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Whitney Wolfe Love Story

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Whitney Wolfe is known to many as the queen of online dating. The businesswoman founded a powerful dating application several years, and this is the reasons she rose to fame in a very short time. Wolfe has been working as the Chief Executive Officer of Bumble since she introduced it to the market several years ago. The matchmaking business has been doing so well, and the app has increased its followers significantly. At the moment, Bumble shows that it has more than twenty million users from various parts of the country. Her unique approach in dating has given the modern woman a special role, and this is why application has been accepted in many parts of the world. The feminist approach when it comes to online dating is not common to any other platforms in the country. Wolfe believes that it is possible for the woman to make the important first move so that a relationship can start. The company has been shocking its clients because of its expansion. Recently, Bumble launched a sister app that was named Bumble BFF. The new app was started for women to interact and share different experiences in life.


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Last year, Whitney Wolfe held a prestigious wedding that was attended by powerful businessmen in world. According to the guests who were invited, the wedding was out of this world. Wolfe married a longtime boyfriend, Michael Herd. Herd has invested heavily in the restaurant and energy market, and he is very wealthy. The love birds tied the knot at a time when many people in the world did not expect it. The love story of the two influential business people has been shared in many platforms, and it shows that women in the community can take the lead and start successful relationships.

Whitney Wolfe says that she met her husband, Herd five years ago when she was going for a vacation in Aspen. The two were with their families when they met. At first, Herd did not know how to Ski, and Wolfe felt that he was wasting his time by being on vacation. Wolfe decided to help Herd learn the ski game, and this is how their love story started. Wolfe was excited about the relationship and the role she had played. Several years later, Herd decided to propose to his love so that they could settle down. After the proposal, the wedding plans started, although most of the details of the prestigious event were kept away from the public.

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David McDonald: Consistancy

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In life to ever make a difference we have to a pick a road and follow its course. We cannot be inconsistent in work or decisions. If we make wise choices concerning our road in life and then follow through to the end instead of changing paths and directions, we can eventually get somewhere desirable. Even when success or promotions may seem far if we keep going we can achieve anything. A person whose life echoes this sentiment is the very successful David McDonald.

David McDonald id the president of OSI group. This company works and processes food items. Born in Iowa he graduated college with a degree in Animal Science. He worked for a while and then became through years of effort the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This job and position were very good, but he saw an even better opportunity in his future. He started working with OSI eventually left his presidential position to get a moderately good position there as a project manager. He committed to this job and how now been with it for over 30 years. He has made numerous contributions to it and its success. Somewhere on his 30-year tenure he finally became the president of the company. David McDonalds work has led them buying the Dutch meat processing company Baho Foods. This was a strategic step and now the company will slowly start to work its way into Europe. Under his influence the company has led to a lot of expansion and the y even have at least 10 facilities in china.

David went back to the bottom when he switched companies but through hard work and being reliable over time he once again became the president of a company. His strategy of really connecting with cultures that they encounter and fostering a bond has made a lot of difference in his company’s success. These partnerships in his opinion aren’t easy to develop but they always provide value. David McDonald is looking forward to more working and getting involved with new endeavors and markets. He is a true example of man that mad a decision to change his life and really followed through overtime. He really shows that consistency is key.

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Ivy League School Alum Peter Briger Invests In Past, Present And Future

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Billionaires are paid well because they lead the world in innovations. They start a brand, like Facebook or the Fortress Investment Groups, which are firsts of their kind. The wise re-invest in the past, present and future, just like Peter Briger is doing at Princeton.

Past Legacy

Princeton freshmen have plenty of potential, but have not really accomplished much of note. When Peter Briger arrived at Princeton, did he really imagine that he would be a billionaire one day? He might have hoped so, but he didn’t have the connections to make this dream come true. Princeton did.

The Princeton professors understood how the world worked. They had had alumni, like President John F. Kennedy walk through their hallways. They continued to maintain valuable ties with the rich and powerful.

When Peter Briger enrolled at Princeton, he was given a chance. He could learn from those who had built up human knowledge for millennia. He was not a billionaire, he was a freshman. He was the lowest on the totem pole.

He paid his dues. He worked at Goldman Sachs. Was he given this opportunity because one of the Goldman Sachs executives was a Princeton alum?

Peter Briger became co-chairman of the Fortress Investment Group. Now, he could give back to the Ivy League. He could add his name to those Princeton grads, who made it.

Peter Briger Legacy

Now, as a billionaire, Peter Briger can start to think about his legacy. What does he want people to remember about him? What does he want to leave the next generation of Princeton grads?

For one thing, he has created the Princeton Alumni Entrepreneurship Fund. Peter Briger and other donors will help with funding and matching support to get startups off the ground. This could help the United States create much needed jobs.

