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Paul Mampilly Quits Lucrative Employment to Serve Public Interests

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The education journey of Paul Mampilly was not one of the easiest journeys that can be described. He underwent some struggles while in school, most of which were financial. His father had been unemployed for years since he had completed college and so he had been working as a casual worker in the nearby city of Bombay, in India. This was the country where Mampilly was born and raised as a very humble child. Later, the life of Paul Mampilly and his family would change after their father relocated them to Dubai. This country had been experiencing an economic boom after it had begun exporting oil and so it favored the livelihood of the family. Mampilly and his sister got the luck to enroll and complete their college education.

After the graduation, Mampilly had passed very well in his undergraduate studies, and so he got a chance to start working at the Wall Street, for the Bankers Trust Company. There, he joined as the assistant portfolio manager but was later promoted to a full manager, responsible for the company’s portfolio. Bankers Trust Company would later be acquired by the Deutsche Bank, a transaction that forces Paul Mampilly to transition his job to start working as a research assistant at the company. He was then poached by the ING which employed him as the senior research analyst.

After working as a research analyst at the ING for a while, Kinetics Asset Management later recruited him to become the manager of their hedge fund that had been performing poorly for some years. This was a challenge to Paul, but he was up to the task. After managing the hedge fund portfolio for a period less than a year, the value of the portfolio skyrocketed to $25 billion, yielding a historic investment return of 37.5% for the investors. This brought Paul Mampilly to the good books of the investment industry.

However, Paul felt that his service to the Americans was not as optimal as he would have wished. He had been using his expertise to boost the wealth of the “already wealthy” individuals and not the neglected majority of the American citizens. This made him quit his job and start publishing investment advice which he has been dispensing to the public at very affordable prices.


News Watch TV Wins Global Awards For Excellence

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News Watch TV has recently been the recipient of a “Gold and Platinum” MarCom Awards for “Excellence in Broadcasting and Videography in the 30-minute television programming category”. These are some of the highest award levels in the industry for television news magazines. News Watch TV is widely known for their reviews of technology and consumer products.

MarCom Awards were created by the Society Awards. This is the same creators of the Golden Globe Awards, The Emmy Awards, The MTV Awards, The Academy of Country Music Awards and The American Music Awards.

Their “2017 Videographer Award”, is a highly coveted award in the Television-Broadcast and Cable industry. The Videographer Award category has been around since 1994 and is judged by the international organization known as the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals (ACMP). The award is designed to recognize those artisans who reach a level of excellence in the industry for videography.

The ACMP consists of thousands of advertising, marketing and media organizations and production businesses across the globe. Annual entries for these awards exceed 6,000 from across the world. The judges for these awards are part of the advisory panel for the ACMP. The award winners in the “Videography” category can be found

News Watch TV is a nationally broadcast television news magazine. Currently they have an audience of over 96 million viewers. They have been one of the most successful 30-minute news programs in the country for the last 25 years. News Watch TV’s 30-minute award winning programming is focused on consumer news, technology, entertainment and celebrity news. They also have a special focus on breaking news in the medical industry, government and political news.

Located in Washington D.C., News Watch has hosted some of Hollywood’s brightest stars such as: Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, Carrie Underwood, Cee Lo Green, Chris Noth, Paul Sorvino, and Julianne Moore. Featured athletes on their show have included some of the top athletes in their industries such as: Phil Mickelson, Jerry West , Joe Montana and Jeff Burton.


The Rise Of OSI Group Under The Stewardship Of Sheldon Lavin

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Sheldon Lavin has built himself a high profile in the meat and food processing industry since he took over as the chairman and CEO of OSI Group. He also serves on the board of OSI International Foods Ltd as the President, and he remains active in the company’s operations. Over time, Mr. Lavin amassed a lot of knowledge and experience in  food industry since 1970 when he initiated the financing of Otto & Sons, which later changed its name to OSI Group.

OSI Group quickly grew from a local meat vendor to become an international packed and processed food supplier under the stewardship of Sheldon Lavin. The firm currently operates over 60 meat and food processing facilities in over 60 countries. India’s Vision World Academy recognized Sheldon Lavin with the Global Visionary Award on February 20, 2016, for his incredible efforts that brought OSI Group onto the global scene. Mr. Lavin was proud of his accomplishments and felt humbled and honored for receiving such a coveted award. In fact, Sheldon Lavin has devoted much of his time to the overall welfare of OSI Group and its employees and has been instrumental in growing it into the powerhouse it is today.

