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The History of OSI Industries

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Presently, OSI Industries in one of the leading organizations in the world when it comes to food processing. The company has over 200,000 employees working in all its 65 facilities across the globe. The company’s history is that of humble beginnings that have seen the company rise to its current states. The history of the company dates back to the 20th century in a suburb in Chicago. The development presence of the company is still an on-going story of the current globalized economy.

OSI Industries was initial a retail shop selling meat to German immigrants who were staying in Chicago. The owner of the retail shop was called Otto Kolschowsky. During this time, the population of the city had about a quarter of German immigrants. Chicago was the entry point for more immigrants as well as a center for industry. It was during this time that Otto decided to open a retail butchery to be supplying his people with meat. By the time the first world war came to an end, the shop had increased, and the owner wants to expand its activities to Maywood.

In 1928, the company had expanded and became very successful. It was rebranded Otto & Sons in this year. The company continued to be prosperous and more stable local business. During this time, McDonald’s had opened their first restaurant, and they were looking for an organization to be supplying them with meat products. Ray Kroc, the Mcdonald’s owner, agreed with Otto & Sons to be providing the restaurant with fresh ground beef, and it became a fateful development.

Years later, Ray bought the McDonalds and started serving as its chief executive officer. His started developing his organization and as it grew so was the case with Otto & Sons. It became the primary task of Otto &Sons to be supply meat to the McDonalds.

Over the next 20 years, the company had grown to become a global corporation by the name of OSI Industries. The company has since then expanded to other locations across the world. The company’s chairman and chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin has been on the forefront to ensure that the organization offers just but the best services to their customers across the world.

Currently, OSI Industries has a series of joint ventures and expansions in Brazil, Hungary, Mexico, Australia, including others. The company is one of the largest organizations in the United States. The company is ranked number 58 by Forbes.

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The Success of OSI Group Worldwide

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Worldwide food companies are something that’s been in the news a lot recently. Most people criticize them for not being fresh and healthy. There’s also a lot of online criticism from smaller food companies, calling them frauds and accusing them of purposefully poisoning people just to make money.

The truth is that most of the large corporate food companies are just large-scale artisans. They care about their food just as much as small food companies. Just because they make a lot of money doesn’t mean that don’t care. They make that much money because they’re selling their products on a larger scale.

Smaller companies only sell to local communities; larger companies sell worldwide. The larger scale makes more money; that’s just how business works. Proof that larger companies care about their products just as much can be found at OSI Group, a premier food company based in the United States.

The OSI Group partners with numerous world leading foodservice and retail food brands to bring consumers the best products. They specialize in working with innovative food-entrepreneurs and making all kinds of concept-to-table solutions a reality; even the ones that no one else wants to explore.

Companies and culinary experts from all over the world come to America to work with OSI Group. Sometimes, they just work with the local office in their country, but that’s not always an option. When it is an option, OSI Group shares that information with the other OSI offices, adding the company’s global flavor knowledge.

Little services and accumulations of knowledge like that make OSI Group one of the leading food companies in the world. OSI Group is so confident they can help bring any food idea to life; it’s a guarantee they make to every one of their customers and partners.

When companies choose to work with OSI Group, they get custom food solutions that are made to their exact specifications. OSI Group prides itself on being able to offer trustworthy expertise in the most efficient manner possible. As mentioned already, OSI Group has an exceptional global flavor palette.

OSI Group also differs from the negative stereotypes by having unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices. It’s the reason they’ve been able to buy other food companies, like Tyson, and make them better.

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From Small Meat Market To Global Powerhouse, OSI Industries Maintains Family Values Based Culture:

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OSI Industries proudly announced in 2016 that the company had acquired Flagship Europe, a highly successful UK based food service company that carries a wide range of high quality and creative products that range from pies, frozen poultry products, sauces, dressings and other items. The addition of Flagship gives OSI a much broader market share in Europe according to the OSI Industries President David McDonald. The company has been rebranded as Creative Foods Europe. OSI executives felt that the new name was a better reflection of the identity that the company wants to portray with Flagship. A restructuring of the Flagship sales team will coincide with the name change. This is as always with OSI, in the name of better meeting the demands of the company’s customers.

The same year as the Flagship acquisition was announced, OSI Industries has also added the Dutch speciality food provider Baho Food. This transaction has a similar effect on OSI’s European expansion as the Flagship Europe acquisition has had.

In other European news for OSI Industries, chicken production is up in a major way in Toledo, Spain. Production has doubled since the upgrade of the production line was completed. The demand for processed chicken products on menu’s in Spain and Portugal has increased to a point that this upgrade at the Toledo facility was necessary in order for OSI to keep up with demand and continue meets its company’s number one goal of always delivering the best customer service that exceeds what the customer expected to begin with.

OSI Industries is a company of meat processors that provides the most creative food solutions to the top foodservice companies in the industry. It is one of the top 100 food companies in America and the 58th largest private company in America as well. The operation started out small, originally a simple meat market in Oak Park, Illinois. Today the company is based in nearby Aurora, Illinois and operates 80 plus facilities all over the world and in 17 countries. Famous for its commitment to customer service, the company has been on a steady expansion plan since the 1970s. From small meat market to global food powerhouse, OSI Industries has maintained its family-oriented culture that treats employees like a big extended family. This factor sets OSI Industries apart from many companies of similar size and allows the company the flexibility to be able to deliver the most innovative food solutions in the industry.

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