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Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is a Communications Platform That is Greatly Improving The Lives of Individuals and Communities

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Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is breaking barriers in the field of technologically advanced forms of communications. Many people are still unaware of what Securus Technologies is and what it is offering for many different individuals who are certainly in need of it.


Securus technologies is a program that has been specially designed and engineered to provide inmates an opportunity in which they’re capable of speaking to those who may be their significant others, relatives, co-workers, or anyone else in the form of a visitation that is conducting in a video conferencing mode. It is extremely convenient in the sense that the visitor(s) are not required to visit the inmate physically at their place of confinement. This is a great advantage as many inmates have found that visiting a correctional facility where an inmate is confined in can be both time consuming and costly. Visiting an inmate in a correctional facility can be costly in two ways. They may be required to travel long distances from their place of residence to the correctional facility in back, which may cost them more in gas money than they had wished they would have had to spend. Secondly, they may be required to miss work. By signing up for a videoconferencing session through Securus Technologies, visitors of inmates can engage in videoconferencing sessions during times that may be convenient for both them and the inmates that they will be chatting with.


Contacting a help desk representative of Securus Technologies is the recommended course of action for any individual to take if they’re wanting to use its videoconferencing software. Be sure to visit the website to see how you can begin. It is a great platform that has been designed primarily to make communicating easier and more enjoyable for its users.


Prison Communication

High-tech Securus Video Visitation connects inmates, loved ones at Christmas

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Securus Technologies, a national leader in prison communications, has seen dramatic growth in implementation of its video visitation technology over the last five years. This success comes on the heels of enormous research and development expenditures and is powered by the largest proprietary prison communications network in the world. That Securus has developed in-house the extensive infrastructure and software assets necessary to drive such a vast project adds to the level of security. Little has been outsourced and Securus controls all servers, backbone lines and traffic on their network. This makes their video visitation system the most secure in the world and keeps the institutions that utilize it safe from compromise.



More than just a Skype skin


While Securus’ video visitation system should be familiar and intuitive to users, the simplicity of the user interface belies the extensive and highly complex back end which drives it. In this video, we see both an inmate and his family effortlessly navigate the user interface and conduct their call unobstructed by confusing operations. This is the goal of any good video chat software design and video visitation is no different.


However, what’s not seen are the powerful, military-grade countermeasures built into the video visitation system. All video calls are monitored by Securus’ automated security software to prevent any attempt at hacking the network. But Securus also deploys state-of-the-art anomaly-detection software that uses machine learning algorithms similar to those used by the NSA to detect any type of potential code speech that may signal communications as part of a criminal conspiracy.


Within the prison environment this is a crucial security function because of the ever-expanding gang threat. Many gangs have been able to continue running vast criminal conspiracies that extend outside prison walls through the use of sophisticated coded messages passed to “soldiers” on the outside. There are many documented cases of murders, drug shipments and other nefarious activities being perpetrated as a result of these dangerous security breaches. By reducing face-to-face contact time inherent in physical visitations and allowing for electronic monitoring of all video visitations, Securus is helping combat one of the greatest threats, not just to prisons, but to society at large.


Securus’ video visitation technology also allows for real time monitoring of at-risk communications by prison staff. This way, illicit activity can be stopped in its tracks before it has the chance to reap its insidious consequences.


Securus Technologies’ video visitation system is more than just another p2p video chat app. It’s a military-grade security solution for 21st century prisons.



Prison Communication

Securus repudiates GTL’s claims

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Prisons are a major part of the United States economy. The United States has the world’s largest incarceration rate, and the number of prisoners is projected to grow. People rarely think about it, but many businesses are required to support America’s prisons. One of the biggest industries related to America’s prisons is the prison communications industry. There are several prison communications companies throughout the world, but one of the largest companies in the industry is Securus.


Securus is a proud member of the prison communications industry. They enjoy providing civil and criminal justice communications and technology solutions. These solutions help support the corrections industry and criminal investigations around the country. Securus has a great reputation, but they are in an extremely competitive industry. There are companies within the industry that would do anything to tear Securus down. Recently, Securus was attacked by Global Tel Link.


GTL is another leading provider of prison communications solutions. They recently issued a press release claiming that Securus intruded on GTL’s patents. This comes as a result of a ruling from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. This ruling settled a longstanding case between Securus and GTL, but GTL was unhappy and is now mischaracterizing the campaign.


Securus’ CEO, Rick Smith, was quick to come out and repudiate the claims that GTL made. He stated that GTL attempted to use a small win within the ruling to claim that Securus had worse technology and that Securus will eventually owe GTL millions. Rick came out and said that GTL was frankly wrong and that GTL has never accepted any challenges from Securus. Securus is still in an extremely strong position and Rick believes that Securus will continue to be an industry leader.


Securus is an industry leader, but they are under attack. GTL is sure to keep attacking, but Securus is still in great shape.