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A Look at How Patty Rocklage Helps Others

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Patty Rocklage is an experienced marriage and family therapist who lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She earned her Psychotherapist degree in 1981 at the University of Southern California. She uses a warm and inviting communication style with her clients that puts people at ease and in the right frame of mine to deal with their life’s struggles. Patty Rocklage specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families work through their problems that are both personal and develop in their relationships with other members of their families.

As a warm and caring person, Patty Rocklage is also dedicated to philanthropy and helping good causes. Not long ago, Patty and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, were contacted by a former head of the chemistry department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from which Scott had earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. They learned from Sylvia Ceyer that two of their acclaimed chemistry labs, the nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs in Building 2, were in need of a deep restoration. Both Patty and Scott were quickly on board with providing the funding needed in order to carry out this project. The work was completed in July 2016 and both labs now have the latest technology which is needed to carry out important research and educate the chemistry leaders of tomorrow and more information click here.

When the labs were completed, a ceremony was held for the Rocklage’s. They were given tours of the renovated labs and then led to the vestibule of the two labs. They were given tribute by Sylvia Ceyer, the current Department Head Timothy Jamison, as well as one given by Professor Moungi Bawendi. At the end of the tribute, a plaque was revealed which honored the couple for their financial contribution making the restoration possible.

In Patty’s personal life, she is overseeing the complete remodel of their home in Sudbury. There were extensive issues with the home they wanted to change such as the kitchen not being sufficiently connected to the rest of the house, the front door in the wrong location, and a need for a new front facade. She also had the entire yard relandscaped in order to complete the project and Patty of Website.



Helane Morrison and Hall Capital

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Founded in 1944, Hall Capital is now the one of the biggest and most successful money management companies in San Francisco area. Headed by three strong women, the company would like to see more of a representation by women in the financial business. They also believe that communication and working as a team makes their company stronger. That’s why they have an open office layout and employees are encouraged to come into the office to work. Employees are also encouraged to be involved in activities outside the workplace. Hall Captial believes that people are happier and work better when they have strong connections with people outside of their workplace. Because of this belief, the company offers benefits that include maternity and paternity leave and the schedule flexibility to attend to important matters outside the office.
Helane Morrison, a managing director and the company’s CCO, believes in Hall Capital’s mission. Originally obtaining her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Northwestern, Morrison went on to get a law degree. Helane was a lawyer defending clients against the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In 1999, she began work with the San Francisco chapter of the SEC, and she was one of the first women to do so.
Morrison became one of the firm members of Hall Capital in 2007. After the economic market crash in 2008, Helane Morrison decided to help people become confident in investing again in order to keep the financial markets going. She has also been a staunch supporter in keeping the financial market fair and practicing ethically.