Peter Briger has already learned the valuable skills needed for buying out companies and reinvesting in them to create jobs at the Fortress Investment Group. Businesses need capital for payroll. Peter Briger provides that capital.

He is now providing the capital for the startups of tomorrow. The wealth of tomorrow grows from investments today. It is like a farmer who plants a seed. He is waiting for his seed to give him a bountiful crop.

Allah has stated that you shall “reap what you have sown.” That is true. Everyone pays the piper, even billionaires.

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Company/OSI Industries

From Small Meat Market To Global Powerhouse, OSI Industries Maintains Family Values Based Culture:

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OSI Industries proudly announced in 2016 that the company had acquired Flagship Europe, a highly successful UK based food service company that carries a wide range of high quality and creative products that range from pies, frozen poultry products, sauces, dressings and other items. The addition of Flagship gives OSI a much broader market share in Europe according to the OSI Industries President David McDonald. The company has been rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. OSI executives felt that the new name was a better reflection of the identity that the company wants to portray with Flagship. A restructuring of the Flagship sales team will coincide with the name change. This is as always with OSI, in the name of better meeting the demands of the company’s customers.

The same year as the Flagship acquisition was announced, OSI Industries has also added the Dutch speciality food provider Baho Food. This transaction has a similar effect on OSI’s European expansion as the Flagship Europe acquisition has had.

In other European news for OSI Industries, chicken production is up in a major way in Toledo, Spain. Production has doubled since the upgrade of the production line was completed. The demand for processed chicken products on menu’s in Spain and Portugal has increased to a point that this upgrade at the Toledo facility was necessary in order for OSI to keep up with demand and continue meets its company’s number one goal of always delivering the best customer service that exceeds what the customer expected to begin with.

OSI Industries is a company of meat processors that provides the most creative food solutions to the top foodservice companies in the industry. It is one of the top 100 food companies in America and the 58th largest private company in America as well. The operation started out small, originally a simple meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Today the company is based in nearby Aurora, Illinois and operates 80 plus facilities all over the world and in 17 countries. Famous for its commitment to customer service, the company has been on a steady expansion plan since the 1970s. From small meat market to global food powerhouse, OSI Industries has maintained its family-oriented culture that treats employees like a big extended family. This factor sets OSI Industries apart from many companies of similar size and allows the company the flexibility to be able to deliver the most innovative food solutions in the industry.

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Fortress Investment Group: Leading With Quality

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With so much competition in the finance markets, Fortress Investment Group continues to provide services in credit and equity its clients have come to rely on. It’s noted the business has grown into a highly respected organization wielding assets up to $43.6 billion dollars. The company maintains its grip on managing these assets since the early days in 1998. The group has taken on about 1,750 clients over the years and growing. Their clientele stems from institutional to private investors around the globe. Fortress Investment Group services range from credit to real estate, to name a few.

Their strategies in permanent to equity investment keep competitors on edge. The leadership at Fortress Investment Group strives to provide realistic risk returns over a course of time to satisfy their investors. By the end of 2017, the company took on 953 staff members with expertise in asset management which also comprised of 216 employees with investment skills. Fortress Investment Group is located in New York and all across the world.

Their managers have specific abilities in asset-based investing and handling diverse investment product types. They offer services in price owning, capital assets and secured cash flows that are for the long term. Fortress Investment Group prides itself on having the intelligence within a ever-changing industry that it dives into on a daily basis. As managers take on tasks in handling large portfolios, they use their top-tier employees with specific experience. As for their Credit department it began in 2002. Pete Briger is noted to have started the department that involves over 500 trained employees with a sharp focus on global investing. This can include but not limited to undervalued assets and the challenging market of distressed investments.

Within Fortress Investment Group, Pete Briger and Dean Dakolias are well known for their outstanding skills and time they put into investing credit and hard investments globally all the way to the Asian economic crisis. Fortress Investment Group has expanded itself in 14 areas for asset management. They know how to manage through the complexity of assets with their experienced leadership of 100 professionals. In the private equity sector, Fortress Investment Group, has leaders Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. The duo has honed in on cash flow assets especially in North America to Western Europe. The idea is to manage the big assets in such industries as transportation, energy and healthcare, and learn more about Fortress Investment Group.

This year Fortress Investment Group was bought by SoftBank Group. The transaction was nearly $3.3 billion. This meant that SoftBank Group owns all of Fortress Investment Group’s outstanding shares. The end transaction has brought about the Fortress Class A share being turned into $8.08 per share and proceeds will go in conjunction with the payment guidelines in Fortress’s Proxy and the Merger Agreement, and

Overall, Fortress Investment Group thrives inside SoftBank and maintains its place in New York. Leadership remains with the same people, Pete Briger, Wes Edens and Randy Nardone. SoftBank hangs on to the mission to keep the brand, business concept and staff with a supportive backdrop that only fuels Fortress Investment Group’s success, and contact them.


