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Logan Stout: An Interview With The Founder Of IDLife

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Logan Stout is an established and well-known entrepreneur. Last June, the businessman was interviewed by IdeaMensch. Let’s talk about what was said during that interview, so you have a better understanding of who he is and what makes him a successful businessman.

IDNutrition: Where Did The Idea Come From
CEO Logan Stout got the idea for IDNutrition, part of his company IDLife, after he met with a doctor. He said the doctor created a vitamin program and it was a first because it was a customized program. After he met with the doctor, he decided to acquire the program and renamed it IDNutrition.

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A Typical Day
In the interview, the businessman talked about what a typical day looks like. He discussed how he makes his day productive. Stout’s day are pretty much the same, at least they are from Monday through Friday. He has an IDLife Shake upon waking up, takes his vitamins and then an energy drink before getting his day started. Other things he does in the mornings is read his bible and do a bit of developmental reading according to

After all that, he gets into a little bit of work. In the middle of the day, he picks his kids up from schools, has dinner with them and spends time with his family. He then does a few more hours of work.

Bringing Ideas To Life
He brings ideas to life by brain storming. His goal is to get many people into a single room, but people he respects and then he collaborates with them. He also believes there are no bad ideas.

The secret behind the success of Logan Stout really isn’t a secret. When it comes down to it, it all boils down to his determination, passion for helping others and the fact that he has a very strong work ethic.

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Omar Boraie: Real Estate Development

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This is a business process based on developing urban states that already exist or starting new ones. The developers of real estate are people or industries that do all these activities and making ideas to real estates. There are many tasks to developing real estate like purchasing land, determine the market, finance, create and control the process of development. All risks associated with real estate are upon the developers.


The biggest project in Atlantic City is ongoing and aimed to bring 250 new apartments in the city and targeted to open in the next summer. This project will be the first market-rate development in the city in about 25 years.


According to NY Times, this project is in accordance with a report released by the press that toured a project site by Boraie Development, LLC which is rising fast and is aimed to serve many workers in the resort town (approximately 50,000 people).


The Boraie Development, LLC is a firm that does reliable projects. They have unique projects that attract tenants, residents and business fields. They have done many projects that have given them credit like developing, managing and marketing real estates.


This is a great development in the city’s growth over a long period of time since the Casinos around overtook the industry by making the city’s developments dormant. But since the casinos were closed, it gave enough space that has made the city more industrial and grows at a high rate. This growth will give more opportunity and employment to the unemployed. You can search on Yahoo to see more.


The Vice president Sam Boraie told the press that “new generation of tenants knows what they want.” In this project, the aim is to provide the modern housing facility and amenities such as pool and gym which will be opposite of the present housing which is old in high percentage.



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Paul Mampilly gives his take on 3-D printing in the construction industry

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X1 is a robot developed by Cazza. Cazza is a 3-D printing company. X1 can be able to 3-D print a house in less than 7 days. It has already 3-D printed several structures such as warehouses, commercial buildings, and villas. Cazza explains that 3-D printing of houses can cut building and construction costs by a massive 40 percent and building construction time to just seven days. This is to say that a house that would ordinarily cost $50,000 to erect, 3-D printing would bring the cost down to just $30,000.

Working with facts and figures from the authorities, the potential costs of the hurricanes have been estimated to around $340 billion. If for instance, we say that 30 percent of the damages were done to houses and other buildings, employing Cazza’s X1 technology to rebuild everything that was destroyed in the hurricanes could save up to $40.8 billion. That is totally incredible!

Amazon Is Going to Crush This Entire Group of Companies. #Amazon #Investing #Stocks #BanyanHill $amzn $cvs $wba

— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) October 12, 2017

About Paul Mampilly

In the year 2016, Paul Mampilly started serving as a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He focuses on helping day-to-day Americans grow their fortunes by carefully investing in small-cap stocks, technology, and other special opportunities.

Paul Mampilly began his career in 1991 as a portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. He then progressed quickly to important positions at various firms such as ING and the Deutsche Bank, managing multimillion-dollar accounts.


