How “The Greyhound Diaries” Documents Doug Levitt’s Travels Across The Nation

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Doug Levitt is a songwriter, singer, author, and photographer. He has worked for the last several years on, “The Greyhound Diaries”, a collection that explores the lives of the downtrodden who ride Greyhound buses around the nation. Generally speaking, the only people that ride Greyhound buses are those who are too poor to get to another location any other way. It is also a practice at most prisons that when a prisoner is released they are given a Greyhound bus ticket to the city that they had been convicted in.

Before “The Greyhound Diaries” project, Doug Levitt was a war correspondent for CNN and was based in London. He had returned to the United States in 2004 in order to help John Kerry, then the Democratic candidate for president, obtain votes by registering voters who would likely support him. As part of this effort he rode buses around the country. As he became more acquainted with his fellow travelers, Doug Levitt became fascinated with their lives and the stories they had to tell.

Once he decided to create “The Greyhound Diaries”, Doug Levitt took off on Greyhound buses across the U.S. He initially had planned for the project to take six months but that six months has now turned into a 13-year journey. He estimates that he has traveled about 120,000 miles into every part of the nation that a Greyhound route goes to. Along the way, he has learned about a large underclass of people who are mired in poverty and alienated from most of society.In order to document his journey and tell the stories he has learned, Doug Levitt has written a large number of songs. He performs these songs in front of crowds of every type, including everything from the Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa, Oklahoma, to homeless shelters in inner cities. He also takes photographs of his journey which he has displayed which includes the people that he has met along the way. Additionally, he has written about his journeys and created a website that documents what he has found.

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Property Managers

Real Estate Spike in Ohio- Tammy Mazzocco Quotes

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Ohio real estate spiked in 2017, and the real estate experts say that they expect the maintain the increase for the remainder of the year. Tammy Mazzocco, a prominent Ohio real estate agent, stated in a recent interview that “the market dropped a little bit with the new administration, but the numbers have been steadily increasing since January”. This is great news for home buyers and agents alike.

Tammy Mazzocco is a key player in Central Ohio real estate, and specializes in residential real estate sales. She is excited about the recent spike in Ohio property sales, because she loves helping clients find a home that is right for them. She looks forward to the summer season, because June is a time when many clients make bids on houses.

The excitement about her career has carried Tammy Mazzocco through many spikes and dips in the real estate market, and whether it is a good time or a challenging patch, she keeps positive outlooks. She says that throughout her career she has maintained that keeping a positive outlook is more important than anything else: “…the key here is to keep a positive philosophy and whatever you do never think about giving up”.

What helps real estate agents like Tammy Mazzocco in busy times? Staying positive, staying organized and hard work. Real estate is a fast changing field, and agents like Tammy have to stay on top of trends and business strategies. Tammy explained, “If you ever settle with the way you go about things, chances are you will stay behind inside a market that is constantly evolving”.

In an article on Philly Purge, the trend in housing sales in the central Ohio region is expected to continue for the next six months. Many people are excited and hopeful about the possibilities.

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Kabbalah/Religion and Spirituality

Kabbalah and Religion in General

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Religion is very funny. People have a lot of different reactions to religion. For one thing, people who believe in their religion tend to get really intense about it. Then there are those that laugh about religion as a whole. One interesting thing is when one group of people insists that their religion is right and the others are wrong. This can result in a lot of confusion for the outsider. When one is faced with the question of which religion is the right one, they may conclude that none of the religions are right. However, there is a source that draws a similar conclusion. The only thing is that according to this source, each religion has a piece of the truth and more information click here.

This source is the Kabbalah Centre. This center was esrablished recently with the purpose of allowing some people to be able to look at the Kabbalah. One thing that could be said about the Kabbalah Centre is that it has something to say for every religion. It also talks about how the religion fits with the other religions as a part of the ultimate truth. For instance, according to the teachings of the Kabbalah, the Bible is filled with codes to life and unforeseen universal laws that are to be unraveled by the Zohar and learn more about Kabbalah.

One thing that the Kabbalah Centre is meant to do is inspire unity. One way that the Kabbalah Centre intends to unite people is by showing them the strengths of their religion. However, the teachings of Kabbalah have been traditionally believed to be dangerous and only to be handled by devout students that are over 40 years old. However, for people that manage to get a hold of this source, it is going to be an interesting read. This center intends to bring about a lot of insights that could help people better understand their religion.

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Inspirational Women

Doe Deere’s Inspiring Upbringing

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Doe Deere is a unique makeup artist who took her ability to a new level and created her own company to build a successful business. Deere started off her life in Russia and lived a normal life up until she turned 17 and became a musician in New York City. She created her own band and created a solution for everything she ever needed to make it in the music business. She accomplished that and even found the love of her life from the band. She became quite a successful businesswoman and racked up the chance to change everything in her career over the years. Doe Deere is definitely one person who truly knows what she is capable of, and her career is what has allowed her to grow and to continue achieving so much as an artist.


Doe Deere was interviewed recently about her brand, company, and who she is as a person. Doe Deere found that she herself was always very intuitive and strived to do great things over the years, but she didn’t know that makeup was going to be the final thing for her. Deere learned that her career in music did serve her in many ways, and so she didn’t waste her time doing what she does in the makeup industry. She learned to appreciate everybody who came to support her in her music, and she took that and remembered that for the world of makeup and through these experiences she built the connections that she needed for the world of makeup and business.


Doe Deere is definitely one of the best people to work with and learn from because the company she built was started from scratch. Her first business within the world of business all started with eBay, and she only had about $20 to her name back at the time. From that, she built an online store from this auction website and eventually they moved forward and built a brand called Lime Crime that would change the makeup world by storm.


Today, Deere inspires women and young girls everywhere to go after their biggest dreams and to never give up. She lives quite an inspirational life and she proves everyday that she is beyond talented and knows what she is capable of. The brand is going to continue growing with new ideas and ways to change the makeup world, and she definitely is an inspiration.


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Prison Communication

Securus Technologies is a Communications Platform That is Greatly Improving The Lives of Individuals and Communities

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Securus Technologies is a communications platform that is breaking barriers in the field of technologically advanced forms of communications. Many people are still unaware of what Securus Technologies is and what it is offering for many different individuals who are certainly in need of it.


Securus technologies is a program that has been specially designed and engineered to provide inmates an opportunity in which they’re capable of speaking to those who may be their significant others, relatives, co-workers, or anyone else in the form of a visitation that is conducting in a video conferencing mode. It is extremely convenient in the sense that the visitor(s) are not required to visit the inmate physically at their place of confinement. This is a great advantage as many inmates have found that visiting a correctional facility where an inmate is confined in can be both time consuming and costly. Visiting an inmate in a correctional facility can be costly in two ways. They may be required to travel long distances from their place of residence to the correctional facility in back, which may cost them more in gas money than they had wished they would have had to spend. Secondly, they may be required to miss work. By signing up for a videoconferencing session through Securus Technologies, visitors of inmates can engage in videoconferencing sessions during times that may be convenient for both them and the inmates that they will be chatting with.


Contacting a help desk representative of Securus Technologies is the recommended course of action for any individual to take if they’re wanting to use its videoconferencing software. Be sure to visit the website to see how you can begin. It is a great platform that has been designed primarily to make communicating easier and more enjoyable for its users.



Bruce Bent II and the Retirement Services Industry

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The market is filled with many different types of investment plans and tools, and it is quite easy for the people to get confused as to where to invest. For people looking to invest in safe investment tool that offers significant returns with low risk, one of the preferred choices of investment tools is the money market fund. It is a kind of mutual fund that invests in securities and cash equivalent investment instruments such as U.S. Treasury bills, bonds, and commercial paper. The money market fund was invented in 1970 by Bruce Bent II’s father, one of the leading financial executives in the country.

The money market fund retains the stable net asset value at $1 and can be quickly liquidated. It acts as an anchor to the investment portfolio is an important aspect of the investment strategy for many corporations as well as individuals. The concept behind the invention of money market fund was to create a fund that is stable and cash equivalent with low risk, which would help people invest their money instead of putting on the bank with low interest. Even though the returns offered by the money market fund are lower than many other market linked investment tools, it ensures that the investors can cash in their money at any time they want.

Bruce Bent II has spent years in the financial industry where his knowledge and expertise are regarded highly.  He studied Philosophy at Northeastern University and started his career soon after.  Bruce Bent II is the President of Reserve Management Company and Double Rock Corporation, where he also serves as the Chairman. Bruce Bent II is one of the most prominent names in the retirement services business and cash flow management.


Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator for Your Legal Needs

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Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator

Karl Heideck: An Expert Litigator

For those of you who don’t know what litigator is and how he works, a litigator is the most famous careers in law and also the toughest field. And that’s why very less number of law professionals opt for it but the one who does such as Karl Heideck would hold a talent and can be an ideal choice for your litigation needs. Litigators are what a huge number of individuals picture when they are searching for a conventional attorney, however, litigation is a career in law that involves an exceptional deal of time with the lawsuits in the courtroom and read full article.

The process litigation is divided into categories in further four phases so that you can understand how the litigation process works. The initial stage usually comprises the study and filing of a complaint. During such stage, an attorney is responsible for the investigation by the fact about the legal theories of liability and claims. The second stage commonly referred as discovery. Discovery lets both the defendants and plaintiff to send written questionnaires to an opposing party that would have to answer under oath. In the following stage, case precedes as pre-trial motions. And the fourth stage is the trial of a case along with any appeals.