What David McDonald Of OSI Group Does For His Alma Mater

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David McDonald of OSI Group LLC grew up on a farm in the northeastern corner of the state of Iowa. He has an undergraduate degree in animal science that he earned at Iowa State University in 1987. Once he completed his college degree he moved to the suburbs of Chicago, Illinois and went to work at the headquarters of OSI Group. He was steadily promoted over the course of his career and now he is both the president of this company as well as its chief operations officer, and learn more about David McDonald.

The company David McDonald works for is a global food processing company which is privately held. When he joined OSI Group it was doing business across North America and in Europe. A few years after he joined his company expanded into Asia and Australia. He says that the owner of the company, CEO Sheldon Lavin, has a strong appetite for growth. He says the culture at OSI Group is built on a solid foundation of wanting to grow this company as well as consistently improving it. The ultimate goal, he says, is to become the premier global food provider to the best branded companies in the world, and

As someone who doesn’t forget his roots, David McDonald has been very active in supporting Iowa State University and its students over the years. For example, he wanted to support this university’s Agricultural Entrepreneurship Initiative. To do so he made all of the arrangements in 2011 for a group of agricultural students visiting one of OSI Group’s food processing facilities in China. One of these students now works for his company. He also encourages ISU students to intern at his company so that they have experience in the food and beverage industry and learn valuable business skills, and resume him.

David Mcdonald also financially supports scholarships for students in the fraternity he is part of, Alpha Gamma Rho. Another nonprofit he supports is the St. Michael Parrish which is located in Wheaton, Illinois. In his personal life he has six children with his wife, Malinda, and they live in Wheaton. He is gratified that his two oldest children go to Iowa State and he believes his other children will do so as well, and more information click here.


Home Projects Get Done With Aloha Construction

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If you have a project you need to get done at home, you need a construction company that you can fully trust. While there are lots of companies out there, not all of them are experienced, insured and licensed. When you work with the professionals, you get professional quality work. This is where Aloha Construction comes into play for anyone living in Illinois who needs quality work done on their home. Aloha Construction has been in the construction business for well over a decade. They are owned and operated by the same family that started the business many years ago. Because of their work with locals, a lot of clients come back to them for more work because they are trustworthy highly reliable.

Aloha Construction offers several home-based and even office-based services. If you need a new roof put on, the folks at Aloha Construction can do the job for you. They work with financing experts to get better financing options for customers who cannot afford the work to be done upfront. You can also contact this company if you need new siding, new windows, interior work done or if you just need a home inspection. In fact, Aloha Construction offers free home inspections to those who are planning to use their company if work is needed. These free inspections can save you hundreds compared to other companies that charge full price for them.

When you hire Aloha Construction, they will send their professional team of construction contractors out to your home or place of business for a full evaluation and assessment. This will give them a feel for what type of work is necessary. According to what you need and what you want to have done, they can begin the work on a specified budget so that you’re left feeling good about the job being completed. Before, you might have put off hiring a contractor because of all that was involved and the price associated with the work, but this company is different because they have done these types of projects before and know that homeowners need quality work on a dime.

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Life Line Screening Brings Bone Density Tests to Life

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Bone density tests can help medical professionals determine whether someone is going to have osteoporosis or they are prone to osteoporosis in the future. The test is a simple test that is noninvasive and helps the person realize they will be able to help themselves fix their bones if they are at risk of having osteoporosis. For those who are concerned about osteoporosis, the bone density test can provide valuable insight into what is wrong with the person and what is going to make them feel better when they are trying to fix their bones. It is something that was designed to be used in addition to any other health screening tests.

Life Line Screening includes the bone density test in their screening process because they know how important it is for people to learn whether or not they are going to have issues with osteoporosis in the future. They also want people to be aware of the issues that can come up from other bone density problems. The test is designed to give people solid idea of what their future is going to look like in health and how they are going to be able to make themselves as healthy as possible after they have had these tests done.

In addition to the traditional life screening tests that people may use provided by Life Line Screening, there are specific tests. Anyone who is concerned about osteoporosis can visit the center and learn about what they can do to find out if they are at risk of having it. The bone density test can stand alone and will allow people to learn more about their risk factors and whether they need to be concerned with preventative measures now or in the future. Doing the test does not carry a lot of risk and, in fact, the risks often are far less than the benefits of knowing whether or not they have osteoporosis or may have it in the future.

If those who are in need visit the center and have the tests done, they can learn about their bone density and how it is going to be a difference for people. They can also learn about what they can do to make things better for themselves if they find they are at risk in different situations. Bone density tests do not come with a guarantee, but they can be extremely beneficial.

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