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Jeremy Goldstein backs the Knockout Strategy to Change Perception of Stock Options

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Jeremy Goldstein is a business lawyer with over 15 years’ experience whose primary area of focus is in employee compensation cases. He offers legal advice to CEOs, management teams and compensation committees. He was a partner for close to a decade at a firm specializing in a similar field before moving out in 2014 and founding Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates LLC, where he is a partner. He has a rich educational background with B.A in Arts History from Cornell University and Masters, Art History from the University of Chicago. Goldstein is also a graduate of New York University’s Law School.

In the course of his active career, Goldstein has found himself in the middle of extensive corporate dealings. His law firm directly participated in the acquisition of Goodrich by UTC. He has also been part of company transactions involving big companies including Goldman Sachs and ALLTEL Corporation, The Dow Chemical firm and Rohm and Haas Company, Chevron and Unocal Corporation, Cingular Wireless and AT&T Corporation among many other contracts involving big American companies. Jeremy Goldstein does voluntary work as a Director at Fountain House. He also a board member of top business and law journal’s board. He writes periodical articles on compensation strategies for organizations.

In a law blog, Goldstein wrote an article explaining how knockout options help employers. The blog justifies the use of knockout strategy and outlines benefits employers gain when they offer stock options to employees. Stock options work in such a way that employees reap when the firm’s share value improves. Employers, therefore, stand to gain regarding the company’s productivity as employees strive to keep the share prices as high as possible. Stock options, rather than shares help cut costs and avoid massive taxes, mainly when designing compensation packages for top managers.

Jeremy Goldstein explains why knockout stock options mean better for both the employers and employees. He adds that, even where there are non-employee investors, knockout stock options minimized concerns of over-hang. This also does away with stockholders’ worries over the possibility of declining ownership shares. Another aspect clarified in the blog is that employees do not lose options unless the company’s share value drops to a predetermined limit and does not bounce back in the shortest time possible. For this reason, employees will do anything in their power to help the company stay up.


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Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator for Your Legal Needs

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Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator

Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator

For those of you who don’t know what litigator is and how he works, a litigator is the most famous careers in law and also the toughest field. And that’s why very less number of law professionals opt for it but the one who does such as Karl Heideck would hold a talent and can be an ideal choice for your litigation needs. Litigators are what a huge number of individuals picture when they are searching for a conventional attorney, however, litigation is a career in law that involves an exceptional deal of time with the lawsuits in the courtroom and read full article.

The process litigation is divided into categories in further four phases so that you can understand how the litigation process works. The initial stage usually comprises the study and filing of a complaint. During such stage, an attorney is responsible for the investigation by the fact about the legal theories of liability and claims. The second stage commonly referred as discovery. Discovery lets both the defendants and plaintiff to send written questionnaires to an opposing party that would have to answer under oath. In the following stage, case precedes as pre-trial motions. And the fourth stage is the trial of a case along with any appeals.

Karl Heideck is a reliable and renowned name in the field of litigation, and people trust him with their litigation needs. And this trust isn’t any easy thing to get. To become a trusted attorney, Karl Heideck has dedicated an extensive number of years to serve in litigation sector with complete dedication, devotion, and sincerity. And that’s how Karl Heideck became eligible to become the holder of a huge number of clients, not just in the whole town but whole state and country and Karl’s lacrosse camp.