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Oncotarget Positive News Article

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As you look on Oncotarget, you can see where you can submit research and review research as needed. You get to see what peers are researching and reviewing among each other. They are covering research on Oncology. Oncotarget publishers also publishes papers in the fields of Endocrinology, Immunology, Age-Related Diseases, Pathology, and Physiology, which tie into tumor development in human organism, all in the attempt to better help man-kind. They also have sections that reach beyond Oncology, which include Gerotarget, Chromosomes, all disciplines of Pathology, Cell Diseases, and Autophagy.

There’s also a section for various other researchers just click on Editorial and soon there will be a section for Stem Cell and Neuroscience.Oncotarget gives you a chance to see what’s been discovered out there so you can better see what hasn’t been discovered. More and more of your peers are using Oncotarget to review research and submit research of their own. Oncotarget allows for all fresh and seasoned minds which have the heart, passion, courage and, skill set to come up with incentive ways to help loved ones survive through some of the toughest chronic diseases. Oncotarget peers of professionals are highly educated in the fields they publish their research on, and all education backgrounds are validated.

If you want to learn how to utilize this amazing website for your benefit and the benefit of all man-kind Oncotarget is not a place for peers to degrade each other’s research, or to feel superior if there happens to be a conflict of interest among researchers, Oncotarget is a place to humbly combine some of the greatest minds of our time to bring up the quality of research to better serve our humanity in that special kind of way that only scientist can.

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Lori Senecal ; The Driving Force Behind CP+B Success

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Lori Senecal is a regarded proficient who has made noteworthy achievements in the publicizing division. She is right now the Global CEO of CP+B and has been holding the position as from March 2015. Her term in office will end in December 2017. Senecal had gone about as the CEO of MDC Partners Network before she was offered her present position. The prime supporter and executive of the organization, Chuck Potter, trust that she has made awesome commitments that have upgraded the office’s administrations by making it adaptable and exuberant.

CP+B have achieved a considerable measure amid the residency of Lori Senecal. In October 2015, she drove the organization in winning the promotion record of American Airlines. The firm effectively assumed control over the agreement from TM Advertising, which had filled in as the primary publicizing office for the carrier for over 25 years. Toss has been working intimately with Lori to set up an inventive initiative group for the organization. The two have been cooperating in settling on splendid choices that will ensure a remarkable future administration for CP+B. Potter trusts that his organization will be set up for managerial changes before the year’s over. Lori’s initiative has enabled the organization to offer magnificent administrations.

As indicated by Salary, the publicizing office is at present setting up another era of pioneers. Danielle Aldrich was as of late delegated by the firm to go about as its leader of CP+B West. In her new office, she will be the head of CP+B Los Angeles and CP+B Boulder. Aldrich served CP+B Boulder as an overseeing executive before she was offered her present position. The organization values her for the part that she played in the American Airlines and Hershey accounts.

CP+B work ten branches that are going by imaginative business visionaries who have conferred themselves to guaranteeing that it is effective in the global markets. As indicated by Lori, enhancing the capacities of local pioneers makes it simple for the firm to use assets in all its branches. The arrangement empowers the organization’s customers to be served by more imaginative and key gifts. Senecal trusts that Danielle merits the position since she showed the correct picture of the office. Aldrich is a decided individual, and she utilizes remarkable methods in tending to complex issues. To know more visit her Twitter profile.


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Greg Secker Numerous Accomplishments

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Greg Secker is currently one of the most celebrated businessmen in the world. The young entrepreneur realized that he was passionate about business at a very young age. Apart from being a serial entrepreneur, Greg Secker is a respected philanthropist, international speaker and financial expert.

Greg Secker did not come from one of the famous and rich families like most successful individuals in the society today. His family was from a humble background, and they only offered the investor the education they could afford. However, through hard work, the businessman has proven to be a successful international speaker, master trader, philanthropist and investor. Greg Secker says that he is very proud of his numerous accomplishments, but his greatest job is being a father to his children. According to him, this is the most challenging task he has to handle in his daily life. The businessman wants the best for his children, and he cannot stand the fact that he might fail as a father. Being a responsible father is the most important role.