On top of expanding its operations around the world, OSI Group has also won a long list of sustainability and environmental awards under the stewardship of Sheldon. Mr. Lavin expects the next generation of leaders in the company to follow in his footsteps and prioritize the environment. Mr. Lavin wants to inspire the next generation of leaders to run their ventures responsibly and encourage them to contribute towards the growth of global opportunities and commerce for their workers. Mr. Lavin’s advice and insight into the business world are uplifting, and he doesn’t plan to slow down anytime soon. Despite a busy schedule, Mr. Lavin still finds time to volunteer and donate towards charitable causes such as the Ronald McDonald House Foundation. The fact that Mr. Lavin was able to raise his three kids, focus on the activities of OSI Group, and give back to society is one of the achievements that make him proud of his career life.

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Alumni Of Academy of Art University Weigh In On Inclusive Fashion Designs

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The whole concept of “good design” was recently brought to question by a panel brought together courtesy of the Academy of Art University. The panel sought to encourage inclusivity in creating designs. Flore Morton who is in charge of fashion styling in the School of F-ashion served as the moderator.

Disabled individuals were the center of the heated discussions. They are hardly put in mind when outfits are designed. This poses a challenge to them and gives them a hard time especially if one has a sense of style.

If all your limbs are in good condition, then adjusting your cloth whenever they get out of place is no big deal. This is not the case for the physically impaired. They have to fidget around to get this done. Things get especially tough for those who have to make do with wheelchairs throughout the day. A zip in the wrong place is enough to cause havoc.

The panelists shed light on what could be done to offer worthwhile solutions to this state of affairs. A host of topics were discussed as speaker after speaker gave a piece of their mind. The discussions revolved around what a good universal design comprised of. The integration of the needs of the disabled in the creation of designs was also widely discussed. Fashion designers were also admonished to change their attitude towards the disabled.

Beau Oyler, one of the panelists, encouraged his colleagues to go out of their way and find opportunities to create designs for the disabled. He acknowledged that though this may not be very popular among many of their peers, it was totally worth it.

About Academy of Art University

The panelists had at some point studied at the Academy of Art University. The privately owned institution is located in San Francisco, California. It was established back in 1929 and has been revamped numerously through the years.

It boasts of 1483 teaching staff, of whom 283 serve on a full-time basis. They service close to 12600 students. The school offers close to twenty-five subjects in the undergraduate and graduate levels.

The school actively takes part in the New York Fashion Week. It began this tradition in 2005 and it has never missed any of the subsequent editions. The school also has an automobile museum under its name.



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Neurocore is a neurological research company that eventually went from research to opening up clinics in two states with plans to first expand all over the country and then globally. The company started out by researching the brain of people with no neurological problems, or psychological problem. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase. Then the company scanned the brains of those with both neurological problems and psychological problems. The company then looked at the differences. The results were conclusive that there was a huge difference in the brain and how the brain functions for those with neurological problems or those with psychological problems. That then led the company into a subject called brain training which is the thought that you can train the brain to function in a certain way through therapy and other methods in order to change the way in which the brain is working. Brain training is not quick and it does take a lot of work but the results were great as there was significant improvement between those with psychological problems and neurological problems. Many had nearly perfectly normal brain activity after all the treatment was finished making the patient have a much better quality of life. Read more about Neurocore at

The brain training results are what led to the company putting it into action and allowing the company to open up clinics. The Neurocore now work treating people of all kinds of diseases and helping as many as possible to live a normal life and have the quality of life that they wish to have. Because the therapy is so new insurance is not something that will cover the cost of the brain training. That means that those that want to try the brain training must pay for it out of pocket. But that doesn’t stop people from coming to get treatment as the company as realized that when people know they need the help they are going to be willing to do anything in their power to make sure that they can get help and live their life to their fullest.



Malcolm Casselle and WAX to Revolutionalize the Virtual Assets Market

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WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange), a new blockchain platform for virtual asset trading, will make the trading of virtual assets more efficient by remedying two of the major barriers that has obstructed the proliferation of the use of cryptocurrency–fragmentation and fraud. More specifically, WAX is able to accomplish this through the employment of a blockchain and smart contracts.

