Marc Sparks

The Life of Marc Sparks

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Marc Sparks is one of the most successful business owners in the state of Texas today. He has a lot of plans in place to take things to the next level in his life and his business. If you have been looking for someone to work with on your goals and dreams, this is an excellent choice.

Throughout the course of his life, he has been diligently working to take things to the next level. If you want to invest in your future, you need to make sure you are thinking about the long term potential of your decision.

Marc Sparks

From the time he was young, Marc Sparks has always been interested in finding things out in business. He has never been afraid to question why things are done a certain way. When he first started out in business, he learned very quickly that he had to be flexible with his plans.

That mindset has allowed him to expand into various roles within his organization. If you want to take things to the next level in your life, he is a great person to work with. Not only will he help you take your career to the next level, but he can teach you about business as well.


One of Marc Sparks’ passions in life is writing. He has written a variety of books and articles on the subject of business. If you want to increase the effectiveness of your life, it is vital to read from people who are succeeding at a high level. With all of the changes coming in the economy, many people are worried about the future.

Looking at the long term picture, there are a lot of opportunities for people who are looking to start a company. Instead of worrying about all of the negatives in the economy, it is time to start investing in things that could open up potential opportunities for you.

Future Plans

In the future, Marc Sparks plans to continue to invest in his businesses and to help others along the way. He recently started a new television show, and he hopes to increase the intrigue of starting a business.

If you want to invest in your future, working with Marc Sparks is a great idea. He spends a lot of time mentoring and helping others in a variety of ways. He is a great example of the impact of helping others in your life.


One Russian Entrepreneur is Branching Out

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Solvy is an exceptional online platform found by Alexei Beltyukov. It is an entirely open online math assignment podium for schools, scholars and teachers. The platform allows students to see math problems that are selected by their educators.

It is a podium of freedom since teachers are able to assign the math problems according to the students’ capabilities and wants. This online platform shows a notification to teachers if the students need assistance on the way of solving their homework.

Solvy is available on so many devices making it easy for students to communicate to their teachers on one on one basis. They can communicate with a graphing device as well as teachers can access their work to provide any errors made or corrections.

This platform saves time, enabling teachers to have enough period in providing good context for math problems. Solvy has recently been cited on Betalist’s 100 New Startups, Today, as well as listed by as one of the world’s Most Promising Startups.

Alexei Beltyukov is a serial entrepreneur, with the aim of helping other businesses grow. He is also a great philanthropist. Alexei Beltyukov graduated from the INSEAD with a Master of Business Administration. Soon after, he started numerous fruitful businesses.

They include Endemic Capital an investing firm, A-Ventures, Mechanicus, New Gas Technologies and currently Solvy where he is the Chief Operating Officer. He is also a viewer on the Board of FORO Energy.

Alexei Beltyukov’s A-Ventures Ltd company in Russia helps other companies financially whenever they need the assistance. As a philanthropist he assisted in creating the Russian Alumni Scholarship of INSEAD, it offers financial funding to Russians who join INSEAD University.

As a Vice President of Skolkovo Foundation, Alexei Beltyukov assists the Russian administration in the provision of economic direction. The foundation provides scholarships and chances for Russian technology beginning businesses, also giving a lending hand to entrepreneurs who want to enlarge their breakthroughs in the entire country of Russia.

Superior Hair Care

21st Century Haircare

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When you think of the best haircare products, names like INOA, L’Oréal, or Pantene probably comes to mind. Haircare is a billion dollar industry itself and hosts a wide array of products and services. Unfortunately many people tend to damage their hair because of having a lack of knowledge on treating it. Yes, perms and dyes can give you a specific look, but these products contain dangerous chemicals such as bleach, sodium laurel sulfates, and detergents. Since most people/women tend have a wide range of hairstyles, these chemicals are overused which results in damaged hair follicles.