The Templeton Foundation invited Paul Mampilly to participate in their prominent investment competition. The starting investment was $50 million, Paul generated a return by increasing the investment to $88 million in just one year. The icing on the cake is that all this happened during the financial crisis of 2008 and 2009.

Ultimately, Paul got weary of the hustle and bustle of Wall Street and making money for the super-rich that make up a paltry 1% of society, he consequently chose to retire so that he could spend more time with his family.

This is not to say that Paul is out of the game completely, he is still an investor and has since shifted his focus to helping everyday Americans grow wealth by investing wisely. This is one of the reasons he founded Profits Unlimited and Extreme Fortunes newsletters to help him in this endeavor. This year, Paul is also expected to launch a new research service called True Momentum. Considering the success his newsletters have had, this is definitely something to watch out for, and


Freedom Debt Relief Has Some Tips For Your Financial Protection

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If there is one thing that Freedom Debt Relief is dedicated to, it would be educating the public on financial issues. Freedom Debt Relief policies have existed for many years to help the public understand their financial decisions and serve as a resource for them and read full article.


If you are truly extremely nervous about a credit breach, you could strongly consider contacting the other credit bureaus and having a credit freeze placed with them. This is a nifty new approach that will prevent a scammer from stealing your identity in order to open credit. Moreover, “freezing” your credit is also very nifty because it often can be “thawed” with just a pin code and learn more about Freedom Debt Relief.


Please also be aware that frequent monitoring of your personal accounts is a must to catch ID thieves. Many of these criminals will “test” an account by using smaller unusual transactions before they graduate to a higher prize. Moreover, you also need to be extremely watchful of all of your personal passwords. In all honesty, it really isn’t wise for you to have passwords that are named after birthdays or names of spouses, children or family members. Passwords need to be extremely obscure so that a would-be thief cannot guess it easily. Hard? You bet it is. However, protecting your financial information is always a wise move as the folks at Freedom Debt Relief will always attest and

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Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Career At Bradesco – He Mixed Things Up There, Too

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Bradesco is one of the most well-established banks in all of Brazil, founded in 1943 and holding the rank of largest or second-largest bank by either total assets or number of accounts throughout most of its history. Amador Aguiar created Banco Bradesco in Marilia, Sao Paulo, the same place where its contemporary Chief Executive Officer was born, just eight years after Aguiar created the formerly small bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the name of Bradesco’s current CEO, having worked up to the position by dedicating his entire working life to the financial institution. As a matter of fact, Banco Bradesco is the only place Mr. Trabuco has worked since he was initially brought on board as a clerk in 1969.

Prior to entering the workforce, Mr. Trabuco earned two college degrees that have proven themselves instrumental in blasting his way through the ranks of Bradesco’s corporate headquarters.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco moved to metropolitan Sao Paulo, five hours of highway driving away from his hometown of Marilia, to attend the most reputable educational institution in all of Brazil – the Univerisity of Sao Paulo. He first targeted a Philosophy degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, and Human Sciences at USP, then moved on to the Foundational School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo for a postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology. After working diligently towards his academic goals, the teenaged Mr. Trabuco moved back to Marilia, finding work at Bradesco within days of placing an application with the financial institution.

In 1971, he was selected to work at Bradesco’s headquarters, accepting the position and moving from Marilia to Osasco. Throughout the years, he bounced around various positions, eventually landing as the Chief Executive Officer in 2009.


Although the pinnacle of his career is obviously his leading of Bradesco as its CEO since 2009, Mr. Trabuco did very well when he was the President of Bradesco Seguros. Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned awards as the Insurance Personality of the Year in both 2006 and 2007 on behalf of Sincor-SP, a board that sets standards for the private insurance sector and its participants in Brazil.

Mr. Trabuco changed several things around Bradesco, starting when he was appointed to the position of Director of Marketing in 1984. Amador Aguiar’s initial idea was to treat everyone the same at Banco Bradesco in all aspects of operations. While Bradesco’s employees obviously talk to all customers with respect, don’t talk behind customers’ backs, and so on, Mr. Trabuco birthed the idea to segment and target customers based on demographics, financial data, and other information.

