Whitney Wolfe Is Not Your Average Dating App Creator

It goes without saying that Whitney Wolfe is not your average dating app creator. She has a lot more to offer than what many of her male counterparts are able to do at this point. It is not a coincidence that she started a dating app where women were in control.

After all, Whitney Wolfe is 100% feminist, and she definitely wants other women to have control of every aspect of their lives. She is someone that will be able to motivate a lot of women that are trying to break down the barriers in a male-dominated corporate industry, but she is still young at the moment. Most of her influence to women in the corporate world will come later. What she is primarily known for now is being a woman that is able to dramatically change the way that women experience the dating process on the internet.

Men and women seem to be fans of the Bumble app, and Whitney Wolfe has been there to innovate and tweak the app every step of the way. There are a lot of dating apps out there, and it is easy for any particular dating app to get lost in the shuffle. Whitney Wolfe realize this when she became the co-founder of another popular dating app called Tinder. What this app would end up doing is great for the dating world, but there were still some improvements in dating apps in general that could be made.

The great thing about Whitney Wolfe is that she is still in her twenties. This means that she realizes how fickle millennials can be when it comes to dating apps. They want something new and innovative and that is why she continues to make changes to Bumble in order to improve user response with this app.

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