named as the chair, and this pledge would help to advance the research in precise medicine that can benefit all the cancer patients.”