After completing his education at a very young age, the businessman worked in the corporate world for a while. However, his passion for business forced him to abandon this world and focus starting his venture. In 2003, Secker established an institution called Knowledge To Action Group. The group of companies consists of smart chart, the Greg Secker Foundation, Capital Index and Learn to Trade.

The main aim of the companies since they were established is to help everyone in the world to learn how to trade and make money. In a recent interview, the businessman says that people in the middle class cannot be happy if they do not have some financial freedom. When someone is empowered and shown the right path, the businessman believes that they can face life with all the courage. As the leader of these institutions, Greg Secker works very hard to make sure that they all achieve their objectives. The enterprises have grown so much over the years, making the businessman one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. The money he gets is sometimes used to support the needy people in the society.


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The leadership Journey of Antony Petrello

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Antony Petrello is famous due to his successful leadership in the business world. He hails from a small community called Newark in New Jersey. His humble background instilled some humility and integrity in him. He was a mathematics scholar at tender age. Therefore, he pursued a degree in mathematics from Yale University. Also, he got enrolled in Harvard school where he got his Law degree. Antony Petrello started his career at Baker and McKenzie LLC where he secured a managerial directorship position. He was in charge of all operations in New York branch. He specialised in corporate tax.

Antony Petrello got a lot of leadership skill from the law firm after that resigned. He went to work at Nabors Industries which was owned by his grandfather.His first position chief operating officer. He was in charge of every operation in all Nabors Industries branches. Due to his diligence and competence, he was made the President by replacing his uncle. Antony Petrello offered position as the vice-chairman of the Industries (2011).In 2012 he was reappointed to occupy the chairman and the chief executive position in Nabors Industries.

Antony Petrello is a business strategist he therefore able to set a workable plan for the Nabors Industries that leads to its steady growth. Nabors Industries is largest oil and gas drilling company. It serves countries like Middle East Africa and the Far East. It also offers well servicing and onshore drilling to other oil and gas companies. The Nabors Industries manufacture drilling drives and rig instruments. Under Antony’s leadership, he introduced software that helps in rig reporting and data collection hence accuracy. He also led to the acquisition of a charter that made the company have twenty-nine marine vessels that are used to assist in offshore activities.

In addition to Nabors Industries, he holds various other positions. He is a member of the board of Stevenson and Stewart law Firm. He serves as the current advocate at Texas Children’s Hospital. He plays his social responsibility towards the community by carrying out philanthropic activities. Together with Nabors industries, they provide funds to organisations that provide children with food and every other essential need. At Texas Hospital he supports researchers who specialise in treating children neurological disorders. He is an inspiration to many and his developments should be on the outlook.

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Equity First Holdings the Best Finance Giant

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Equity First Holdings is a finance giant that has been offering people with various finance and investment advisories. The company has been in operation since the year 2012. It offers shareholding financing and loans services that enable their clients to meet financial objectives in traded stock. Equity First Holdings has in its few years of operations partnered with banks, law firms both local and international and even custodian banks to ensure financial services are available upon request.

The company, Equity First Holdings was previously called Meridian Equity Partners LTD but it changed under the assistance of Morgan Lewis and Global Law Firms. Stock based loans help institutions to attract higher margin loans. The services have coincided with times that banks have tough rules when it comes to securing loans and therefore a bigger advantage for small businesses. Most beneficiaries are the small investors as well as big institutions. Previously, small investors used to be ignored but with Equity First Holdings, their interests are greatly considered and more information click here.

Equity First Holding has best solutions for individuals and also corporates. They have offices in more than five countries around the World and therefore making their services available to many people. Their investment solutions are also unique and therefore one prefers their services more than those offered by banks and other institutions and learn more about Equities First Holdings.

They also have the best financial assistance and advisory services. That enables potential investors to make the right decisions before joining them. Equity First Holdings is, therefore, the best and most available investment company and its Website.

In conclusion and the most important thing to note, Equity First Holdings process of getting a loan is very simple. You only require having enough stock so that you can get the loan. You do not have to go through the entire loan registration process and Equities First Holdings lacrosse camp.


