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Information About Dr. Saad Saad

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Saad Saad got born in Palestine, and then his parents moved to the Kuwait where he was raised up. In their family, they were total of 8 children. All of them had been successful in the circle of education in different areas. 3 pursued the career in surgery, two had masters in the field of engineering, and two had acquired Ph.D. level. He earned his degree in long medical time ago about 45 years. After passing the exams in the Cairo University in Egypt. In his class, he appears at the second position. He then went to England for his internship, and after completing, he set his mission in the United States to build the better foundation for his career. Saad Saad in USA Board Certified in Pediatric Surgery did the residency in surgery, and he was certified by the institution. He lives with his family of four children who have passed their studies in various fields. Two of his children followed the suit of his father to be surgeons; the other one is an ICU Nurse and a Lawyer. Learn more:


Saad Saad has implanted most of his skills by applying the modern ways in the scene of technology. Most of his projects which have been termed to be substantial are patented under his name. Furthermore, he has set up the various types of the pediatric surgical techniques. The dedication that he has put to place the matters related to the surgery at the right niche has attracted a lot of attention to many professionals. The factor that has propelled him at the peak point of his career is the experience of approximately 40 years in the same field. Saad Saad is a committed surgeon with a lot of interest in the field of research. The skills he has demonstrated earned him a post of Surgeon-in-Chief in the K Hovnanian Children Hospital. The area that he has focused much on is handling the surgery of the infants and the teenagers.


According to him, the factor that made him developed the passion in the scene of surgery is the desire to work indoors. The previous professional that he had wished to pursue was engineering. He changed his mind while at high school because of the high temperature in Kuwait and wanted to work in an air moderated room which makes him comfortable. The mentor of the Saad Saad was his surgery director known as Dr. H Biemann Othersen. He subjected him through processes hat ingrained him to the right skills in his profession. He learned a lot of ideas from him such as being kind and honest always.


Presently, Saad Saad runs his duties at Eatontown, New Jersey he works with other qualified individuals with the aim of pushing the mission of the institution to the better place in society.



Bruce Bent II and the Retirement Services Industry

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The market is filled with many different types of investment plans and tools, and it is quite easy for the people to get confused as to where to invest. For people looking to invest in safe investment tool that offers significant returns with low risk, one of the preferred choices of investment tools is the money market fund. It is a kind of mutual fund that invests in securities and cash equivalent investment instruments such as U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and commercial paper. The money market fund was invented in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father, one of the leading financial executives in the country.

The money market fund retains the stable net asset value at $1 and can be quickly liquidated. It acts as an anchor to the investment portfolio is an important aspect of the investment strategy for many corporations as well as individuals. The concept behind the invention of money market fund was to create a fund that is stable and cash equivalent with low risk, which would help people invest their money instead of putting on the bank with low interest. Even though the returns offered by the money market fund are lower than many other market linked investment tools, it ensures that the investors can cash in their money at any time they want.

Bruce Bent II has spent years in the financial industry where his knowledge and expertise are regarded highly.  He studied Philosophy at Northeastern University and started his career soon after.  Bruce Bent II is the President of Reserve Management Company and Double Rock Corporation, where he also serves as the Chairman. Bruce Bent II is one of the most prominent names in the retirement services business and cash flow management.