For a more natural approach to haircare, Wen by Chaz is the go to brand of the future. Founded by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, (WEN) is giving users a more holistic and natural approach for total haircare. These Sephora endorsed products contains ingredients such as Chamomile Extract, Wild Cherry Bark, Glycerin, Panthenol, and Rosemary Extract. Nature provides us with all of the necessary ingredients so why not use them? WEN by Chaz is a specialty formula which leaves out the shampooing and conditioner process. Yes, there are good shampoo products out there, but most people tend to wash their hair with these shampoos too often and that’s where the problem begins. This action actually strips the moisture from your scalp leaving you with dry, flaky hair. WEN by Chaz takes away the guess work and gives you everything that’s needed for proper haircare maintenance.

Chaz Dean has been in this business for many moons and he has a firm understanding of what’s needed and what isn’t needed. His holistic method of treating hair is revolutionizing professional and home haircare treatments. These products are even fume-free and lacks bleach. Never leave you health up to chance under any circumstances and (WEN)has the knowledge, know-how, and capabilities for producing the best healthy heads of hair.

Subscribe to the Wen YouTube channel to learn more.


Prison Communication

Securus repudiates GTL’s claims

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Prisons are a major part of the United States economy. The United States has the world’s largest incarceration rate, and the number of prisoners is projected to grow. People rarely think about it, but many businesses are required to support America’s prisons. One of the biggest industries related to America’s prisons is the prison communications industry. There are several prison communications companies throughout the world, but one of the largest companies in the industry is Securus.


Securus is a proud member of the prison communications industry. They enjoy providing civil and criminal justice communications and technology solutions. These solutions help support the corrections industry and criminal investigations around the country. Securus has a great reputation, but they are in an extremely competitive industry. There are companies within the industry that would do anything to tear Securus down. Recently, Securus was attacked by Global Tel Link.


GTL is another leading provider of prison communications solutions. They recently issued a press release claiming that Securus intruded on GTL’s patents. This comes as a result of a ruling from the Patent Trial and Appeal Board. This ruling settled a longstanding case between Securus and GTL, but GTL was unhappy and is now mischaracterizing the campaign.


Securus’ CEO, Rick Smith, was quick to come out and repudiate the claims that GTL made. He stated that GTL attempted to use a small win within the ruling to claim that Securus had worse technology and that Securus will eventually owe GTL millions. Rick came out and said that GTL was frankly wrong and that GTL has never accepted any challenges from Securus. Securus is still in an extremely strong position and Rick believes that Securus will continue to be an industry leader.


Securus is an industry leader, but they are under attack. GTL is sure to keep attacking, but Securus is still in great shape.

Athleisure Brand

Kate Hudson is comfortable with Fabletics

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Dressing up was fun you were a little girl, it’s even fun now, sometimes. With all the demands of school and work being comfy has become more and more important. Kate Hudson understands that. As a successful film star, she spends a lot of time in dress up. She co-founded Fabletics so that women could have workout wear that looked as good as it felt. Unfortunately, we can’t live in our yoga pants. Sooner or later you must go out into the real world, where dresses are expected if not required. Good news, you can stop making excuses, Fabletics has just created the athleisure dress! Dresses that are every bit as comfy as your favorite pair of yoga pants, but beautiful and stylish. There is no where you can’t wear them.

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Kate Hudson talked about her new line of althleisure dresses and swim suits. Like the rest of her line everything is designed to be active on The same figure enhancing material is used in the dresses. The result, no more suffering for fashion, you can leave your spanx at home. Some dresses, like the Tropez, have built in sports bras. Women can finally be beautiful and stylish while remaining comfortable.

Read more: “Kate Hudson on Building Her Fabletics Empire While “”Under a Microscope”””

The swim suits are all designed for being active. Working out next to the pool will no longer be daring. You can concentrate on your workout without fear of a wardrobe malfunction. Everything will stay just where it should. The top of Fabletics’ swim suits will double as a sports bra so you get the maximum use from your workout and swim wear.

