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Want To Travel Like A Wine Guide?

Posted by SugarMusic on

When traveling to Napa, there are a great deal of things you can see in the picturesque region outside of vineyards. Don’t get me wrong, the Vineyards are incredible, but here are a few places you may want to see that Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides enjoy:

First, delight your tastebuds and step up your cooking game at the Silverado Cooking School. Guests will learn amazing new dishes and skills in everything from the basics of choosing the right ingredients to highly advanced techniques from some of Napa’s top chefs. If you’re feeling a bit beat after a long day of winery touring, head on over to the Auberge Spa at Calistoga Ranch Resorts and treat yourself to a soothing massage or spa session. The resort itself also features yoga, hiking and biking for those who like to be active on a trip. Lastly, you can day a sojourn to the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park and take a gander, or a climb, at Mt. St Helena.

Traveling Vineyard was founded in 2001 with the simple concept of bringing the wonderful Napa Wines into the homes of everyone. By becoming a Wine Guide with traveling Vineyards, you have unlimited potential to earn money outside the traditional 9 to 5 office life. You simply offer free and fun in-home tasting parties showcasing Traveling Vineyard’s wine selection that is exclusive to their brand. These events can be done alongside a dinner or a tasting of cheese or other foods and guests will surely enjoy being treated to fine wines. After the party, guests simply choose which wines they would like to purchase and the Wine Guide host keeps a generous commission off each sale.

There are unlimited benefits to working with Traveling Vineyard, including flexibility, unlimited income potential, and best of all, their training program. The online training program is called the Tasting Room. As soon as you begin as a wine guide you are paired with a Leader that guides you every step of the way. There is also a national conference and a multitude of regional events connecting Wine Guides throughout the country.

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