Segmenting customers allowed employees to engage in particular means of communication, promotion, and marketing that are tailored to groups of customers’ preferences. This resulted in an increased overall performance at Bradesco, reaping as much activity from customers as possible.

Another idea Luiz Carlos Trabuco had was to open the bank’s affairs to the public through press releases. Bradesco possessed a sense of transparency and openness starting in 1984, boosting existing and potential customers’ ideas about what Bradesco stood for. Prior to Trabuco taking over as the Director of Marketing, journalists weren’t at all welcome to current events and planning going on inside the financial institution. Opening up the bank’s proverbial windows to the media increased publicity, resulting in more customers, as well as raising customers’ opinions of Banco Bradesco.

As part of Mr. Trabuco’s efforts to target various groups of customers, the financial institution has numerous divisions and departments for serving certain types of patrons. For example, some employees are trained to deal specifically with high-value customers, while others are taught how to provide quality insurance plans to those seeking policies.

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Adam Milstein Is Known For Being An Active Philanthropist

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He is one of the founders of the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation. There are charitable as well as philanthropic services being provided by this Foundation to several organizations. This would help to strengthen the Jews, along with the State of Israel. He is trying to the U.S. and Israel relationship this way and what Adam Milstein knows.

These philanthropic services coming in from Adam Milstein include consulting, along with partnership development. His Foundation is also involved in fundraising as that helps to support programs. These can be in the field of Jewish education, as well as Jewish continuity, along with Pro-Israel advocacy. The operations of his philanthropic philosophy include some unique principles and his Twitter.

One of the principles is Active Philanthropy. What this means is that Adam Milstein, along with the Milstein Family Foundation as well as its staff will be investing a large part of their time skills to all the programs, and projects as well as organizations which they support. This would include the financial resources too.
Another principle can be termed the Life Path Impact. In this, Adam Milstein is looking for, funding as well as developing those organizations which are continuously engaging their target audiences through the different stages of life. This is managed by creating programs that are tailored specifically for childhood, besides adolescence, along with the various phases of adulthood. In this way, organizations can maintain a deep connection with their target audience.

Next is the Philanthropic Synergy which is the other aspect of the philanthropy of Adam Milstein. It is providing funding as well as guidance in order to assist various philanthropic organizations in enhancing their impact. This is done by developing various programmable partnerships as well as synergies along with several other non-profit entities that are working towards mutually shared goals and more information click here.

Adam Milstein belongs to Israel. He was born in Haifa. His mother is a home maker while his father is a real estate developer. Both his parents are immigrants. His mother belongs to Mexico while his father belongs to Argentina. Then his family moved to Kiryat Yam and KiryatMotzkin from Haifa. This was where Adam Milstein spent his early years and his Facebook.

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José Henrique Borghi Provides Advertising Advice

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Effective advertising helps businesses and marketers to reach their target market and get potential customers to respond favorably. It creates awareness and helps convey your message to the people who are already searching for the information or product you are presenting.

If you’re getting ready to advertise or promote your business or product in Brazil, let José Henrique Borghi can help you. José Henrique Borghi is one of the top advertising consultants in Brazil and he has great expertise in all aspects of business promotions and advertising strategies.

José Henrique Borghi runs a prominent ad agency called Mullen Lowe. His clients come from all walks of life and include enterprises, business owners, corporate executives and other professionals. He provides a wide variety of marketing and advertising services and produces satisfactory results for his clients.

Hiring the services of an experienced and reputable marketing or advertising consultant can really help you get more customers and grow your business.

José Henrique Borghi has a team of professionals who handles advertising and marketing projects for their clients. José Henrique Borghi and his expert team come highly recommended due to their superior advertising and marketing services.

If you’re not promoting or marketing your product in the right manner you are certainly going to have a hard time getting potential customers to pay attention, or respond to your offers. It takes great skills to create advertising material or message that gets attention and stimulate interest.

José Henrique Borghi has the skills and experience to help you gain the exposure you desire and grow your business. He knows exactly what will trigger a prospect to purchase a certain product. He then manipulates the right triggers and develops a promotional strategy or an advertising campaign that brings attracts people towards the product.