Karl Heideck is a reliable and renowned name in the field of litigation, and people trust him with their litigation needs. And this trust isn’t any easy thing to get. To become a trusted attorney, Karl Heideck has dedicated an extensive number of years to serve in litigation sector with complete dedication, devotion, and sincerity. And that’s how Karl Heideck became eligible to become the holder of a huge number of clients, not just in the whole town but whole state and country and Karl’s lacrosse camp.

Investor/Real Estate Expert

Samuel Strauch Is A Renowned Real Estate Investor

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Are you wondering how to go about starting in real estate investing? Do you want to get trained and guided by someone who has achieved tremendous success as a real estate investor?

Making money, or building a hugely successful business, in real estate takes effort and time. With the advice and help of an expert, you can learn exactly what you need to know for success. That’s where Samuel Strauch comes in.

As an experienced and reputable Real Estate Investor, Samuel Strauch has trained and mentored many clients and business associates in the real estate investing field and is considered one of the most reliable in his field.

Investing in real estate is a great way to put money to work today so it will grow and yield more money for you in the future.

There are many ways to make money in real estate and some are easier to get into than others. The method you choose depends on your startup capital and level of commitment you are comfortable with.

You may choose to manage your properties yourself, or contract with a management company to handle it for yourself, especially if you have many properties. There are many property managers out there and they will be ready to take care of the property while you focus on other aspects of your business.

As a successful real estate investor, Samuel Strauch has top resources and skill to advise and help others achieve success as well. He is passionate about seeing ambitious people get started in this field and get the right education and training.

When you learn from a reliable professional like Samuel Strauch, you will be presented with many different real estate investment vehicles so you can decide which one or ones appeal to you.

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A Look at How Patty Rocklage Helps Others

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Patty Rocklage is an experienced marriage and family therapist who lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts. She earned her Psychotherapist degree in 1981 at the University of Southern California. She uses a warm and inviting communication style with her clients that puts people at ease and in the right frame of mine to deal with their life’s struggles. Patty Rocklage specializes in helping individuals, couples, and families work through their problems that are both personal and develop in their relationships with other members of their families.

As a warm and caring person, Patty Rocklage is also dedicated to philanthropy and helping good causes. Not long ago, Patty and her husband, Dr. Scott Rocklage, were contacted by a former head of the chemistry department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from which Scott had earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry. They learned from Sylvia Ceyer that two of their acclaimed chemistry labs, the nanotechnology and nanochemistry labs in Building 2, were in need of a deep restoration. Both Patty and Scott were quickly on board with providing the funding needed in order to carry out this project. The work was completed in July 2016 and both labs now have the latest technology which is needed to carry out important research and educate the chemistry leaders of tomorrow and more information click here.

When the labs were completed, a ceremony was held for the Rocklage’s. They were given tours of the renovated labs and then led to the vestibule of the two labs. They were given tribute by Sylvia Ceyer, the current Department Head Timothy Jamison, as well as one given by Professor Moungi Bawendi. At the end of the tribute, a plaque was revealed which honored the couple for their financial contribution making the restoration possible.

In Patty’s personal life, she is overseeing the complete remodel of their home in Sudbury. There were extensive issues with the home they wanted to change such as the kitchen not being sufficiently connected to the rest of the house, the front door in the wrong location, and a need for a new front facade. She also had the entire yard relandscaped in order to complete the project and Patty of Website.


Finance & Credit Sector

Investing in Real Estate

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Todd Lubar has had a great career in the real estate field. He is excited about all of the changes that he has made in his life. He is also ready to start teaching others about how to invest. If you want to invest in real estate, you need to have a long term plan in place. Over time, you can build a great deal of wealth in this area. Todd Lubar is the type of person who is always looking for a deal. He listens to what Arthur Becker has to say, and that has served him well over the years. Now is a great time to jump into the booming real estate industry for a variety of reasons. Not only is there a lot of positive things going on, but you can learn a lot in the process as well.

Todd Lubar

When Todd Lubar first started in real estate, he made a lot of mistakes. However, he has had to work through those and now he is better off for it. Now is a great time to invest because the market is booming. He wants to try and take advantage of this growth, and he wants to help others along the way as well. The financing portion of real estate is one of the biggest issues that a lot of people have to work through. If you want to have success, you need to have capital in some way to get started. The good news is that there are ways to accomplish this through real estate financing. Overall, he is a great person to work with because he has worked on a variety of these strategies. Check out his social media accounts on Linked In and for more information.

Next Steps

If you want to get started in this process, you need to have a plan. One of the worst things that you can do is jump in without doing your research. A lot of people are worried about the changes that are taking place, and they need to make sure they are ready for the changes that are coming. Todd Lubar is the person to learn from in this area.

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