Rocketship Education: The Skyrocketing Antioch Campus

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According to, a charter school operator is going to demolish the Antioch bureau building of East Bay Times to give room for the campus it’s planning on opening next year. Recently, Rocketship Education confirmed it had purchased a newspaper office, roughly 25,000-square-foot in size, and located at 1700 Cavallo Road. It’s planning on building a school of two stories that will have grades K through 5.

The non-profit charter school, that’s based in the Redwood City, bought the property for $1.5 million, on January 23. It’s operating 16 schools in Washington, D.C, and three states. Twelve of these schools are in the San Francisco Bay area. Two more are going to open in Aug., and it will make the Antioch site the nineteenth in the network of Rocketship.

According to, Rocketship Education focuses on helping children from neighborhoods that are attending schools that are low performing that’s why it’s an Antioch campus, even though it’s open to students from anywhere within the district. Using a combination of targeted tutoring, adaptive technology, and traditional instruction, they are striving on meeting the needs that are unique to every single student.

Rocketship believes that surely schools that are transformative do more than educating students; they also inspire communities, engage parents, and empower teachers. The bold mission of Rocketmanship is eliminating the gap of achievement within our lifespan. Through constant innovation from the time of its establishment in the year 2006, it’s rethinking elementary school.

Rocketship Education is growing at a high rate; it’s 1 – 3 new school every year. It was planning on serving 25,000 students from low income by 2017. Sixteen Graduate School Analyst Fellows and Fellows have been playing a crucial role in the operations and expansion of Rocketmanship since 2008.

During those years they have led strategic and annual planning throughout the network, including the development of dashboards for organizational performance, to make sure that the executive team of Rocketmanship has the best data for informing the key decisions affecting student learning. Rocketship has also developed curriculum for the leadership development program of Rocketship, for teachers that have leadership aspirations and principals-in-training.


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Desiree Perez Assists Jay Z in His Career

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Jay Z signed a landmark, first-of-its-kind deal with Live Nation music in 2008 that would give him a 10-year $150-million contract! Jay Z’s “360” deal comes to an end next year and he is looking to cash in big on the money! Roc Nation is either going to sell their stake in the company of buy the company outright. Sources have said repeatedly that Live Nation wants to keep their lucrative deal with Jay Z going far past 2018 if they can reach the appropriate terms on which to do so, but they will be backing out of the record deal that they have made and will not extend that again on any terms. Check for related article.

Roc Nation artists beyond Jay Z include musicians like Rihanna and Meek Mill to name a few. The longstanding touring relationship Roc Nation has with Jay Z, however, is very lucrative and it’s a relationship they are very interested in continuing. UMG, has, on the other hand, stated repeatedly that they will be only giving their deal with Roc or Live Nation a small piece of the business, but requests for comments from Live Nation and Rock Nation were not returned before we posted this story. Related article on

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Desiree Perez is a close associate that has been well known for working with Jay Z for the past 20 years and has an incredibly long track with running SC Enterprises. Perez has a proven track record as a qualified associate for important positions such as assisting Jay Z with his busy career and she is great at crunching numbers. Perez is a fighter for what she believes in and is tough and fierce and negotiator who will fight for what is best for her client, no matter what that means she has to do.  Head over to to read more.

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What History cannot tell you about Eric Lefkofsky

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In the world we live in, not many people dream to make it big in life. However, of those who dare to dream, 100% of their wishes come true. Focused on attaining greatness, they overcome all the hurdles that come their way, emerging victorious in the end. Some of the famous and wealthy personalities in the world, the likes of Bill Gates and Steve Jobs just to mention but a few, have lived a life that is a real manifestation of a dream come true. It is without saying that Eric Lefkofsky has joined the billionaire’s table. With a net worth of $1.97 billion, Eric Lefkofsky has managed to do the impossible almost all his life. The 47-year-old entrepreneur is not only the Founder and CEO of Tempus but also the co-founder of corporations like Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, Uptake, and Lightbank. Wow, what a fantastic streak! As it is apparent, Eric’s resume speaks for itself.

