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Boraie Development: A Successful Private Company in Real Estate

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Boraie Development LLC is a privately owned company situated in New Brunswick, NJ. It falls under the category of Industrial Buildings and Warehouse in which it was established in the year 1986. This company grows gradually with a current revenue standing at 9,279,614 with around 35 employees. Boraie Development has 30 years of experience in servicing, full-service office, and operating the commercial departments. They have increasingly high volume sales for the 30 years of operation. Their reputation stands out high with long-lasting relationships with their clients. They are committed to care and excellence in the delivery of their services to the clients. The 73-year-old man called Omar Boraie leads this great company. He has had the vision and now is very happy that the vision for the company is taking its shape. He is the president of the Boraie Development LLC. He explains that when the project began, it looked unattractive, but with the dedication over the years, it has taken its shape tremendously. Omar Boraie is very excited that he has been able to overcome the fears and the challenges along the way, which has made the company, not lose its vision. On Patch, he points out that their joy is in getting quality tenants.


This great company is scheduled to becoming a wonderful center of attraction in the bigger city and not only doing well in housing the students at Penn State University. The next project is building the Albany Street Tower Three, which is a combined use building with around 150, 000 square feet of office space. The entire dream is to see the company set improved quality office users especially in the commercial category in the entire New Brunswick.


Boraie Development is committed to managing properties as one of their major strategies. This enables the company to create a great value for their assets throughout the entire time. The maintenance entails, checking into the details of the property and conducting the most visible and invisible physical adjustments and improvements on a daily basis their functions in managing the property cuts across maintenance, accounting, administration, quality customer service, effective marketing, and proper & timely leasing of the properties. They have great understanding in the possible effective sales and marketing strategies that help in developing the company. They also keep each other accountable in ensuring that they learn the local sales methods that are likely to influence their sales. This is according to the information provided at the Boraie.Com website.

Property Managers

Real Estate Spike in Ohio- Tammy Mazzocco Quotes

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Ohio real estate spiked in 2017, and the real estate experts say that they expect the maintain the increase for the remainder of the year. Tammy Mazzocco, a prominent Ohio real estate agent, stated in a recent interview that “the market dropped a little bit with the new administration, but the numbers have been steadily increasing since January”. This is great news for home buyers and agents alike.

Tammy Mazzocco is a key player in Central Ohio real estate, and specializes in residential real estate sales. She is excited about the recent spike in Ohio property sales, because she loves helping clients find a home that is right for them. She looks forward to the summer season, because June is a time when many clients make bids on houses.

The excitement about her career has carried Tammy Mazzocco through many spikes and dips in the real estate market, and whether it is a good time or a challenging patch, she keeps positive outlooks. She says that throughout her career she has maintained that keeping a positive outlook is more important than anything else: “…the key here is to keep a positive philosophy and whatever you do never think about giving up”.

What helps real estate agents like Tammy Mazzocco in busy times? Staying positive, staying organized and hard work. Real estate is a fast changing field, and agents like Tammy have to stay on top of trends and business strategies. Tammy explained, “If you ever settle with the way you go about things, chances are you will stay behind inside a market that is constantly evolving”.

In an article on Philly Purge, the trend in housing sales in the central Ohio region is expected to continue for the next six months. Many people are excited and hopeful about the possibilities.

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