The fragmentation barrier to greater proliferation of cryptocurrency is resolved through the employment of a blockchain. This blockchain allows gamers across the globe to tokenize their assets into a single common currency so as to facilitate the efficient exchanges of virtual assets (gaming assets) between buyers and sellers. More specifically a widget, WAX Token, is utilized to effectuate this end.

The fraud barrier to greater proliferation of cryptocurrency is remedied through the utilization of smart contracts. With the utilization of smart contracts, which can only be achieved due to the employment of a blockchain, concerns over the receipt of incomplete assets or no assets at all are greatly diminished, if not completely eliminated. A collateral benefit to be derived is the elimination of transactional intermediaries, which in turn result in the transaction costs of a sale either not rising or even dropping.

In sum, WAX via its utilization of a blockchain and smart contracts will decentralize the virtual trading assets market, with the result that buyers and sellers will be able to trade more efficiently while at the same time be less concerned about fraud.

WAX (Worldwide Asset eXchange) is being launched by Malcolm CasSelle, among others, who is the President of WAX and CIO of OPSkins. Malcolm CasSelle previously held the position of President and CTO at tronc (formerly Tribune Publishing). He also was SVP & GM of Digital Media at SeaChange Int’l.

In addition to holding these previously position, CasSelle was CEO of his company Timeline Labs. Malcolm CasSelle is also an investor in companies like Facebook and Zynga, and funds in big data and blockchain verticals. His educational achievements include being a graduate of MIT and holding a degree in Computer Science from Stanford University.


William Saito and the Problem of Internet Without Security

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William Saito was named in 1998 as the Youth Entrepreneur of the Year. He received this award from his hard work starting at the age of 10. His parents bought him a computer, and he took it apart and reconnected everything. His knowledge of software grew with age, and he was running his own business by the time he was in college. He is known as the world’s expert in computer security.


He has a lot to say about cyber-security. He writes in an article that the world has developed the internet to be a powerful tool that is capable of growing even more. Although the internet as we know it is not even 15 years old, he says that there could be more mobile devices connected online than computers. Toasters, refrigerators and washing machines are developing smart technologies which will only continue to develop as time goes on. Yet, he has a complaint.

The world has continued developing the internet, but they had neglected to keep their information secure. He notes that many companies are constantly being hacked. He provides a saying that is common in the business world; there are companies which have been hacked, and there are companies that don’t know that they have been hacked. William Saito provides a picture of what can happen if this trend continues. He says that the population will not trust their information online, and the internet will cease to be a world tool.


He suggests fixing the problem through a massive council of an unprecedented scale. From small businesses to municipal governments, data security should be addressed in a never seen before fashion. Security will take point when considering how to develop technologies to prevent hackers and keep data safe. William writes that the consequences of developing the internet without proper security are disastrous.


William Saito has published his own autobiography called “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur.” He explains his childhood and his experiences growing up in a world that was developing progress in computer engineering. He recounts his professional experiences, and offers advice for budding entrepreneurs who wish to develop technologies to aid human development.


Shiraz Boghani: The Successful Entrepreneur

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Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya but later settled in the United Kingdom in I969. He worked as an Accountant at Thomson McLintock & Co. in his early career life. He holds thirty years of active experience in hospitality industry and more than twenty years at Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz Boghani is a committed philanthropist where he has active membership in the Ismaili Community. Besides, Boghani is a member of the National Council, chairman of the National Conciliation and Arbitration Board as well as Resource Development Convener at the Aga Khan University. Boghani has qualified as a Chartered Accountant.

Shiraz Boghani is the joint chairman at Sussex Healthcare. He co-founded the entity alongside a business partner. The firm owns and operates several homes together with manors in and around Sussex. The facility provides home and services to vulnerable people such as the old age who cannot take care of themselves. Younger people with mental or physical challenges are also taken care of as they need care and management by professional staff.

Boghani is the chairman to the Splendid Hospitality Group. He was awarded the Hotelier of the Year honor from the Asian Business Awards, 2016. Out of the United Kingdom’s trading hotels, Shiraz owns and manages nineteen of them. In the 1900’s Boghani was among the first hoteliers to proclaim hotels providing limited-service brands. Shiraz Boghani is highly respected for his entrepreneurial skills as well as a passion for the hotel industry.