Buying Fabletics is just as easy as wearing it. You simply go on line and sign up. After answering a few questions about your lifestyle your all set. The service cost $49. a month, unless you decide you don’t need anything that month. If, for whatever reason, you wish to skip a month log in and cancel that month’s shipment. It’s that simple. Honest. With free shipping, you might find the only place you want to shop is with Fabletics. I love it, and you will too. Source:

Event Planners

Tips for Hiring the Perfect Event Planner

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Finding the perfect event planner can be harrowing, but there are steps that must be taken in order to make certain you choose the right one.

Before you even begin to search for a planner, you first need to list what you would like to achieve with your event and determine your budget as specifically as possible. Next, start your search by looking for event planners that specialize in your type of event and use professional affiliations, such as the Association of Wedding Professionals. You may also contact the local chamber of commerce and hotels in the area to get their recommendations as well. It is important to not rely completely on recommendations made by your friends or associates but to find people recommended by those in the industry.

Once you have collected information on a few event planners, it is now time to interview. It is preferable to interview at least three candidates and brief them on your event, what you will be needing from them, and ask them what they would do in problem circumstances. Do your best to meet them in person to get a better picture of how they work and what they are like. Thoroughly check their references and businesses they have worked with in the past to get an idea of their work quality. Choose the one that best seems to understand your event’s theme and can work best with your budget.

When you have chosen the right event planner, go over the total budget, along with their costs and fees upfront. Be sure to review the fine print and run any written contracts with your legal counsel. Work alongside the planner with the details as you can and often in order to make the event exactly what you would like it to be and if need be, be prepared to terminate them if they unreasonably stray from what you had hired them to complete and keep a backup in mind if this unfortunately occurs.

Twenty Three Layers is a team of event planners in NYC that is known for one-of-a-kind celebrations and being one of the top event planning companies NYC. Twenty Three layers provides dazzling and extensively detailed services using time-tested knowledge and creativity.
The company is dedicated to providing a perfect and memorable event.

Brian Bonar

Investing For the Future

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There are a lot of people how are looking to invest for their future. With all of the uncertainty in the economy, it is vital that people start to look at ways to protect themselves. There are different types of investing depending on your future financial goals.

Some investing strategies are more inclined to reduce risk, while others are better for increasing your overall rate of return. Depending on where you are in life, a financial advisor can help you decide what is best for you. Brian Bonar has been in the industry for many years, and he has a unique take on how to help clients get to the next level.

Brian Bonar

From the time he was young, Brian Bonar has always had an interest in numbers and money. When he was in college, he started working in the personal finance industry. He was able to learn a lot of great information and move up quickly within the industry.

One of the things that separated him from others was his willingness to invest in his clients. He always went the extra mile in helping his clients with their investing strategy. There are a lot of people who are looking to take advantage of current trends in the market with his guidance.

Defensive Investing

Many investors today are worried about their financial future. With all of the political issues that our country has, many investors just want to preserve the capital that they have today. This is where defensive investing comes in. There are strategies that you can use to protect yourself in the event of an economic collapse.

People like Brian Bonar have helped thousands of people formulate a plan based on their risk tolerance. There are a lot of index funds to choose from that have lower risk than the rest of the market. When things in the market are increasing, you will have a lower rate of return. However, when things go bad, you will be able to protect yourself against the downside risk that you may experience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, Brian Bonar has done a great job of growing his business over the last couple of years. He has a passion for helping other people get to the next level in life. If you want to improve your personal financial situation, he is a great person to go to. He has the experience that you need to help you formulate a plan that aligns with your goals.

Instead of just concentrating on rate of return, it is important for investors to protect themselves against market risk as well. There are a lot of people who have not taken this seriously, and when the market drops they will lose a lot of money.

Luxury Listings/Ski Holdings

Andy Wirth Clinches Another Notable Appointment to Head the RASC

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Among professionals who have painted a different image of the Reno Tahoe region, Andy Wirth has been a key person in changing the face of the region and attracting more tourists from across the world. Most of his achievements have been channeled through the transformation of different companies like the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, where he acts as the CEO. Apart from excelling in the hotel industry, Andy Wirth has helped other companies to achieve their goals.

