David McDonald: Consistancy

In life to ever make a difference we have to a pick a road and follow its course. We cannot be inconsistent in work or decisions. If we make wise choices concerning our road in life and then follow through to the end instead of changing paths and directions, we can eventually get somewhere desirable. Even when success or promotions may seem far if we keep going we can achieve anything. A person whose life echoes this sentiment is the very successful David McDonald.

David McDonald id the president of OSI group. This company works and processes food items. Born in Iowa he graduated college with a degree in Animal Science. He worked for a while and then became through years of effort the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This job and position were very good, but he saw an even better opportunity in his future. He started working with OSI eventually left his presidential position to get a moderately good position there as a project manager. He committed to this job and how now been with it for over 30 years. He has made numerous contributions to it and its success. Somewhere on his 30-year tenure he finally became the president of the company. David McDonalds work has led them buying the Dutch meat processing company Baho Foods. This was a strategic step and now the company will slowly start to work its way into Europe. Under his influence the company has led to a lot of expansion and the y even have at least 10 facilities in china.

David went back to the bottom when he switched companies but through hard work and being reliable over time he once again became the president of a company. His strategy of really connecting with cultures that they encounter and fostering a bond has made a lot of difference in his company’s success. These partnerships in his opinion aren’t easy to develop but they always provide value. David McDonald is looking forward to more working and getting involved with new endeavors and markets. He is a true example of man that mad a decision to change his life and really followed through overtime. He really shows that consistency is key.

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