Recently, the businessman launched an exciting project regarding the Hilton London Bankside. The Vibrant Bankside will lodge this stylish London Project. Shiraz Boghani’s additional flagship hotels comprise The Grand Hotel & Spa, York, the Holiday Inn London and the Conrad London St James. Besides, he has recent acquisitions of the Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel together with the New Ellington in Leeds.

Shiraz commits a lot of aid to the United Kingdom registered charity called the Aga Khan Foundation.


The Creativity Innovators Award, Adweek Feature and Inspirery Interview of Lori Senecal

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One of the most comprehensive, detailed news articles that present the decision of Lori Senecal to leave from CP+B can be found in the Adweek news portal. It is there that people can learn that at the end of 2017 was the time that Senecal finally decided to end her leadership role in the prestigious advertising agency, CP+B.

Adweek Feature

The Adweek article highlighted that Lori Senecal would be best remembered as the Global CEO of CP+B. It was her responsibility to handle the operations of one division of the firm, which is the MDC Partners agency. She started running the position last March 2015, and has since brought remarkable improvement to its operations. Another addition to the firm that was initiated by Senecal would be the fact that she was able to offer her nimbleness and flexibility to ignite an entrepreneurial spirit in the company’s workforce. But the best highlight in the entire career of Senecal for CP+B would be the fact that she was able to land a fantastic deal with American Airlines in October 2015. The company had been working hard to snag away the deal from TM Advertising, who was the provider for American Airlines for 25 years already. That deal was a remarkable feat that not many executives can manage to do. Check out for more.


Another reliable resource of the latest events happening in the life of Senecal would be from Inspirery website. It is there that people can read the transcript of the interview that Senecal did, her ideas on what makes a good leader and the insight she learned all those years that she was running her leadership positions. It is also there that people could learn that Senecal got her degree from McGill University, and was also the president of McCann Erickson’s New York Office. She was also invaluable in helping develop the marketing campaigns of major brands, including Xbox and Coca-Cola.

Brief Bio

Lori Senecal’s role for CP+B as Global CEO has transformed the company in the most significant ways, making the company a truly global advertising firm with inventive, agile ideas helping big-ticket clients with their campaigns. She’s also a “Creativity Innovators of the Year” awardee.


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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel: The Man Behind The M.D. Degree

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Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, a physician of high caliber, entered the industry nearly six years ago. Since becoming an admirable member of his domain, Forsthoefel has dedicated his expertise as an MD to remedying ailments and mitigating patient concerns. More specifically, Dr. Forsthoefel works in the emergency care unit. In other words, the matters he’s involved in are often pressing. Given the unpredictable nature of his trade, Forsthoefel is required to be of sound mind and astute judgment. As an emergency medicine specialist, Dr. Forsthoefel undergoes a series of precarious and taxing deeds daily. Preparing himself for such duties required ample amount of schooling.


In 2012, Forsthoefel graduated from the University of Louisiana School of Medicine. Subsequent to that was his residency, or graduate medical training, at Louisiana State University. No doubt well versed in his realm, Forsthoefel was ready to undertake a profession as a general practitioner. As an attempt to broaden both his horizons and job opportunities, Forsthoefel acquired a state medical license from both Louisiana and Florida. The latter proved his state of choice. Come 2012, Forsthoefel bid farewell to Louisiana and took a job offer in Tallahassee as an emergency medicine specialist. Given that this was his desired line of work, accepting the role seemed a no-brainer.


As Forsthoefel embarked upon his new endeavor, he won many advocates, albeit a few foes. In referencing some testimonials, it appears Dr. Forsthoefel is knowledgeable, helpful, and punctual. Far more than a profound and prompt man who offers a helping hand, Forsthoefel is also a compassionate and concerned doctor. In fact, not but a few months back Dr. Forsthoefel left an everlasting impact on a patient who had fallen victim to the foul flu. Dr. Forsthoefel proved considerate and patient, checking and re-checking the patient’s vitals to ensure an undesirable situation didn’t arise.


With that said, many have come to regard Dr.Forsthoefel as a doctor who is second to none. Fortunately, he’s kind enough spreads his knowledge, helping doctors and specialists from multiple hospitals as often he can. For more information on Dr. Eric Forsthoefel, I recommend visiting his LinkedIn profile.