Luiz Carlos Trabuco And His Career At Bradesco – He Mixed Things Up There, Too

Bradesco is one of the most well-established banks in all of Brazil, founded in 1943 and holding the rank of largest or second-largest bank by either total assets or number of accounts throughout most of its history. Amador Aguiar created Banco Bradesco in Marilia, Sao Paulo, the same place where its contemporary Chief Executive Officer was born, just eight years after Aguiar created the formerly small bank.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco is the name of Bradesco’s current CEO, having worked up to the position by dedicating his entire working life to the financial institution. As a matter of fact, Banco Bradesco is the only place Mr. Trabuco has worked since he was initially brought on board as a clerk in 1969.

Prior to entering the workforce, Mr. Trabuco earned two college degrees that have proven themselves instrumental in blasting his way through the ranks of Bradesco’s corporate headquarters.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco moved to metropolitan Sao Paulo, five hours of highway driving away from his hometown of Marilia, to attend the most reputable educational institution in all of Brazil – the Univerisity of Sao Paulo. He first targeted a Philosophy degree from the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters, and Human Sciences at USP, then moved on to the Foundational School of Sociology and Politics in Sao Paulo for a postgraduate degree in Socio-Psychology. After working diligently towards his academic goals, the teenaged Mr. Trabuco moved back to Marilia, finding work at Bradesco within days of placing an application with the financial institution.

In 1971, he was selected to work at Bradesco’s headquarters, accepting the position and moving from Marilia to Osasco. Throughout the years, he bounced around various positions, eventually landing as the Chief Executive Officer in 2009.


Although the pinnacle of his career is obviously his leading of Bradesco as its CEO since 2009, Mr. Trabuco did very well when he was the President of Bradesco Seguros. Luiz Carlos Trabuco earned awards as the Insurance Personality of the Year in both 2006 and 2007 on behalf of Sincor-SP, a board that sets standards for the private insurance sector and its participants in Brazil.

Mr. Trabuco changed several things around Bradesco, starting when he was appointed to the position of Director of Marketing in 1984. Amador Aguiar’s initial idea was to treat everyone the same at Banco Bradesco in all aspects of operations. While Bradesco’s employees obviously talk to all customers with respect, don’t talk behind customers’ backs, and so on, Mr. Trabuco birthed the idea to segment and target customers based on demographics, financial data, and other information.

Segmenting customers allowed employees to engage in particular means of communication, promotion, and marketing that are tailored to groups of customers’ preferences. This resulted in an increased overall performance at Bradesco, reaping as much activity from customers as possible.

Another idea Luiz Carlos Trabuco had was to open the bank’s affairs to the public through press releases. Bradesco possessed a sense of transparency and openness starting in 1984, boosting existing and potential customers’ ideas about what Bradesco stood for. Prior to Trabuco taking over as the Director of Marketing, journalists weren’t at all welcome to current events and planning going on inside the financial institution. Opening up the bank’s proverbial windows to the media increased publicity, resulting in more customers, as well as raising customers’ opinions of Banco Bradesco.

As part of Mr. Trabuco’s efforts to target various groups of customers, the financial institution has numerous divisions and departments for serving certain types of patrons. For example, some employees are trained to deal specifically with high-value customers, while others are taught how to provide quality insurance plans to those seeking policies.

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