In a recent appointment to Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Corporation, he expressed his joy because he has always wanted to transform the airline business within the region. More elated was the management team of the company for appointing Andy Wirth as the Chairman and President of the RASC. He holds exceptional experience that is viewed as a great addition to the running and management of the company and there is hope he is going to speed up the attainment of most of the goals set by the management team.

During selection, the executives viewed his previous achievements and his interactions with the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings came up among things that would qualify him for the position. Andy Wirth had previously made decisions that transformed the hotel industry and set a base from which other ski resorts would redo their systems. His appointment to the RASC does not affect his position as the CEO of Squaw Valley. He is confident he will steer the two companies seamlessly.

More about Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth is a trained professional whose main area of operation is managing the hotel industry. He has worked with several companies in Reno Tahoe and one of them is the Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, where he has served for several years as the CEO. His presence at the company is seen as a great decision on the part of the owners.

He came up with new strategies that saw Squaw Valley Ski Holdings (the company runs both the Squaw Valley Ski and Alpine Meadows Ski resorts) attain international status from a struggling position. Andy Wirth also respects the environment and has joined different organizations that champion the conservation of the environment across the world.

Business Leaders

Expanding Affordable Housing In Southern Dallas

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Families or individuals living in the Southern Dallas Area are being provided affordable mortgage coverage (via) the Affordable Housing Loan Program. This program is designed to assist lower income families with limited to mortgages residing in certain zip codes of the city. This is an ambitious plan since the country is currently living in somewhat of an economic depression. Financial institutions just doesn’t feel comfortable lending money pertaining to home investments, but this strategic plan has a great three-way partnership among three of the most prominent organizations in Dallas. Dallas Neighborhood Homes, Habitat For Humanity, and NexBank make up this team of specialists and each organizations brings something well suited to help the program succeed.

Habitat For Humanity and Dallas Neighborhood Homes, both non-profit organizations, are pleased to announce the Affordable Housing Loan Program and how it benefits residents of Southern Dallas. These residents will receive full support and guidance which will help make the homeownership transition easier. These counseling services are free of charge and can be used by the beneficiaries of the program.

The only way for such a huge endeavor like to succeed is with proper financial support. All the planning in the work wouldn’t be enough without funding and NexBank has taken on the role of benefactor. The bank is looking to provide $50 Million in loan support over a course of five years. For each year of the program, the goal is to provide 100 or more loans to homeowners with limited mortgage access. NexBank is a commercial, investment, and mortgage banking center that has the capabilities and expertise in this field. With over $3.5 Billion in assets, this financial institution shows that it has what it takes to get the job done. Now lower income families will have a better quality of life which certainly helps Dallas’ high poverty areas.

Hair Care Line

Get The Hair Care Results That Give Your The Maximum Confidence With Your Hair

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You hair has never had a more advanced opportunity to build growth, shine, and bounce with a revolutionary hair care product that Bustle magazine online has reported as one of the fastest growing hair care products in the industry. Wen by Chaz is trusted by thousands of women around the world for having an all natural base that won’t threaten to damage or strip your hair. After a hard day they also provide a rich aromatherapy that can’t be compared to any other hair product in the industry. Their products are formulated and tested to ensure that their customers receive the maximum hair care treatment.

Wen by Chaz offers infamous styling products, shampoos, and conditioners for your hair care solution. If you be kind to your hair it will give your the growth that you need to have more manageability over your hair. Wen by Chaz is committed to inventing products that will give women the confidence in their hair that comes from soft natural looking hair. Their QVC advertised strengthening conditioner can be used after each wash with your regular shampoo or for better results you encouraged to combine their conditioner with their shampoo for maximum results.

You can visit their website or for an extensive list of their products and order the best products for your hair care type. Their customers love the fact that each product has the proper usage listed on each container and this allows customers to save money by never using too much or too little. Give your hair that proper hair care treatment that says you want to allow your hair to breathe and grow without the need for harsh abrasives added to your hair products. Their website is available to their customers 24/7 with a friendly online representative that is there to assist you with your product order or questions. Visit their twitter and Facebook page ( to learn more.