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The accomplishments of Sheldon Lavin as the OSI Group CEO

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OSI Group has made headlines in newspapers and magazines for all the good reasons. The company’s achievements and success are allowed to its competitive CEO and Chairman, Sheldon who has actively engaged in the meat supply business for over 43 years. The exemplary leader first became engaged with the company in the 1970s when it was looking for funds to expand its meat processing facility. Sheldon has since then managed to transform OSI Group into a global food products supplier operating in 60 different countries.

Career background

Sheldon Lavin’s first career position at OSI Group was consultancy. With his dedication and commitment, he became the company’s partner in 1975 thereby expanding its operations in different continents including Europe, South America, and Asia. In fact, Sheldon Lavin managed to purchase a huge interest in the company in the 1980s which saw him becoming the controller of OSI Group. Because of his leadership style, he has always treated his staff with respect and dignity which is assured by his own invented organizational culture.

Awards received by Sheldon Lavin and OSI Group

Since he became the CEO of the company, Sheldon Lavin has seen the company receive several awards. Some of the awards are related to environmental and health management as well as safety risk assessment including the Globe of Honor which was awarded by the British Safety Council in 2016. This particular award recognized the company’s its effort to position itself in the international platform and create employment opportunities to thousands of people. Sheldon Lavin himself as also received several awards as one of the exemplary leaders of all times. He was awarded for being the Director and President of Sheba Foundation, a Trustee at Ronald McDonald House Charities, a Board member of Goodman Theatre, but just to mention a few.

A philanthropic leader

Sheldon is a very active member of the society who believes in giving back. As a result of his philanthropy, he has participated in several charities such as the Boys and Girls Clubs of Chicago, the United Negra College Fund, the Chicago Inner City Foundation, and the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. His generosity to the others has not only been proclaimed by the charities, but also the workers who interact with him every single day. His contribution to the social and business world will surely earn him even more recognition and awards in the coming years.

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The Success of OSI Group Worldwide

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Worldwide food companies are something that’s been in the news a lot recently. Most people criticize them for not being fresh and healthy. There’s also a lot of online criticism from smaller food companies, calling them frauds and accusing them of purposefully poisoning people just to make money.

The truth is that most of the large corporate food companies are just large-scale artisans. They care about their food just as much as small food companies. Just because they make a lot of money doesn’t mean that don’t care. They make that much money because they’re selling their products on a larger scale.

Smaller companies only sell to local communities; larger companies sell worldwide. The larger scale makes more money; that’s just how business works. Proof that larger companies care about their products just as much can be found at OSI Group, a premier food company based in the United States.

The OSI Group partners with numerous world leading foodservice and retail food brands to bring consumers the best products. They specialize in working with innovative food-entrepreneurs and making all kinds of concept-to-table solutions a reality; even the ones that no one else wants to explore.

Companies and culinary experts from all over the world come to America to work with OSI Group. Sometimes, they just work with the local office in their country, but that’s not always an option. When it is an option, OSI Group shares that information with the other OSI offices, adding the company’s global flavor knowledge.

Little services and accumulations of knowledge like that make OSI Group one of the leading food companies in the world. OSI Group is so confident they can help bring any food idea to life; it’s a guarantee they make to every one of their customers and partners.

When companies choose to work with OSI Group, they get custom food solutions that are made to their exact specifications. OSI Group prides itself on being able to offer trustworthy expertise in the most efficient manner possible. As mentioned already, OSI Group has an exceptional global flavor palette.

OSI Group also differs from the negative stereotypes by having unsurpassed food safety and quality assurance practices. It’s the reason they’ve been able to buy other food companies, like Tyson, and make them better.

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