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Alex Pall Knows How to Connect

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During his interview with Andy Warhol’s Interview, Alex Pall opened up about the genesis of The Chainsmokers and what motivates the music and method behind their unique brand of electronic music. Pall met up with his full-time collaborator and other half of The Chainsmokers while DJing in New York City and according to Pall, the creative chemistry was immediate.

“I think we both initially knew what we brought to the table” Pall said of the duos early meetings. As the band grew they knew that to reach the level they desired would require full-time dedication and focus. The band met nearly everyday often putting in long hours as they worked to develop as collaborators and artist. The benefits began to show almost immediately. “People relate to our music on such a deeper level, and we want that to be the case more and more,” Pall says.

Part of this development led to the bands decision to directly contribute songwriting and vocals to the music they were creating, an anomaly among electronic artists. The band finds that this is a further way to connect with their audience. “We work with songwriters too but we write the songs with them—they’re about us,” said Paul of the bands decision to write and sing their own lyrics adding “It’s always different but it’s always us.”

This connection casts a wide net. Pall notes that, with Social Media, its easy for artists to see the demographic that their work is resonating with and Pall is seeing that this is a growing and diverse audience. Pall recognizes the importance of this. “[It’s] really cool because it shows that our music is transcending age in general.”

Between playing ever evolving live shows for increasingly large and diverse audiences and collaborating with big names in the industry such as Halsey. The Chainsmokers aren’t straying from the hard-work that got them where they are today Pall assures, adding “We’re at that point where we really need to nail down who we are today and make a cohesive body of work that illustrates that.”


Finding Great Financial Opportunities with IDLife

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There is always a need for a better earning opportunity. The recent recession has left a mark on many people. For one thing, some people find it a lot harder to find something that is going to earn them tons of money. In order for people to manage this, they first have to figure out a few things about themselves. Among the things they have to figure out is what they are passionate about. They have to decide whether they are passionate about entertainment, fashion, art, health, business, marketing or any other activity that can earn them a fortune with enough work.

For those that are passionate about health, there is an earning opportunity called IDLife. This company allows people to earn tons of money from their passion. They also make it easy on the person. When people sign up for an account, they are given their own website which is a replica of the official website. This means they do not have to put any work into their own website. All they have to do is spread word about the product they are promoting through social media or any other medium that they are going to use for promotions.

IDLife was started by Logan Stout. He is very passionate about health and has come to understand that a large part of a person’s health is in IDLife’s individual body chemistry. Therefore, he wants to help people find something that is going to work well for them. He also wants people to be able to make money on their passion if it is health and fitness related.

All that is needed for an individual to profit with IDLife is some marketing skills. People that are able to market themselves are going to earn the most. One way to market is to just be social. People who have a lot of followers on social media or otherwise know how to engage communities are going to have an easier time attracting customers to their site. Therefore, all they have to do is decide on what type of product they are going to promote.

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