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Equity First Holdings the Best Finance Giant

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Equity First Holdings is a finance giant that has been offering people with various finance and investment advisories. The company has been in operation since the year 2012. It offers shareholding financing and loans services that enable their clients to meet financial objectives in traded stock. Equity First Holdings has in its few years of operations partnered with banks, law firms both local and international and even custodian banks to ensure financial services are available upon request.

The company, Equity First Holdings was previously called Meridian Equity Partners LTD but it changed under the assistance of Morgan Lewis and Global Law Firms. Stock based loans help institutions to attract higher margin loans. The services have coincided with times that banks have tough rules when it comes to securing loans and therefore a bigger advantage for small businesses. Most beneficiaries are the small investors as well as big institutions. Previously, small investors used to be ignored but with Equity First Holdings, their interests are greatly considered and more information click here.

Equity First Holding has best solutions for individuals and also corporates. They have offices in more than five countries around the World and therefore making their services available to many people. Their investment solutions are also unique and therefore one prefers their services more than those offered by banks and other institutions and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

They also have the best financial assistance and advisory services. That enables potential investors to make the right decisions before joining them. Equity First Holdings is, therefore, the best and most available investment company and its Website.

In conclusion and the most important thing to note, Equity First Holdings process of getting a loan is very simple. You only require having enough stock so that you can get the loan. You do not have to go through the entire loan registration process and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.

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What History cannot tell you about Eric Lefkofsky

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In the world we live in, not many people dream to make it big in life. However, of those who dare to dream, 100% of their wishes come true. Focused on attaining greatness, they overcome all the hurdles that come their way, emerging victorious in the end. Some of the famous and wealthy personalities in the world, the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs just to mention but a few, have lived a life that is a real manifestation of a dream come true. It is without saying that Eric Lefkofsky has joined the billionaire’s table. With a net worth of $1.97 billion, Eric Lefkofsky has managed to do the impossible almost all his life. The 47-year-old entrepreneur is not only the Founder and CEO of Tempus but also the co-founder of corporations like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake, and Lightbank. Wow, what a fantastic streak! As it is apparent, Eric’s resume speaks for itself.

The alumnus of the Southfield-Lathrup High School, the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School has a Juris Doctorate that has enabled him to be a top performer all his life. Through his company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to create a one of a kind operating system aimed at spearheading the fight against cancer. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky, the use of precision medicine in the fight against cancer has become real. Today, cancer patients are more likely to undergo a favorable prognosis as compared to a decade ago, all because Tempus has made the above possible and learn more about Eric.

For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky has contributed both money and energy to organizations that fight cancer. It is because of Eric’s hard work that he now serves institutions like The Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and the University of Chicago. Although previous assessments show that the number of people living with cancer would grow to 19 million by 2024, current statistics show that the above number is rapidly dwindling by the hour. Without the genius in Eric Lefkofsky, people would continue to die from cancer even in a technologically advanced world and more information click here.

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Tim Armour Comments on Buffett Bet

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For the past fifty years, Warren Buffett has continued to be one of the best investors in the world. He has turned a number of his investments into major corporations and is now one of the wealthiest people in the world. Buffett is also well known for providing people with sound financial advice, which can help them to build a long-term strong investment portfolio.

In 2016, Buffett made a bold statement that it would always be better to invest in index funds as opposed to actively managed hedge funds. The reason for this is that the hedge funds charge high fees while index funds are very cheap. Buffett even entered into a friendly competition with a number of high profile funds to prove that his strategy was correct.

After a six month competition, Buffett was found to be the winner as the index funds earned a higher investment return over that period of time compared to the competition. While Buffet did win the bet, not all people are sure that his investment suggestion is still the best option. One person that has suggested another approach is Tim Armour, who is one of the heads of The Capital Group.

Tim Armour stated that one of the reasons that Buffett won the bet was because he made the bet during a bull market. The value of hedge funds often comes during bear markets when the stock markets can decline considerably. During these time periods, hedge funds are able to make investments to hedge against market declines. Tim Armour further stated that during his twenty year run with The Capital Group, the company has had an investment return of 1.5% annually on average higher than the returns earned by index funds. Over the course of a long period of time, this could add up to a big difference in profitability. Click here to know more.

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