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Oncotarget Positive News Article

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As you look on Oncotarget, you can see where you can submit research and review research as needed. You get to see what peers are researching and reviewing among each other. They are covering research on Oncology. Oncotarget publishers also publishes papers in the fields of Endocrinology, Immunology, Age-Related Diseases, Pathology, and Physiology, which tie into tumor development in human organism, all in the attempt to better help man-kind. They also have sections that reach beyond Oncology, which include Gerotarget, Chromosomes, all disciplines of Pathology, Cell Diseases, and Autophagy.

There’s also a section for various other researchers just click on Editorial and soon there will be a section for Stem Cell and Neuroscience.Oncotarget gives you a chance to see what’s been discovered out there so you can better see what hasn’t been discovered. More and more of your peers are using Oncotarget to review research and submit research of their own. Oncotarget allows for all fresh and seasoned minds which have the heart, passion, courage and, skill set to come up with incentive ways to help loved ones survive through some of the toughest chronic diseases. Oncotarget peers of professionals are highly educated in the fields they publish their research on, and all education backgrounds are validated.

If you want to learn how to utilize this amazing website for your benefit and the benefit of all man-kind Oncotarget is not a place for peers to degrade each other’s research, or to feel superior if there happens to be a conflict of interest among researchers, Oncotarget is a place to humbly combine some of the greatest minds of our time to bring up the quality of research to better serve our humanity in that special kind of way that only scientist can.

InnovaCare Health/Health

Rick Shinto, Team Management Infrastructure

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Rick Shinto is invested in exploring new ways to provide excellence services in the healthcare management arena. Firmly at the leadership helm, he has guided InnovaCare Health into the top tier of Medicare Advantage plan providers. The company offers both Medicaid and Medicare plans and physician services. Shinto and his team streamline the framework of selecting a care providers into one comprehensive network. As a result, InnovaCare has a very high customer approval rating of 90 percent; which is above the industry standard.Customers consistently give them superior marks because of the company’s dedication to providing affordable, quality managed care benefit packages. InnovaCare Health takes the complex details of Medicare Advantage plans and present them in an easy to understand format. Making it easier for patients to select a health benefits package, which best suits their needs. Looking after patient’s health is something Rick Shinto has been doing for all of his professional life. He began his career as a Pulmonologist, working in the clinical practice setting for 20 years.

As President and CEO of InnovaCare Health, Shinto is the strategic backbone of the organization. His decisions don’t just affect the staff, but also have a direct impact on providing quality care for many. InnovaCare is a worldwide leader in managed healthcare plans. Before joining the company, Rick Shinto was already a key contributor in the patient care industry. In 2012, he received the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur Of The Year award. This award was presented to him as CEO and President of Aveta, Incorporated. The mere mention by “Ernst & Young,” tells us that Shinto was committed to leadership excellence early on in his career.With his eyes firmly on the future, Rick Shinto continues to excel in the top leadership role with InnovaCare Health.

In 2016, Shinto and InnovaCare announced the acquisition of three key personnel, supplemental additions to its executive management team. The new executives included: Jonathan Meyers as the Chief Actuary Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, as Chief Administrative Officer and Mike Sortino, as Chief Accounting Officer. Shinto commented that, “We’re privileged to have them as part of our team.” The placement of its new management executives suggest that InnovaCare is strengthening its infrastructure, which will be reflected by measurable improvements on the front end. In other words, InnovaCare is now poised to innovate healthcare managed plans, with these new members of the executive team.

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