The alumnus of the Southfield-Lathrup High School, the University of Michigan, and the University of Michigan Law School has a Juris Doctorate that has enabled him to be a top performer all his life. Through his company Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky has been able to create a one of a kind operating system aimed at spearheading the fight against cancer. Thanks to Eric Lefkofsky, the use of precision medicine in the fight against cancer has become real. Today, cancer patients are more likely to undergo a favorable prognosis as compared to a decade ago, all because Tempus has made the above possible and learn more about Eric.

For a long time, Eric Lefkofsky has contributed both money and energy to organizations that fight cancer. It is because of Eric’s hard work that he now serves institutions like The Art Institute of Chicago, Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theatre Company, The Museum of Science and Industry and World Business Chicago, and the University of Chicago. Although previous assessments show that the number of people living with cancer would grow to 19 million by 2024, current statistics show that the above number is rapidly dwindling by the hour. Without the genius in Eric Lefkofsky, people would continue to die from cancer even in a technologically advanced world and more information click here.

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How Healthy Is Big Oil Nowadays?

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Big Oil is booming! Big Oil is bust! So, which is right? It can be difficult to know the truth. Was this one of the key topics at the November 2016 Texas Bankers Association Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference?

Bankers Know

Banks need to have industry experts, who can determine the most important trends in order to create innovative financial products. They need to know which sectors are growing and which are declining for the sake of proper financial allocation. Therefore, knowing whether Big Oil is rising or falling is very important, especially for Dallas based NexBank.

Big Oil is Rising

You can’t live without energy. The sky high housing market of the oil rich North Texas area suggests that Big Oil has never been better. They seem to be experiencing a boom.

Big Oil is Falling

The peak price for West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil was back in 2008. High prices encourage more bank loans and production. Oil services company, Baker Hughes reported that 2016 oil rigs were being cut – the remaining number were the “fewest since April 2010.” This data suggest a bust.

Booming Texas Banks

Bankers cannot depend on any single sector for all of its profits or it might struggle during tough times. NexBank is a good example of diversification. It is not sitting on its laurels. Its CEO John Holt discussed “Reinventing Community Banking: Perspectives on Competing by Innovation,” at the aforementioned conference. Innovation can handle boom and bust cycles.

Of course, Texas has seen plenty of booms and busts and it still remains strong. The best bank will offer a diversified financial product mix, like NexBank. Besides, mortgages and commercial loans, it added student loans to expand its reach. Big Oil is essential and won’t go away; neither will smart banks, like NexBank.


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Kim Dao Captures Pokémon In Yoyogi Park

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YouTuber Kim Dao loves to play “Pokémon Go” on her days off. In one of her latest vlogs, Kim shows us all the amazing Pokémon spawning in the Shibuya area of Tokyo. Anyone interested in seeing this vlog should search for “Catchups in ROPPONGI | Yoyogi Park | KimDao in JAPAN


At the start of the vlog, Kim Dao admits that whenever she posts a vlog on her channel that video was actually recorded ages ago. She says that this vlog might not appear till two weeks after the day she actually filmed it.


Kim Dao then tells us she’s going to Yoyogi Park to capture some Pokémon with a few friends. Before she leaves, Kim Dao shows us how she creates a thumbnail for her videos. She admits to using Photoshop to get rid of pimples and other imperfections in many of her photos.


Next, Kim Dao films herself walking out of the metro station towards Yoyogi Park. Kim says the reason why so many people are in the park today is because it’s summer holiday. Learn more:


Once she gets to the park, she pulls out her iPhone and opens her “Pokémon Go” app. She says she really wants to capture a few Charmanders so she can create a Charizard. Learn more:


After about 30 minutes of playing “Pokémon Go,” Kim Dao has to leave to visit a friend’s house. Along the way, Kim passes and interesting candy shop called Café 96 Zero.


In the next shot, Kim Dao goes to a classy restaurant for a meal with a few friends. She shows us a few of their delicious dishes, which includes skewers of pork belly and beef. Kim and her friends then decide to close their glorious day with a visit to McDonald’s. Learn more: