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Mark Beer Achievements in the Past 2 Decades

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This year has been an exceptional year for Mark Beer. Some of his new products have been approved by organizations mandated with the re-evaluation of medical products. It was also the year where he made massive strides in the growth of Renovia especially in making the company products available to people around the world. Apart from the market expansion, 2018 was also a great year for him because he has commissioned some researches, which will be vital in solving some puzzles in the women’s reproduction health. However, the biggest news for Mark Beer this year was the additional funds Renovia received. Learn more:


Miami University (Ohio) graduate has over two decades experience in this particular medical niche. Like mentioned earlier, one of the highest moments in his career in the recent past is getting the over $42 Million worth of funds. The fund, according to him was timely. In this medical niche, there is a need for continuous research. According to Marc Beer, the funding will help his company to continue being the solution provider to thousands of women around the world. It is a reality that women’s reproductive health is important.


What makes Mark Beer such a revolutionary leader? Mark Beer has one of the best approaches to leadership. He is a strong believer of teamwork as opposed to solo leadership in discharging the mandate. In the years he has been in charge of Renovia, he has been able to constitute one of the best management company in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical world. His hiring philosophy according to him simple and straightforward.


Mark Beer has also delegated different responsibilities to different professionals depending on individual ability and experience. For example, José Bohorquez, who is part of the management team, is currently the person in charge of research. (Dr) Samantha Pulliam is also part of the management team. In all these appointments, Mark Beer gives women and men equal chances to be part of the company’s growth. William Dull is, however, an integral part of the company’ daily operations. Dull oversees all the major operations of the company, from the commercial aspects of overseeing employees’ progress in providing solutions to people around the globe.


The company’s niche is also a major factor in its success. For many years, the private medical world ignored the need for specialized medical attention to women’s health conditions. Urinary incontinence, for example, continues to be a worldwide condition but little in the past was done to help millions of women experiencing these challenges. Mark Beer determination is providing well-researched medication makes him an exceptional investor in this medical niche. According to a piece of an article that was published four years ago by the British Medical Journal painted the sad reality, millions of women go through each day regarding reproductive medical conditions.


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Renovia’s Rapid Development of Succession in Incontinence Products

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Co-founder and CEO of Renovia Inc., Marc Beer is going forward with continuing their funding for new products for women’s pelvic floor disorder, such as incontinence. Researchers estimate that urinary incontinence currently affects about 250 million women globally. It is estimated that women far outnumber men by it by as much as 53 percent although it is not completely certain. Even so, experts think it’s underreported because too many who suffer from it are too reluctant or embarrassed to discuss the issue even with their doctors. One of the main things that Renovia does is target the muscles responsible for maintaining bladder and bowel control.


Leva, one of Renovia’s inventions reached FDA approval last April. This decision was made after the closing of a $32 million round with Series B on late August 21, 2018. The company also had a $10 million venture debt to tackle. So far, about $42 million has been raised for the new project. What Leva does is monitor the vaginal muscles at rest and at work during pelvic floor exercises. This takes less than five minutes and is usually recommended to be done twice a day.


Renovia’s Series B was partly funded by a healthcare-based investment firm called the Longwood Fund. Series B was also led by Missouri-based Ascension Adventures and New York-based Perceptive Advisors. The continued funding is now going towards testing for more therapeutic products, including a new version of Leva. This new version will make the patient able to wear it for extended periods of time. It is expected to work as a kegel exercise for stress incontinence.


Marc Beer stated that Renovia is enamored to have the support of leading investors who share their vision of making life better for women with pelvic floor disorders. In helping to make innovative products for such disorders, Beer and Renovia are hoping that it will eventually become easier to inform the public of new treatment options and lower healthcare costs for it. They plan to do so by installing digital form factors and innovative sensor technologies.


Marc Beer has a total of 25 years of experience in commercialization of diagnostics, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, and devices. Renovia was established in August 2016 when it closed a Series A in financing with venture capital funds. Beer has helped found and lead other companies as well. Another is ViaCell, which focuses on stem cells from umbilical cords. Under Beer’s leadership, it grew to over 300 employees, went public by 2005, and then was acquired by Perkinelmer in 2007. Before ViaCell, Marc Beer also held various positions within Genzyme. The most recent was Vice President, with which he was responsible for public launches of numerous products addressing the needs of rare diseases. Learn more :