OSI Group Spain : Meeting demand with action

OSI Group Spain has announced that they have recently finished their state of the art addition to their current plant. The investment comes as the demand for chicken has skyrocketed in that region of the world. With the new addition, OSI Group Spain will now be able to produce more than 24,000 tons of chicken per year compared to its previous number of 12,000 tons. The plant, in addition, will also allow OSI to produce 45,000 tons of extra pork and beef products that will sure to please their clients. OSI Group buys former Tyson Foods plant in Chicago.

One of the added benefits of the new addition is that it allowed OSI Group Spain to open up an additional 20 employment spots for the community including an extra product development director. José María del Río, who is the current Managing Director of OSI Spain states that the addition could not have come at a better time as the demand for chicken in Spain and Portugal was increasing at an average of 2% a year with the past 2 years doubling that percentage to 8%. Del Rio further states that he sees this trend increasing in years to come, however, that OSI Spain will now be capable of meeting that demand.

The new add-on measures an incredible 22,600 square feet with its own kitchen demonstration room that will allow OSI employees to address any customer requests. In addition, the building will also include a brand new lounge for employees to rest on their breaks. President of OSI Group David McDonald commented on the addition, he said that this accomplishment will only help to bring more variety and quantity to the surrounding areas as well as the potential for future employment. There is no doubt that OSI Group Spain will now be able to provide more of their famous customer service to Spain.

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