The Growing Influence of Jacob Gottlieb in Healthcare Investment

Jacob Gottlieb is among other things, a successful investor specifically in the healthcare sector. Gottlieb graduated magna cum laude from Brown University with a B.A. in Economics and from New York University Medical School with his M.D. before following his passion for investing and obtaining his C.F.A. in 2001 and his P.R.M. in 2010. He has worked at several asset management firms around New York City. His professional life is not without scandal, as the company Gottlieb founded in 2005, Visium Asset Management, was essentially forced to close down after insider trading allegations after growing to employee over 200 people with more than $8 billion in funds. Gottlieb was however cleared of any legal wrongdoing and continues to strive advance medical treatment through investment in companies developing meaningful medical advances.

The current reason for his name to be in the news, Gottlieb is acquiring Altium Capital which is a healthcare-oriented investment fund further broadening his scope and reach in the medical investment sphere. Altium began it’s investment history with Oramed Pharmaceuticals which has produced innovative oral treatments for diabetics. The proprietary technology of Oragenics, a company focusing on novel antibiotics against infectious disease as well as treatments for oral mucositis is surely a reason to acquire Altium. Another cornerstone in the Altium portfolio is Amarin which focuses on rapid improvements in cardiovascular health with a reputation for using polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Reports are his new office space will be shared by another significant force in the healthcare investment realm, Stuart Weisbrod. The two titans in the field are well acquainted as they worked alongside each other at Merlin BioMed Group, and are supposedly in talks about working closely together in the future. It will be exciting to watch as the influence Gottlieb is acquiring on cutting edge medical advances continues to grow.

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